Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Infrared thermographic inspection—General technical requirements of in-situ inspection on construction engineeringGB/T 29183-20122013-6-1
Calibration specifications for readers of the Resident Identity CardGA/T 1066-20132013-5-1
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for RF and Microwave AttenuationJJG 2010-20102010-8-11
Verification Regulation of TV Signal Field Strength MetherJJG 1057-20102010-6-2
Verification Regulation of ElectroencephalographsJJG 1043-20082008-11-23
Verification Regulation of ElectrocardiographJJG 543-20082008-11-23
Verification Regulation for Ambulatory ElectrocardiographsJJG 1042-20082008-7-23
Calibration Specification for Harmonious and Flicker Analysis SystemJJF 1205-20082008-7-23
Verification Regulation for Digital ElectrocardiographsJJG 1041-20082008-7-16
Calibration Specification for TD-SCDMA Digital Radio Communication TestersJJF 1204-20082008-7-16
Terms and Their Definitions for Radio MeasurementJJF 1188-20082008-5-20
Verification Regulation of Verification Instrument for Electrocardiograph and ElectroencephalographJJG 749-20072007-12-14
Calibration Specification of High Temperature Dynamic IC Burn-in SystemJJF 1179-20072007-9-14
Calibration Specification of CDMA Digital Radio Communication TestersJJF 1177-20072007-9-14
Verfication Regulation of Oscilloscopic PolarographJJG 748-20072007-8-28
Calibration Specification of Measuring ReceiversJJF 1173-20072007-5-28
Verification Regulation of Pulse Power MetersJJG 1024-20072007-5-28
Calibration Specification for Digital Signal GeneratorJJF 1174-20072007-5-28
Verification Regulation of General Digital Integrated Circuit Testing SystemJJG 1015-20062007-3-8
Verification Regulation of Calibration Device for Electric Cardiac MonitorJJG 1016-20062007-3-8
Calibration Specification of Small & Medium Scale Digital Integrated Circuit Testing SystemJJF 1160-20062007-3-8
High Frequency Standard VibratorJJG 637-20062007-3-6
Calibration Specification for Absorbing Clamp in the Range of 30MHz to 1.0GHzJJF 1155-20062006-8-23
Calibration Specificatiom for EMI Testing ReceiversJJF 1144-20062006-8-23
Calibration Specification for Cardiac Defibrillators & Cardiac Defibrillators-monitorsJJF 1149-20062006-8-23
Calibration Specification of Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorJJF 1152-20062006-8-23
NM3710 ILS Field Test SetJJG (民航) 0085-20052005-12-1
JJG (民航) 0084-2005 Verification Regulation of T1201 VOR/ADF/ILS DISCRETE FUNCTION INTERFACE UNITJJG (民航) 0084-20052005-11-1
Coaxial AttenuatorJJG 387-20052005-10-28
Calibration Specification for TDMA-GSM Radio Communication TestersJJF 1131-20052005-7-28
JJG (民航) 0082-2005 Verification Regulation of V2500 VSVA LVDT TEST SETJJG (民航) 0082-20052005-6-1
JJG (民航) 0081-2005 Verification Regulation of Model DSRS-5DA DECADE SYNCHRO/RESOLVER STANDARDJJG (民航) 0081-20052005-6-1
Verification Regulation of 856A1326G01 POWER MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM TESTER KITJJG (民航) 0083-20052005-6-1
Verification Regulation of Phase ComparatorsJJG 433-20042005-5-9
Calibration Specification for RF impedance/Meterial AnalyzersJJF 1127-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Standard Slice of Single Crystal Silicon ResistivityJJG 48-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Resistivity Measuring Instruments with Four-Probe Array MethodJJG 508-20042005-3-1
Calibration Specification for Vector Signal AnalyzersJJF 1128-20042004-12-21
JJG (铁道) 157-2004 Verification Regulation of Calibrater of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for RailJJG (铁道) 157-20042004-11-1
Verification Regulation of SS2901 Type SPC RF Switch JJG (电子) 18009-19952004-9-2
QF-11601 Type Low-pass FilterJJG (电子) 18007-19912004-9-2
Resistivity Measuring Instruments with Four -Probe Array MethodJJG 508-19872004-9-2
Verification Regulation of Optical Attenuator JJG (电子) 18008-19952004-9-2
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Slip Line Resistance ExtensometerJJG (交通) 040-20042004-9-1
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Multiple Potential ExtensometerJJG (交通) 039-20042004-9-1
Verification Regulation of PCT-2 Diode Rapid Screening Instrument JJG (电子) 04050-19952004-7-1
GH3181 Operational Amplifier Tester JJG (电子) 04040-19912004-7-1
Verification Regulation of Model PTQ-2 Transistor Rapid Screening InstrumentJJG (电子) 04052-19952004-7-1
