Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Plastics—Determination of apparent density of moulding material that cannot be poured from a specified funnelGB/T 39821-20212021-10-1
Plastics—Thermosetting moulding materials—Determination of shrinkageGB/T 39818-20212021-10-1
Plastics—Phenolic resins一Determination of the pseudo-adiabatic temperature rise of liquid resols when cured under acid conditionsGB/T 32675-20162017-1-1
Plastics. Phenolic resins. Determination of heats and temperatures of reaction by differential scanning calorimetryGB/T 32681-20162017-1-1
Plastics一Phenolic resin powder—Determination of flow distance on a heated glass plateGB/T 32688-20162017-1-1
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Interlayer for Building Photovoltaic ModuleJG/T 450-20142015-4-1
Plastics - Unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) - Part 8: Determination of color by platinum - cobalt colorimetric methodGB/T 2414.8-20142014-12-1
Plastics—Unsaturated polyester resin—Part 8:Determination of color using platinum-cobalt colormetric methodGB/T 24148.8-20142014-12-1
Plastics―Urea-formaldehyde and urea/melamine-formaldehyde powder moulding compounds(UF-and UF/MF-PMCs)―Part 3:Requirements for selected moulding compoundsGB/T 3403.3-20132014-5-1
Plastics―Melamine-formaldehyde powder moulding compounds(MF-PMCs)―Part 1:Designation system and basis for specificationsGB/T 13454.1-20132014-5-1
D201 macroporous strongly basic styrene type anion exchange resinsGB/T 16580-20132014-1-31
Methods of pretreating ion exchange resinsGB/T 5476-20132014-1-31
Methods for samping ion exchange resinsGB/T 5475-20132014-1-31
D001 macroporous strongly acidic styrene type cation exchange resinsGB/T 16579-20132014-1-31
Bisphenol-A epoxy resinGB/T 13657-20112012-6-1
Plastics—Poly(methyl methacrylate)(PMMA)moulding and extrusion materials—Part 2:Preparation of test specimens and determination of propertiesGB/T 15597.2-20102011-8-1
Plastics - Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) moulding and extrusion materials - Part 1: Designation system and basis for specificationsGB/T 15597.1-20092010-2-1
Plastics—Phenolic mouldings—Determination of acetone-soluble matterGB/T 4617-20092010-2-1
Plastics - Epoxy resins - Determination of chlorine content - Part 1: Inorganic chlorineGB/T 4618.1-20082009-4-1
Plastics - Polyols for use in the production of polyurethan - Determination of water contentGB/T 22313-20082009-4-1
Plastics - Determination of apparent density material that can be poured from a specified funnelGB/T 1636-20082009-4-1
Standard test method for color of transparent liquids(Gardner Color Scale)GB/T 22295-20082009-4-1
Plastics - Determination of the viscosity of polymers in dilute solution using capillary viscometers - Part 5 : Thermoplastic polyester(TP) homopolymers and copolymersGB/T 1632.5-20082009-4-1
Plastics polyester resin - Determination of partial acid value and total acid valueGB/T 2895-20082009-4-1
Plastics - Epoxy resins - Determination of chlorine content - Part 2: Easily saponifiabLe chlorineGB/T 4618.2-20082009-4-1
Plastics - Epoxy resins - Part 1: DesignationGB/T 1630.1-20082009-4-1
Plastics - Compression moulding of test specimens of thermosetting materialsGB/T 5471-20082009-4-1
Test method for rectangular flow cure properties of thermosetting moulding compoundsHG/T 3865-20062006-10-11
Determination of viscosity number and limiting viscosity number of chlorinated polyether in dilute solutionHG/T 3605-19992001-1-1
Determination of viscosity number and limiting viscosity number of polyoxymethylene in dilute solutionHG/T 3604-19992001-1-1
Cationic hydroxy - terminated silicone emulsionHG/T 3314-19992000-11-1
Anionic hydroxy - terminated silicone emulsionHG/T 3315-19992000-11-1
Melamine -- formaldehyde mouldings -- Determination of extractable formaldehydeHG/T 3032-19992000-6-1
Methods for pretreating ion exchange resinsGB/T 5476-19961998-6-1
D201 macroporous strongly basic styrene type anion exchange resinsGB/T 16580-19961997-5-1
D001 macrporous strongly acidic styrene type cation exchange resinsGB/T 16579-19961997-5-1
Test methods for the thermal stability of polyvinyl chloride resin-Whiteness methodGB/T 15595-19951995-1-2
Phenol-formaldehyde mouldings; Determination of free ammonia and ammonium compounds; Colorimetric comparison methodGB/T 5474-19851986-7-1
Preparation method for compression moulding of specimens of thermosetting moulding materialsGB/T 5471-19851986-7-1
Phenol-formaldehyde mouldings; Detection of free ammoniaGB/T 5473-19851986-7-1
Phenolic moulding materials;Determination of acetone soluble matter(apparent resin content of material in the unmoulded state)GB/T 4616-19841985-5-1
Phenolic mouldings;Determination of acetone-soluble matterGB/T 4617-19841985-5-1
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