Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification test current sensors in fusion power supplyT/CPSS 1008-2018
AC Loss Measurements - Total AC Loss Measurement of Round Superconducting Wires Exposed to A Transverse Alternating Magnetic Field at Liquid Helium Temperature by A Pickup Coil MethodGB/T 30109-20132014-5-15
Calibration specifications for X-ray generator aging testersGA/T 1064-20132013-5-1
Calibration specifications for induction heating equipmentGA/T 1063-20132013-5-1
Verification regulation of transformer test setJJG 169-20102011-5-5
Verification Regulation of D.C Comparator BridgeJJG 506-20102010-11-11
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Electricity Meters--General RequirementsJJF 1245.1-20102010-6-2
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Electricity Meters-- Particular Requirements--Static Meters for Reactive Energy(classes 2 and 3)JJF 1245.5-20102010-6-2
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Electricity Meters-- Particular Requirements---Electromechanical Meters for Active Energy(classes 0.5,1 and 2)JJF 1245.2-20102010-6-2
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Electricity Meters-- Particular Requirements--Electromechanical Meters for Reactive Energy(classes 2 and 3)JJF 1245.4-20102010-6-2
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Electricity Meters-- Particular Requirements--Electricity Meter with FunctionJJF 1245.6-20102010-6-2
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Electricity Meters-- Particular Requirements--Static Meters for Active Energy(classes 0.2S,0.5S,1 and 2)JJF 1245.3-20102010-6-2
Alternating Tesla-Meter for Weak Magnetic FieldJJG 1049-20092009-10-10
Industry Frequency Single-Phase MeterJJG 440-20082009-6-22
Comprehensive Calibrator for Test Instrument of the Train Running and Monitoring and Recording EquipmentJJF (铁道) 701-20082009-3-1
Verification Regulation of Alternating Current BridgeJJG 441-20082008-10-23
Electromagnetic counterJB/T 6181-20082008-7-1
Verification Regulation of IonometersJJG 757-20072008-5-21
Verification Regulation of D.C Bridges for Measuring TemperatureJJG 484-20072008-2-2
Verification Regulation for Calibrator of Standard Analogue Strain QuantityJJG 533-20072007-12-14
Guide for performing the field tests of electromagnetic transients on electric power systemsDL/T 1041-20072007-12-1
Inductive Loop DetectorJJG (交通) 078-20072007-10-1
Verification Regulation of Leakage Current TesterJJG 843-20072007-8-28
Verification Regulation of DC Magnetoelectric GalvanometersJJG 495-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Instrument Transformers in Power SystemJJG 1021-20072007-5-28
Verification Regulation of Electromechanical Meters for Measuring Alternating - Current Electrical EnergyJJG 307-20062006-9-8
Verification Regulation of Verification Equipment for AC Electrical Energy MetersJJG 597-20052006-6-20
Methods of measurement of power frequency eletric field and magnetic field from high voltage overhead power transmission line and substationDL/T 988-20052006-6-1
Verification Regulation of Amperemeters Voltmeters Wattmeters and OhmmetersJJG 124-20052006-4-9
Verification Regulation of DC High Voltage DividersJJG 1007-20052006-3-20
Verification Regulation of Electronic Insulating Resistance MetersJJG 1005-20052006-1-9
Verification Regulation of Resistance Strain Gauge IndicatorsJJG 623-20052005-9-3
Verification Regulation of D.C. potentiometersJJG 123-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of D.C. BridgesJJG 125-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Earth Resistance MetersJJG 366-20042004-12-1
Alternating-Currenr Electrical Energy Meters for Electric LocomotiveJJG (铁道) 182-20042004-11-1
Alternating-Currenr Electrical Energy Meters for Electric LocomotiveJJG(铁道)182-20042004-11-1
Resistance Vacuum GaugeJJG (电子) 18006-19912004-9-2
Verification Regulation of Withstanding Voltage TestersJJG 795-20042004-9-2
Verification Regulation of High Voltage Capacitance BridgesJJG 563-20042004-9-2
Verification Regulation of D.C.Comparator potentiometersJJG 505-20042004-9-2
Working Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge JJG (电子) 18005-19912004-9-2
Model HP 4140B Pico Ammeter / DC Ammeter JJG (电子) 18004-19892004-9-2
Model 261 Picoampere Current SourceJJG (电子) 18003-19882004-9-2
Model 2307 Level Recorder JJG (电子) 18002-19872004-9-2
CY 2671 Type Multi-purpose Breakdown Device JJG (电子) 18001-19872004-9-2
