Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for technical inspection service of residential building inherent defects insuranceT/GZAES 002-2022
Design standard of residential building in suburb central villageDGJ 08-2015-2007
Design standard of residential building of Jiangsu Province DGJ32/J 26-2006
Technical specification of residential building with multi-story and tall steel structuresDG/TJ 08-2029-2007
Construction and service specifications for rural toiletsDB33/T 3004.2-20152015-8-16
Technical Specification for Precast Concrete StructuresJGJ 1-20142014-10-1
Test method for the performance of civil kangNY/T 58-20092009-5-1
Evaluation standard of energy efficiecy for existing civil buildingsDG/TJ 08-2036-20082008-7-1
Technical specification for repair construction of buildingsDG/TJ 08-207-20082008-5-1
Technical specification for application of energy-saving bathroom with two-way heat collecting technologyCECS 224-20072007-9-1
Code for Design of Dormitory BuildingJGJ 36-20052006-2-1
Code for Design of Civil BuildingsGB 50352-20052005-7-1
Technical specification of communication auxiliary engineering of residential building - Part 1: design specifications DG/TJ 08-606-20042004-3-15
Technical standard for communication accessory project of residential buildings Part 1:Design standard Part 2:Engineering & acceptance standardDG/TJ 08-19606-20042004-3-15
Code for design of residential building for the agedGB/T 50340-20032003-9-1
Code of applied technique for energy conservation on the envelope of residetial buildingDG/TJ 08-206-20022002-12-1
Standard for modular coordination of residential buildingsGB/T 50100-20012001-11-1
Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Residential BuildingsDG/TJ 08-205-20002000-10-1
Hygienic STANDARD for room volume of dwelling houseGB 11727-19891990-7-1
Code for Design of Dormitory BuildingJGJ 36-19871987-7-1
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