BJ 3122 (QL 11) Type Logic Integrated Circuit Tester JJG (电子) 04032-19892004-7-1
Verification Regulation of Q05-A and Q05-B Metering Devices for Safety Operation Area of Transistor DC and Pulse JJG (电子) 04055-19952004-7-1
GR-1732M Type Digital Integrated Circuit Testing SystemJJG (电子) 04035-19892004-7-1
Model GH-3112 Integrated Circuit Dynamic Logic Function Checking Instrument JJG (电子) 04039-19912004-7-1
BJ3123 Type Bipolar Logic Ic Tester JJG (电子) 04033-19892004-7-1
SERIES-10 Type LSI Testing SystemJJG (电子) 04030-19892004-7-1
Model BJ 3190 Integrated Operational Amplifier Tester (On Trial) JJG (电子) 04028-19892004-7-1
Verification Regulation of A360 Testing System JJG (电子) 04054-19952004-7-1
Verification Regulation of PDW-1 Voltage Regulation Diode Rapid Screening Instrument JJG (电子) 04051-19952004-7-1
Verification Regulation of JS -7B Type Transistor Tester JJG (电子) 04045-19952004-7-1
CTG-1 Type High-frequency C-V Characteristic Testing InstrumentJJG (电子) 04043-19912004-7-1
Model BJ-3192 Automatic Checkout Tester for Integrated Operational Amplifier JJG (电子) 04041-19912004-7-1
Verification Regulation of Types QG-6 and QG-16 High-frequency Low Power Transistor fT Parameter Testing Instrument JJG (电子) 04047-19952004-7-1
Model YWS-2980A Rectifier Diode IFSM and I2T Tester JJG (电子) 04044-19912004-7-1
Verification Regulation of QG-29 Characteristic Testing Instrument for Gp(Kp), F(NF) and AGC High Frequency TransistorJJG (电子) 04048-19952004-7-1
Verification Regulation of GH 3111/3111G Type Integrated Circuit Tester JJG (电子) 04042-19912004-7-1
Verification Regulation of KDK Dual Gate FET CX Tester JJG (电子) 04049-19952004-7-1
J273B Type Linear IC Test System JJG (电子) 04029-19892004-7-1
9200 Type Large Scale Integrated Circuit Testing SystemJJG (电子) 04031-19892004-7-1
Verification Regulation of Q05-C Metering Device of Safety Operation Area for Transistorized Switch JJG (电子) 04056-19952004-7-1
Verification Regulation of QC-13 Tester for Field Effect Tube Transconductance ParameterJJG (电子) 04046-19952004-7-1
GR-1731M Type Analog Integrated Circuit Testing System JJG (电子) 04034-19892004-7-1
Verification Regulation for Electro Cardiac MonitorJJG 760-20032004-5-24
Verification Regulation of Signal GeneratorJJG 173-20032004-5-24
Verification Regulation of 2112 Spectrum Analyzer JJG (航天) 10-19852004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Audio-frequency Signal GeneratorJJG 607-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of PAL VectorscopesJJG (广电) 001-19902004-3-23
Calibration Specification for Modulation MetersJJF 1111-20032004-2-24
Verification Regulation of Timing and Charging Device for IC Card Public TelephoneJJG 977-20032003-6-1
Verification Regulation of Oscilloscope CalibratorJJG 278-20022003-5-4
Verification Regulation of Pulse GeneratorJJG 490-20022003-5-4
Verification Regulation of Standard Signal Generator Type XFC-6AJJG 173-19862003-5-4
Verification Regulation of Attenuator in Frequency Band 10MHZ~18GHzJJG 387-19852003-5-4
Calibration Specification for Capacitor Dielectric Loss MetersJJF 1095-20022003-5-4
Verification Regulation of the Standard for AD 5120A Type RF Group DelayJJG (电子) 01007-19952003-3-1
Verification Methods for QF2010 Radio Frequency Voltage Correction Device (On Trial) JJG (电子) 02005-19882003-3-1
Verification Regulation of AD5120C Low Frequency Group Time Delay Standard (On Trial) JJG (电子) 01009-19952003-3-1
Verification Regulation of AD5120B Video Group Time Delay Standard (On Trial) JJG (电子) 01008-19952003-3-1
Verification Regulation of Model CTS-700 Selcal/Atscall Test SetJJG (民航) 0064-20012001-12-1
Verification Regulation of Model T1200 Control Display Unit TesterJJG (民航) 0065-20012001-12-1
Verification Regulation of Octave-Band and One-Third-Octave Band FiltersJJG 449-20012001-10-1
Logic AnalyzerJJG 957-20002001-4-1
Spectrum AnalyzerJJG 501-20002001-3-1
Calibration Specification of HF Q-MeterJJF 1073-20002000-12-22
O.T.N. of 3cm,5cm Attenuation Primary StandardJJF 1300-19902000-12-1
~JJF 1296-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. of the Coaxial Power Primary StandardJJF 1299-19902000-12-1
O.T.N of Primary Standard for Cut-off Attenuation at 30 MHzJJF 1301-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. of Primary Standard for Communication Carrier-frequency AttenuationJJF 1302-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. of the 2cm,3cm,5cm Differential Phase Shift Primary StandardJJF 1303-19902000-12-1