Model RCJ-3 Insulation Resistance TesterJJG (电子) 05001-19872004-7-1
Verification Regulation of Earth-Continuity TestersJJG 984-20042004-6-2
Verification Regulation of D.C. low Resistance MetersJJG 837-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of High-frequency Electronic Voltmeter and Millivoltmeter JJG (航天) 16-19852004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Model 311 LF Phase Meter for the Standard Test of Phase Angle JJG (航天) 19-19852004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Inductive Voltage DividerJJG 244-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of High Voltage Capacitance BridgesJJG 563-19882004-3-23
Verification Regulation of D.C.Resistance BoxJJG 982-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of VM-3 Standard Test Device Attenuator JJG (航天) 18-19852004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Low and Medium Frequency Electronic Voltmeter JJG (航天) 17-19852004-3-23
Verification Regulation of ShuntsJJG (航空) 046-19892004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Model 312 LF Phase Meter for the Standard Test of Phase AngleJJG (航天) 20-19852004-3-23
The DC Resistive Volt Ratio BoxJJG 531-20032003-11-12
Verification of DO2 High Frequency Voltage Correction Device with DO40 High-Frequency Standard Voltmeter (On Trial) JJG (电子) 02004-19882003-3-1
Verification Regulation of Electronic Analog VoltmetersJJG (电子) 02009-19952003-3-1
DO30-C Digital Avometer Verfication Instrument (On Trial) JJG (电子) 02003-19882003-3-1
Verification Regulation of QF2280A Ultrahigh Frequency Digital Millivoltmeter (On Trial) JJG (电子) 02010-19952003-3-1
Mode 262 Low Thermal EMF DC Voltage DividerJJG (电子) 02006-19882003-3-1
Electrical Measuring TransducersJJG (电力) 01-19942003-3-1
Specification for Verification of DA24 Model Virtual Value VoltmetersJJG (电子) 02008-19952003-3-1
Measurement Amplifier Type 2610 JJG (电子) 02001-19882003-3-1
Specification for Verification of 2627 Model PreamplifiersJJG (电子) 02007-19892003-3-1
Control of Measurement Processes for Heavy Direct CurrentJJF 1087-20022002-12-13
O.T.N.of Power Frequency Current Ratio Value Primary StandardJJF 1361-19902002-10-1
Operating Technical Norm for Alternating Current Primary Standard from 40Hz to 15000HzJJF 1360-19902002-10-1
O.T.N. of Comparison Standard for Direct Current Electromotive ForceJJF 1359-19902002-10-1
Verification Regulation of Transformers Turn Ratio Test SetsJJG 970-20022002-8-24
Calibration Specification of Clamp AmmetersJJF 1075-20012002-3-1
Verification Regulation of Portable Tramegger JJG (航天) 39-19872001-10-1
The Verification Regularion for Direct Current Standard SourceJJG (航天) 38-19872001-10-1
Verification Regulation of YY10 Thermoelectric Comparator JJG (航天) 4-19842001-10-1
Verification Regulation of Digital Peak VoltmeterJJG (航天) 40-19872001-10-1
Verification Regulation of Capillary Electrophoresis InstrumentsJJG 964-20012001-10-1
Verification Regulation of MicrohmmeterJJG (航天) 41-19872001-10-1
Verification Regulation of Medical Diagnostical X-ray Radiation Source for Computer Tomography(CT)JJG 961-20012001-4-1
Calibration Specification for Sets of Current Ratio Standards at Power FrequencyJJF 1068-20002001-1-1
O.T.N. for Alternating Voltage Primary Standard from 40Hz to 15000HzJJF 1288-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Primary Standard of Magnetic InductionJJF 1294-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Primary Standard of InductionJJF 1292-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. of Primary Standard for Direct Current Electromotive ForceJJF 1283-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Primary Standard of Direct Current(1A)JJF 1287-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Secondary Standard of Direct Curren Electromotive ForceJJF 1284-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Alternating Power Primary Standard from 40Hz to 15000HzJJF 1289-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Primary Standard of Dissipation Factor of CapacitorJJF 1293-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Magnetic Fulx Primary StandardJJF 1295-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. for Secondary Standard of D.C ResistanceJJF 1286-19902000-12-1
Operating Technical Norm of Primary Standart for CapacitanceJJF 1291-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. of Microwave Impedance Primary Standard at X-BandJJF 1305-19902000-12-1
