Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General Specification for the Fuse Antenna on MissileQJ 2778A-2008
Antennas and reception systems for radio interference—Part 1: Basic measurement—Method for far field measuring in microwave anechoic chamber GB/T 40602.1-20212022-5-1
Antennas and reception systems for radio interference—Part 2:Basic measurement—Method for near field measuring high gain antenna pattern in microwave anechoic chamberGB/T 40602.2-20212022-5-1
Terminology for telecommunication - AntennaGB/T 14733.10-20082009-3-1
General specification for antennas used in the mobile communications GB/T 9410-20082008-9-1
The specifications of antenna for mobile communication indoor distributed systemGB/T 21195-20072008-5-1
Measurement method for reflector antenna and servo gear system mechanical performanceSJ/T 11322-20062006-2-1
General specification for antennas of returnable satelliteQJ 2241A-20042004-12-1
Testing method for phased array antennaSJ 20884-20032004-3-1
Series of type-spectrums for parabolic antennas used in microwave relay communication systemsGB/T 6361-19992000-3-1
General Technical Specifications for Ground Guidance Radar Phase Array Antenna QJ 2601-19941994-9-26
Terminology for telecommunications-AntennasGB/T 14733.10-19931994-8-1
Specification of antenna (including feed network) and servo system used in domestic satellite communication earth stationsGB 12401-19901991-5-1
General specification for antennas used in the mobile servicesGB/T 9410-19881988-1-2
CATV System; Antenna partGB/T 7615-19871987-11-1
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