~JJF 1304-19902000-12-1
~JJF 1307-19902000-12-1
O.T.N. of Power Primary Standard for X-BandJJF 1298-19902000-12-1
~JJF 1297-19902000-12-1
Calibration Specification for RF Communication Test SetJJF 1065-20002000-10-1
HP4192A Type Lowfrequency Impedance Analyzer (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 05007-19872000-6-1
Verification Regulation of CLCD-1 Type Large Power Meter JJG (航天) 54-19891999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Digital High Insulation Resistance Meter JJG (航天) 42-19991999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Beating Oscillator JJG (航天) 8-19851999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Spectrum Analyzer JJG (航天) 26-19991999-8-31
Verification Regulation of 2107 Spectrum AnalyzerJJG (航天) 9-19851999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Modulation Meter JJG (航天) 27-19991999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Frequency Multiplier (Frequency Comparator)JJG (航天) 24-19871999-8-1
1600 Type Integrated Circuit DC Parameter Testing System (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04027-19891999-6-4
TG92A2 Television Test Signal Generator and CC904B Color Coder (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 12031-19891999-6-4
MK-611AVTR Flutter Meter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12026-19891999-6-4
VS22 Type Television Nonlinear Distortion Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12030-19891999-6-4
QO4 Type Measurement Standard Device for Medium-low Power Transistor Switch Parameter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04025-19891999-6-4
ZN5970 Shaking Gauge (Trial Implementation)JJG (电子) 12013-19871999-6-4
BJ2970 Type Large Power Semiconductor Triode Tf Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04023-19891999-6-4
1481 Type Television Waveform Monitor (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12021-19891999-6-4
XT 24 Type Stereophonic Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12011-19871999-6-4
Television Video Level Meter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12020-19891999-6-4
TA03BD Type Television Multichannel Sound Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12025-19891999-6-4
ZN5310 Type Television Amplitude Modulator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12024-19891999-6-4
2010 Type Heterodyne Analyzer (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12035-19911999-6-4
843 Type Radio and Recorder Measurement Filter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12016-19871999-6-4
VS 13 Type Monochrome Television Electron Test Card Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12022-19891999-6-4
SBUF Type Television Test Transmitter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12012-19871999-6-4
ZW3765A Type Frequency Modulation Broadcasting Receiver and Recorder Measurement Filter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12019-19891999-6-4
BJ 2985 Type Transistor Maintaining Voltage Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04026-19891999-6-4
QO1 Type High-frequency Low Power Transistor FT Measurement Standard Device (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04022-19891999-6-4
MK-688E Type Shaking Gauge (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12017-19881999-6-4
VS23 Type Medium Frequency Three Tone Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12029-19891999-6-4
VHOICZ Dropout Counter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12027-19891999-6-4
MSG-2161 Type FM Stereo/frequencyamplitude Modulation Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12009-19871999-6-4
MDA-453 Type Frequency Regulation Linear Demodulator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12023-19891999-6-4
MWS-672 Type Shaking Calibrator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12038-19911999-6-4
811B Type Television Set Measurement Filter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12015-19871999-6-4
Specification for Verification of BJ4801 Model Graphic Instrument CalibratorsJJG (电子) 04024-19891999-6-4
Television Video Level Standard Device (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12033-19891999-6-4
MDA-456 Type Stereophonic Sound Demodulator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12014-19871999-6-4