O.T.N.for D.C Resistance Primary StandardJJF 1285-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. of Contingent Primary Standard for Alternating-Current Electrical EnergyJJF 1290-19902000-12-1
TS-109 Type Electrolytic Condenser Semi-auto Sorter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 05009-19882000-6-1
B102 Type Tantalum Electrolytic Condenser Leakage Current Tester (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 05005-19872000-6-1
RT150/RT160 Type Relay Tester (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 05010-19882000-6-1
4165-1344 Type Digital Ohmmeter for Contact Resistance (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 05012-19882000-6-1
WZC-1 Type Potentiometer General-purpose Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 05011-19882000-6-1
LCD-1 Type Large Inductance Measuring Meter (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 05004-19872000-6-1
1620 Type Capacitance Measuring Device (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 05006-19872000-6-1
AV2551 Type Gauge for Dynamic Contact Resistance Change of Potentiometer (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 05013-19882000-6-1
CD-2 Type Precise Inductance Bridge (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 05003-19872000-6-1
GY2610 Type Leakage Current Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 05002-19872000-6-1
Model 931B Rms Differential VoltmeterJJG (航天) 3-19821999-8-31
Verification Regulation of DC Nanosecond Digital Voltmeter JJG (航天) 30-19871999-8-31
Verification regulation for AC standard current sourceJJG (航天) 51-19991999-8-31
Verification Regulation of DC Digital Ohmmeter JJG (航天) 37-19871999-8-31
Verification Regulation of DC Digital Ampere Meter JJG (航天) 36-19871999-8-31
Verification Regulation of DC Standard Power JJG (航天) 5-19841999-8-31
JJG (航天) 34-1999 Verification regulation for AC digital voltmeterJJG (航天) 34-19991999-8-31
Verification Regulation for DC voltage stable sourceJJG (航天) 6-19991999-8-31
JJG (航天) 35-1999 Verification regulation for AC digital current meterJJG (航天) 35-19991999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Measurement Amplifier JJG (航天) 7-19851999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Precise Thermoelectric Type DC Voltage Switching Device JJG (航天) 52-19881999-8-31
Verification Regulation of ME642A Level and Attenuation Calibrating Device JJG (航天) 23-19871999-8-1
Verification Regulation of 436A Type Power Meter JJG (航天) 22-19871999-8-1
Verification regulation for AC standard voltage sourceJJG (航天) 2-19991999-8-1
Verification regulation of megohmmeterJJG 622-19971998-5-1
Verification Regulation of Standard CellJJG 153-19961997-6-1
Verification Regulation of Teala-meterJJG 242-19951996-5-1
Verification Regulation of Measuring Transducers for Converting A.c.Electrical Quantities Into D.c.Electrical QuantitiesJJG 126-19951996-5-1
Verification Regulation for HP8405A Type Vector Voltmeter JJG (电子) 02011-19951996-4-1
High Voltage Divider at Power FrequencyJJG 496-19961996-3-1
Precise AC Voltage Calibration SourceJJG 410-19941995-3-1
Verification Regulation for Standard Measuring Coils of Magnetic FluxJJG 872-19941995-3-1
DC High Resistance BridgeJJG 873-19941995-3-1
Verification Regulation of Current Transformers of Measuring ServiceJJG 313-19941995-3-1
Verification Regulation of Impulse Peak VoltmeterJJG 588-19961994-12-1
Technical Specification of MAP for Properties of Magnitic MaterialsJJF 1041-19931994-8-1
Technical Specification of MAP for DC EMFSJJF 1042-19931994-8-1
Performance Characteristics of Metallic Resistance Strain GaugesJJF 1046-19941994-8-1
Calibration Specification for Magnetic Coupling Measuring Transducer of DC CurrentJJF 1047-19941994-8-1
DC Kilowatthour MeterJJG 842-19931994-6-1
Leakage Current Instrument and MeterJJG 843-19931994-6-1
Verification Regulation of D.C. Low Resistance MeterJJG 837-19931994-2-1
Techinical Specification of MAP for D.C resistanceJJF 1038-19931994-1-1
Technical Norm of measurement and Test of Characteristic Parameters for Linear Solia State Linage SensorsJJF 1037-19931994-1-1
Test Norm of Verification Equipment for AC Electrical Energy MeterJJF 1036-19931993-10-1
Verification Regulation of Amperemeter Voltmeter Wattmeter and OhmmeterJJG 124-19931993-10-1
