Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical criterion for comprehensive control of major bacterial diseases in scale donkey farmsDB37/T 4036-20202020-8-9
Technical criterion for eradication of mycoplasma gallisepticum and mycoplasma synoviae in breeder flockDB37/T 4049-20202020-8-9
Technical criterion for biosecurity of scale donkey farmsDB37/T 4035-20202020-8-9
Technical specification for aerobic fermentation of livestock and poultry manureDB37/T 4028-20202020-8-9
Technical specification of mechanized operation of seedbed soil (tray soil) mix for rice factory seedling nursingDB21/T 2795-20172017-5-27
Agricultural and forestry machinery—Safety—Part 24:Slurry tankersGB 10395.24-20102011-10-1
Agricultural and forestry machinery—Safety—Part 3:Manure spreadersGB 10395.3-20102011-10-1
Rice direct seeder with soil coverGB/T 25418-20102011-3-1
Agricultural machinery—Manure spreaders—Environmental protection—Requirements and test methodsGB/T 25401-20102011-3-1
Rubber hoses for agricultural sprayingHG/T 3043-20092010-6-1
Determination of Biuret Content for Compound Fertilizers - Spectrophotometric MethodNY/T 1376-20072007-9-1
Equipment for distributing fertilizers - Test methods - Part 1 : Full width fertilizer distributorsGB/T 20346.1-20062007-2-1
Equipment for distributing fertilizers - Test methods - Part 2: Fertilizer distributors in linesGB/T 20346.2-20062007-2-1
Technical specification of quality evaluation for fertilizing machineryNY/T 1003-20062006-4-1
Operating quality of smashed root-stubble machineNY/T 985-20062006-4-1
Operation quality of grain drillNY/T 739-20032004-3-1
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