148 Type Television Insertion Test Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12032-19891999-6-4
4143 Type Reciprocity Calibrator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12028-19891999-6-4
1617 Type Band-pass Filter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12034-19911999-6-4
Calibration Specification of Digital Storage OscilloscopeJJF 1057-19981999-5-1
Distortion Meter CalibratorJJG 251-19971998-5-1
Verification Regulation of Electrocardiograph and EletroencephalographJJG 543-19961997-9-1
Verification Regulation of Low-frequency signal generatorJJG 602-19961997-3-1
Vdrification Regulation of Analogue OscilloscopeJJG 262-19961996-10-1
Verification Regulation for 2706 Type Power Amplifier JJG (电子) 02012-19951996-4-1
AV3621 Type Characteristic Analyzer JJG (电子) 03004-19881996-4-1
Verification Regulation for SBE-6 Type High Voltage OscilloscopeJJG (电子) 03012-19951996-4-1
SQ-20 Type Samploscope JJG (电子) 03009-19911996-4-1
BJ2952A(JS-3A) Type Transistor Reverse Breakdown Voltage Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04003-19871996-4-1
521A Type PAL Vector Oscilloscope JJG (电子) 03001-19871996-4-1
BJ3022(QJ-30) Type Low-frequency High Power Transistor fT Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04012-19871996-4-1
BJ2984(QR-3) Type Transistor Transient Thermal Resistance Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04016-19881996-4-1
BJ3030 Type High-frequency Low Power Transistor Cc.rbb Arithmetic Product Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04002-19871996-4-1
SQ-27 Type Samploscope JJG (电子) 03005-19881996-4-1
BJ2901 Type Bipolar Transistor Reverse Breakdown Voltage Measurement Standard Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04018-19881996-4-1
BJ3110 Type MOS Integrated Circuit Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04021-19891996-4-1
BJ2911(HQ-1B) Type Transistor Comprehensive Parameter Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04004-19871996-4-1
Verification Regulation for S09 Type Oscilloscope Calibration Pulse GeneratorJJG (电子) 03011-19951996-4-1
BJ2902 Type Bipolar Transistor H21E, VBE(Sat) and VCE(Sat) Measurement Standard Meter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04019-19881996-4-1
SG-1 Type Two-wire Highs Sensitive Oscillograph JJG (电子) 03010-19911996-4-1
QG21-QG25 Type High-frequency Low Power Transistor ft Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04011-19871996-4-1
TEK7904 Type 500MHz Wideband Wideband Oscilloscope JJG (电子) 03008-19891996-4-1
XJ4245 Type Stereophonic Sound OscilloscopeJJG (电子) 03006-19891996-4-1
BJ2950A(JS-4A) Type Transistor Operating Voltage Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04007-19871996-4-1
SL4 Type Logic Oscilloscope JJG (电子) 03007-19891996-4-1
BJ2961 Type Transistor Integrated Circuit Dynamic Parametric Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04010-19871996-4-1
JSS-4A Type Transistor Low-frequency H Parameter Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04005-19871996-4-1
Transistor Curve Trancer (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04014-19881996-4-1
QZ 3 and QZ 4 Type High-frequency Low Power Transistor NF Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04015-19881996-4-1
BJ2913 Type Field Effect Tube Parameter Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04006-19871996-4-1
BJ2983 Type Transistor Forward Biased Secondary Breakdown Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04009-19871996-4-1
Characteristic Analyzer Exciter JJG (电子) 03003-19881996-4-1
Test Tube Special for High-frequency Medium and Low Power Transistor Noise Figure Measurement (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04020-19891996-4-1
BJ2912(QE7) Type Voltage Stabilizing Diode Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04013-19881996-4-1
JS-2C Type Transistor Tesistor Reverse Cut Off Current Tester JJG (电子) 04001-19871996-4-1
QE-1A Type Double-base Electrode Transistor Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04008-19871996-4-1
BJ2900 Type Bipolar Transistor Reverse Cutoff Current Measurement Standard Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 04017-19881996-4-1
TEK1240/1241 Logic Analyzer JJG (电子) 03002-19881996-4-1
Verification Regulation of Television Levelmeter/field Intensity Meter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12041-19951995-3-1
