Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical Requirements for Solvent-Free Impregnating Resin of Insulating Treatment of Wind Turbine GeneratorT/CEEIA 253-20162016-12-26
Limited value of particulate pollutant of transformer oilsDL/T 1096-20082008-11-1
Guide to the choice of power transformer oilDL/T 1094-20082008-11-1
Guide to on-site determination of electrostatic charging tendency of transformer oilDL/T 1095-20082008-11-1
Insulating liquids--Determination of the breakdown voltage at power frequencyGB/T 507-20022003-4-1
Guide to the analysis and the diagnosis of gases dissolved in transformer oilGB/T 7252-20012002-4-1
Methods for magnetic particle testingGB/T 15822-19951996-8-1
Magnetic sheet and strip-Methods of measurement of magnetic electrical and physical propertiesGB/T 3655-19921993-6-1
Magnetic sheet and strip´╝ŹMethods of measurement of magnetic properties by means of a single sheet testerGB/T 13789-19921993-6-1
Method of tst of the magnetic properties of permanent magnetic (magnetically hard) materialsGB/T 3217-19921992-10-1
Guide to the specification of limits for physical imperfections of parts made from magnetic oxidesGB/T 9634-19881989-2-1
Aerial rods and slabs made of magnetic oxidesGB 9636-19881989-2-1
Measuring methods for properties of gyromagnetic materials intended for application at microwave frequenciesGB 9633-19881989-2-1
The measurement method of amplitude permeability of soft magnetic alloysGB/T 5026-19851986-1-1
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