Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory—Part 1:General specificationGB/T 32146.1-2015E
建标 (Construction standard) 101-2007 Construction standard of scientific technology museum JIANBIAO 101-2007
Architectural design and equipment specification for hospital of stomatologyT/CAME 14-2020
Planning and design criteria of urban public lavatory DG/TJ 08-401-2007
Technical requirements of security system for urban public transportation parking lotDB31/T 1020-2016
Design specifications of intensification communication bureau housing DG/TJ 08-2023-2007
Design specifications of mechanical type parking garage (parking lot)DGJ 08-60-2006
Technical Standard for decorative materials of medical cleanroomT/CBMCA 019-2021
Planning standard of civil air defence works of regulatory planningDB37/T 4370-20212021-7-15
Guidelines for parking in elderly care community―Parking site selection and parking ratioT/LXLY 2-20202020-7-1
Guidelines for evaluating the rational use of energy in hospital buildingsT/SHWSHQ 02-20192019-9-1
Technical requirements acceptance specification for inspection and testing laboratoryGB/T 37140-20182019-7-1
Guidelines for functional design of exhibition venuesGB/T 34395-20172018-5-1
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 2:Electrical laboratoryGB/T 32146.2-20152016-7-1
Technical requirement of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 1:General specificationGB/T 32146.1-20152016-7-1
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 3:Food laboratoryGB/T 32146.3-20152016-7-1
Specification for management of natural disasters emergency shelterMZ/T 052-20142014-7-7
Basic requirements of collective resettlement site for natural disaster-affected population during response periodMZ/T 040-20132013-9-27
watre-free sanitary toiletGB/T 18092-20082009-8-1
Technical specification for water supply and drainage engineering of swimming poolCJJ 122-20082009-6-1
Construction Standard of General Hospital JIANBIAO 110-20082008-12-1
Construction Standard of Rural Ordinary Elementary and Middle SchoolsJIANBIAO 109-20082008-12-1
Construction Standard for Help and Protection Center of Vagabond MinorsJIANBIAO 111-20082008-12-1
Architectural and technical code for laboratory animal facilityGB 50447-20082008-12-1
Construction Standard of Township HospitalsJIANBIAO 107-20082008-11-1
Construction Standard of Public Library JIANBIAO 108-20082008-11-1
Code for design of cultural center buidings in towns villagesJGJ 156-20082008-10-1
Technical specification for outdoor advertisement facilityDB33/T 700-20082008-8-5
Code for Architectural Design of CinemaJGJ 58-20082008-8-1
Construction Standard of Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine JIANBIAO 106-20082008-8-1
DG/TJ 08-2040-2008DG/TJ 08-2040-20082008-7-1
Code for planning of city and town facilities for the agedGB 50437-20072008-5-1
Code for design of railway passenger station buildingsGB 50226-20072007-12-1
Code for test of scale acoustic model for auditoriumGB/T 50412-20072007-9-1
Code of Design for Access Control Systems EngineeringGB 50396-20072007-8-1
Code of Design for Video Monitoring SystemGB 50395-20072007-8-1
Code of Design for Intrusion Alarm Systems EngineeringGB 50394-20072007-8-1
Design Code for Office BuildingJGJ 67-20062007-5-1
Technical specification for chemical disinfection centralized treatment engineering on medical waste (on trial)HJ/T 228-20062006-3-15
Technical specification for microwave disinfection centralized treatment engineering on medical waste (on trial)HJ/T 229-20062006-3-15
Technical regulations for temporary work operationDGJ 08-114-20052005-7-1
Architectural and technical code for biosafety laboratoriesGB 50346-20042004-9-1
Standard for school construction of general and primary secondary and high schoolsDG/TJ 08-12-20042004-8-1
Code for design of special education schoolsJGJ 76-20032004-3-1
Design code for sports buildingJGJ 31-20032003-10-1
Design Code for TheaterJGJ 57-20002001-7-1
Code for acoustical design and measurement of gymnasiumJGJ/T 131-20002001-3-1
Water-free sanitary toiletGB/T 18092-20002000-10-1
Code for Design of Detention HousesJGJ 127-20002000-8-1
Design Code for Archives BuildingsJGJ 25-20002000-6-1
Code for design of library buildingsJGJ 38-19991999-10-1
Code for Design of Buildings for Elderly PersonsJGJ 122-19991999-10-1
The safety code for mechanical parking equipment - General principleJG 5106-19981998-12-1
Code for design of scientific experiment buildingsJGJ 91-19931993-11-1
Code for design of museumsJGJ 66-19911991-8-1
Code for design of hotel building standardsJGJ 62-19901990-12-1
Design Code for Office BuildingJGJ 67-19891990-4-1
Code for Design of Dietetic BuildingsJGJ 64-19891990-1-1
Architectural Design Code for General HospitalJGJ 49-19881989-4-1
Code for Architectural Design of CinemaJGJ 58-19881988-12-1
Code for design of cultural center buildingsJGJ 41-19871988-6-1
Code for design of sanatorium buildingsJGJ 40-19871988-1-1
Design code for kindergarten and nursery buildingsJGJ 39-19871987-12-1
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