Verification Regulation of UHF Standard Signal Generator Type XFC-1JJG 325-19831995-3-1
Verification Regulation of YH1330/YH1330Y1 Type Swept Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15023-19951995-3-1
XB-39 Type Centimetre Wave Fixed Amplitude Standard Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15020-19911995-3-1
HP 8970A Type Noise Figure Gauge (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15001-19871995-3-1
1023 Type Sinusoidal Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15002-19881995-3-1
5200A Type Function Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15013-19911995-3-1
Verification Regulation of AH-5403C Type General-purpose Tester for Broadcasting Station (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 14003-19951995-3-1
XB-31 Type Standard Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15018-19911995-3-1
XFK-1 Type Broadband Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15007-19881995-3-1
XJ-5440 Type Waveform Waveform Monitor (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12040-19911995-3-1
3280 Type Radio Frequency Crystal Notch Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15003-19881995-3-1
Verification Regulation of 2020 Type Heterodyne Type Servo Filter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12046-19951995-3-1
HL-12A Type Radar Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 14002-19871995-3-1
WILTRON6647A Type Programable Swept Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15010-19891995-3-1
QF-1020 Type Low Distortion Low Frequency Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15021-19911995-3-1
1~2GHz Microwave Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15014-19911995-3-1
Verification Regulation of 4712 Type Frequency Response/graphical Instrument (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12045-19951995-3-1
HP8640B Type Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15012-19891995-3-1
AILTECH7514 Type Precise Automatic Noise Figure Indicator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15005-19881995-3-1
UZ-3 Type White Noise Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12039-19911995-3-1
HP8672A Type Synthesized Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15008-19891995-3-1
Verification Regulation of 905A Type Loudspeaker Measurement Filter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12043-19951995-3-1
QF1050 Type Standard Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15009-19891995-3-1
Verification Regulation of Low Frequency Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15025-19951995-3-1
HL-6 Type Radar Tester (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 14001-19871995-3-1
1~2GHz Microwave Standard Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15015-19911995-3-1
HP8620C/HP 86290A Type Swept Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15011-19891995-3-1
2~4GHz Microwave Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15016-19911995-3-1
2~4GHZz Microwave Standard Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 15017-19911995-3-1
Verification Regulation of UHF Power Signal Generator Type XG26JJG 324-19831995-3-1
Verification Regulation of SPM.327PPM Counter for SCI.327 Quartz Crystal ImpedimeterJJG (轻工) 76-19911994-8-1
4001A Type Audio Frequency Swept Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12005-19871994-6-1
363 Type Television Channel Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12004-19871994-6-1
Calibrator for Transister Speci-ficity OscilloscopeJJG 838-19931994-6-1
216/2 Type Colour Bar Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12002-19871994-6-1
Verification Regulation of TE550 Type Phase Jitter Gauge (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 11010-19951994-6-1
HP3764A Type Digital Transmission Analyzer (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 11008-19891994-6-1
3080B Type 1kHz Oscillator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12008-19871994-6-1
VS14 Type Television Picture Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12001-19871994-6-1
XT-13 Type Synchronous Code Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12007-19871994-6-1
S305 All Channel Color Television Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12006-19871994-6-1
XT-1A Type Video Image Signal Generator (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 12003-19871994-6-1
