Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical Requirements for Bonded Technique of Forming of the Fairing Aluminum Honeycomb-sandwich StructuresQJ 1380A-2008
COTS semiconductor parts for space application―Quality assurance requirementsGB/T 41040-20212022-7-1
Requirements for structural stress analysis of space productsGB/T 38036-20192020-5-1
Interface design specification for standard modules ofscience experiment rack in space stationGB/T 35436-20172018-4-1
List of aerospace equivalent terms—Part 9:Aircraft structureGB/T 35853.9-20182018-2-6
Requirements for qualification of space componentsGB/T 29074-20122013-7-1
General specification of taxing wheel assembly for helicopterHB 7769-20052006-5-1
Door lockHB 2-32-20042004-12-1
Test methods for aircraft wheel friction materials -- Part5: Test method for compressive strengthHB 5434.5-20042004-12-1
Test methods for aircraft wheel friction materials -- Part6: Test method for bend strengthHB 5434.6-20042004-12-1
Test methods for aircraft wheel friction materials -- Part7: Test method for friction propertieHB 5434.7-20042004-12-1
Extruding shapes hingeHB 2-23-20042004-12-1
Test methods for aircraft wheel friction materials -- Part4: Dynamometer test method for brake performanceHB 5434.4-20042004-12-1
Process Specification for Bonded Forming of Ellipsoidal Aluminium Panels/FRP Honeycomb Sandwich Structures QJ 1379-19881988-10-1
Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy - Axial Inside Groove Pipe QJ 1284.1-19871988-4-1
Louver Hole Pattern and Dimension Series QJ 648-19811982-10-1
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