Verification Regulation of Grinding Magnetic Material Standard Specimen JJG (机械) 87-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Surface Potentiometer JJG (机械) 27-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Muti-purpose Electrometer JJG (机械) 26-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of D.C. ResistorsJJG 166-19931993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Detection Device for Low Power Single Phase Machine JJG (机械) 72-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Flashover Puncture Test Device JJG (机械) 73-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Working Standards for InductanceJJG 218-19911993-7-1
Verification Regulation of IDB Type Leakage Protector Tester JJG (机械) 76-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of FDB Type Peak Ammeter JJG (机械) 79-19921993-7-1
for Working Standard of Direct - Current Electromotive Motive ForceJJG 719-19911993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Magnetic Material Analyzer JJG (机械) 4-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Current Density Tester JJG (机械) 75-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Potentiometric TitratorJJG 814-19931993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Ground Resistance Test Platform for JD-4 Type Household Appliances JJG (机械) 11-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Selfbalance Display InstrumentsJJG (机械) 74-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Magnetic Particle DetectorJJG (机械) 100-19921993-7-1
Verificatio Regulation of Working Standards for CapacitanceJJG 163-19911993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Potential Stripping AnalyzerJJG 800-19931993-5-1
Verification Regulation of Withstanding Voltage TesterJJG 795-19921993-5-1
Verification Regulation of Intrasonic Electric Hysteresis Loop TesterJJG (船舶) 04-19911993-3-1
Verification Regulation for Electrical Performance Tester of Lead-Acid BatteryJJG (船舶) 01-19901993-3-1
Verification Regulation of AC Digital PowermeterJJG 780-19921993-1-1
Verification Regulation of Standard CapacitorJJG 183-19921993-1-1
Measuring Instruments for Alternating Current Electrical EnergyJJG 2074-19901992-12-1
Resistance Box Special for TextilesJJG (纺织) 051-19921992-7-1
Verification Regulation of DB-1 Model Standard Facility for Electric Field JJG (电子) 08001-19891992-7-1
DC Digital OhmmeterJJG 724-19911991-12-1
DC and LF Characterization Tester for TransistorJJG 725-19911991-12-1
Standard InductorsJJG 726-19911991-12-1
Measuring Instruments for DC EMF'SJJG 2087-19901991-5-1
Measuring Instruments for the D.C. ResistanceJJG 2051-19901991-1-1
LCR Digital Bridge Type GR-1687JJG (电子) 05046-19911990-12-1
Electric Safety Parameter Tester Rype DA-1JJG (电子) 05048-19911990-12-1
Type JO-1 and JO-2 RF Capacitive Loss Standard SetJJG (电子) 05049-19911990-12-1
Precision Universal Bridge Type CD-9AJJG (电子) 05047-19911990-12-1
Verification Regulation of Contact Resistance Tester of Railway WheelsJJG (铁道) 114-19891990-12-1
~JJG 2027-19891990-7-1
Terms in common Use and Their Definitions for the Magnetic MetrologyJJF 1013-19891990-5-21
Magnetic Flux Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2021-19891990-5-21
DC Digital AmperemetorJJG 598-19891990-2-6
Alternating - Current Watt -Hour Meters With Maximum Demand IndicatorJJG 569-19881989-4-1
Verification Regulation of DC Comparison BridgeJJG 546-19881989-2-1
RF Voltage Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2008-19871988-10-1
Microadjustment Resistance BoxJJG 486-19871988-1-9
Audion Magnetic Properties of Standard Specimen of Soft Magnetic Materials (A-C Magnetization Curne and Amp;itude Permeability)JJG 493-19871988-1-9
Universal Ratio BridgeJJG 485-19871988-1-9
three Steps Balance Double BridgeJJG 487-19871988-1-9
Microammeter for Radiation InstrumentsJJG 459-19861987-9-1
DC Standard Voltage SourceJJG 445-19861987-5-12
Verification Regulation of The Alternating Current BridgeJJG 441-19861987-4-1
the Standard Specimen of Electrical IronJJG 407-19861987-1-1
for Standard Sample of Feebly Megnetic MaterialsJJG 406-19861987-1-1
the Standard Specimen of Magnetic Sheet and StripJJG 405-19861987-1-1
Standard Sample of the Magnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic MaterialsJJG 354-19841985-5-1
Standard Sample of the Magnetic Properties of Permanent Magnet MaterialsJJG 352-19841985-5-1
Verification Regulation of Magnetic Flux MeterJJG 317-19831984-3-1
Verification Regulation of Magnetic Flux MeasureJJG 316-19831984-3-1
Verification Regulation of DC Digital VoltmeterJJG 315-19831984-3-1
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