SPM-19 Type Smart Selective Level Meter (Trial Implementation) JJG (电子) 11009-19891994-6-1
Verification Regulation of Digital Indicators with Analogue Input for Use in Industrial-process Measurement and Control SystemsJJG (机械) 80-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Strong Field Dielectric Loss TesterJJG (船舶) 03-19911993-3-1
Verification Regulation of Level RodJJG (船舶) 8-19911993-3-1
Verification Regulation of Oscillographic PolarographJJG (地质) 1004-19901993-3-1
Verification Methods for HL-6 Type Comprehensive Radar TesterJJF (电子) 35-19821992-10-1
SH-3 and SH-2 Standard Attenuators JJG (电子) 09001-19871992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Low Frequency Selective Level Meters below 620 kHzJJG (电子) 11006-19881992-7-1
Verification Regulation of FW3 Model Microwave Power AmplifierJJG (电子) 09008-19891992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Spectrum Analyzers Types YH4033/YH4033Y1JJG (电子) 07011-19951992-7-1
Scalar Quantity Network Analyzers Type 560AJJG (电子) 09003-19881992-7-1
Radio Frequency Terminal Medium Power MetersJJG (电子) 10003-19911992-7-1
HP8410 Model Microwave Network AnalyzersJJG (电子) 09009-19951992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Large Capacitance Digital Measuring Instrument Type YY2616JJG (电子) 05052-19951992-7-1
Specification for Verification of YH4032 Model Panoramic Spectrum AnalyzersJJG (电子) 07010-19911992-7-1
Noise MeterJJG (电子) 11001-19881992-7-1
Level Oscillator of 18.6MHz and AboveJJG (电子) 11005-19881992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Pass Through Type Double Directional Power Meters Type GB2462 JJG (电子) 10004-19951992-7-1
Verification Regulation of 8mm Precision Rotory Vane AttenuatorJJG (电子) 09007-19891992-7-1
Calibration Receiver Type DO29JJG (电子) 07004-19881992-7-1
Specification for Verification of QF4021 Model HF Spectrum AnalyzersJJG (电子) 07005-19881992-7-1
RF K Analyzer Type WILTRON640JJG (电子) 09006-19891992-7-1
Specification for Verification of HP3577A Model Network AnalyzersJJG (电子) 07009-19911992-7-1
HP8901A Model Modulation AnalyzerJJG (电子) 07001-19881992-7-1
Radio Frequency Pass Through Type Medium Power MetersJJG (电子) 10002-19911992-7-1
MF Sweep Scope Type MSW721EJJG (电子) 07002-19881992-7-1
620kHz-18.6MHz Selective Level Meters JJG (电子) 11007-19881992-7-1
LF Level Oscillators of 620kHz and belowJJG (电子) 11002-19881992-7-1
Level Oscillators of 620kHz -18.6MHzJJG (电子) 11004-19881992-7-1
Specification for Verification of AV3611 Model Network AnalyzersJJG (电子) 09004-19881992-7-1
Verification Regulation of 2150/2160 Model Visual BridgesJJG (电子) 05050-19951992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Video Sweep Spectrum Analyzers Type SWOFJJG (电子) 07008-19911992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Power Range Calibrator Type HP11683AJJG (电子) 10005-19951992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Potentiometer Parameter Testers Type WD-70B1JJG (电子) 05051-19951992-7-1
WILTRON6409 Model RF Analyzer JJG (电子) 09002-19871992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Crystal Impedance Meter JJG (电子) 05053-19951992-7-1
QF11501 Model Series Step AttenuatorsJJG (电子) 09005-19881992-7-1
MSW-7124 Model AM and FM Sweep ScopeJJG (电子) 07003-19881992-7-1
Selective Level Meter of 18.6MHz and aboveJJG (电子) 11003-19881992-7-1
Electro-Cardiac MonitorJJG 760-19911992-6-1
Calibration Deuice for Electro-encephalographJJG 759-19911992-6-1
Verification regulation of calibration device for electrocaldiograph and electroencephalographJJG 749-19971991-11-1
Oscilloscopic PolarographJJG 748-19911991-11-1
Verification regulation of 0Hz ̄30MHz variable attenuatorJJG 737-19971991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Electronic VoltmeterJJG 250-19901991-7-1
Verification Regulation of Compensation VoltmeterJJG 254-19901991-7-1
Verification Regulation of RF Capacitive Loss Standard SetJJG 66-19901991-3-1
Verification Regulation of Wow Flutter MeterJJG 47-19901991-2-1
Verification Regulation of Video Noise MeterJJG 121-19901991-2-1
Verification Regulation of Waveform monitorJJG 120-19901991-2-1
Q-meter Type HP4342AJJG (电子) 05015-19881990-12-1
Multi-frequency LCR Type HP4274A and HP4275AJJG (电子) 05014-19881990-12-1
Verification Regulation of Super-Low Frequency Signal GeneratorJJG 64-19901990-10-1
Model RR3A Interference and Field Strength Measuring InstrumentJJG 611-19891990-4-1
Low Distortion OscillatorJJG 599-19891990-2-7
Verification Regulation of Storage OscilloscopeJJG 600-19891990-2-6
Model RJ-3 Near -Zone Electric -Field Measuring InstrumentsJJG 561-19881989-3-13
Model DCHY -801 Near -Zone Electric -Field Measuring InstrumentsJJG 562-19881989-3-13
~JJG 534-19881989-1-1
Iow Frequency Phaser ShifterJJG 530-19881989-1-1
Waveguide Standard Load at X-bandJJG 532-19881989-1-1
RF and Microwave Attenuation Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2010-19871988-10-1
3cm Impedance Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2012-19871988-10-1
RF Impedance Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2011-19871988-10-1
Radion Frequency and Microwave Noise Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2014-19871988-10-1
RF and Microwave Phase Shift Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2013-19871988-10-1
RF and Microwave Power Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2009-19871988-10-1
Model BJ2920 (HQ2) Digital DC Characterization Tester for Bipolor TransisteJJG 516-19871988-7-12
Model CLX-2/CLX-20A 20B Parallel-plate Coaxial Slottde Line with Big Sixe ConnectorJJG 504-19871988-4-6
1 GHz Sample OscilloscopeJJG 491-19871988-1-9
Verification Regulation of Precision Capacitanle Measuring Instrument Type CCJ -1CJJG 138-19861987-9-11
Verification Regulation of Small Capacitance Measuring Instrument Type CC-6JJG 137-19861987-9-11
Verification Regulation of the Precise True RMS VoltmeterJJG 122-19861987-9-11
UHF Television Sweep ScopeJJG 442-19861987-7-1
Model 931B RMS Differential VoltmeterJJG 446-19861987-5-12
~JJG 447-19861987-5-12
Coaxial Mid -Pour Mount with AttenuatorJJG 435-19861987-4-1
TV Colour Subeanier Frequency ComparatorJJG 434-19861987-4-1
Inter Mediate Frequency Precision Waveguide Below Cut -off AttenuatorJJG 439-19861987-4-1
Micropotentiometer Type WD-1JJG 422-19861987-1-1
Radar Teater Typer HL18JJG 418-19861987-1-1
Type RR 7 Interference Field Strength Measuring ApporatusJJG 423-19861987-1-1
for CJ -2 Type HF DielectrometerJJG 421-19861987-1-1
High Frequency Standard Level MeterJJG 420-19861987-1-1
the Mokel BX-21 LF Digital Phase MeterJJG 381-19861987-1-1
Attenuation Calibration Set Type TO7(TO7A)JJG 424-19861987-1-1
Thermal VoItage Converters in RF Coaxial Guide SystemsJJG 409-19861987-1-1
Model RR -2A Interference and Field Strength Measuring InstrumentJJG 358-19841985-8-1
Coaxial Slotted LineJJG 360-19841985-5-1
the Thin Film Thermoelectric Power Meter Type 6460JJG 357-19841985-5-1
for Model DO16 UHF Microvolt Voltage Calibrating EquipmentJJG 362-19841985-5-1
Verification Regulation of 300 MHz Frequency Response Test SetJJG 359-19841985-5-1
Resonance Type WavemeterJJG 348-19841985-1-1
Verification Regulation of Waveguide Standard Phase ShifterJJG 323-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of HF Voltage Calibration Apparatus Types DO-2 and the LikeJJG 318-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of Waveguide Noise GeneratorJJG 320-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of Rotory Vane AttenuatorJJG 322-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of VHF Microvolt MeterJJG 319-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of Calibration Attenuator by Series RF SubstitutionJJG 321-19831984-10-1
Verification Regulation of SHF Electronic MillivoitmeterJJG 308-19831984-5-1
Verification Regulation of Frequency Deflection MetersJJG 303-19821983-11-1
Verification Regulation of HE Microvoltmeter Type WFG-1BJJG 279-19811982-12-1
Verification Regulation of Calibration Receiver Type RS-2 and RS-3JJG 252-19811982-11-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Thermistor Bridge Type M4-1JJG 280-19811982-11-1
Verification Regulation of Calibrating Attenuator by 1-2 Type Attenuation Standard EquipmentJJG 253-19811982-11-1
Verification Regulation of Coaxial Thin Film Thermoelectric {ower HeadJJG 282-19811982-11-1
Verification Regulation of Coaxial Thin Film ThermoelectricJJG 281-19811982-11-1
Verification Regulation of Waveguide Thermistor Mount for X-BandJJG 255-19811982-6-1
Verification Regulation of Tube Voltmeter Verification Device DYB-2JJG 256-19811982-1-1
Verification Regulation of LCCG -1 Type HF INductance and Capacitance MeterJJG 197-19791981-1-1
Verification Regulation of XFD-7A Type LF Signal GeneratorJJG 230-19801981-1-1
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