Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Wooden flat pallet—General technical requirementGB/T 31148-20222022-10-1
Container transportation electronic data interchange—Firm booking messageGB/T 40811-20212022-5-1
Container transportation electronic data interchange—Container discharge/loading (vessel) report messageGB/T 40708-20212022-5-1
Container transportation electronic data interchange—Booking confirmation messageGB/T 40706-20212022-5-1
Container electronics seal and the system based on NFCGB/T 40710-20212022-5-1
Container transportation electronic data interchange—Vessel forecast information messageGB/T 40707-20212022-5-1
Container transportation electronic data interchange—Container stuffing/stripping messageGB/T 40812-20212022-5-1
Container transportation electronic data interchange―Discharging container messageGB/T 40705-20212022-5-1
Container transportation electronic data interchange—Gate-in/gate-out messageGB/T 22430-20212022-5-1
Informatization management requirement for pallet polling systemGB/T 38115-20192020-5-1
Palletized unit load-based logistics system—General technical specificationGB/T 37922-20192020-3-1
Technical requirements and testing methods for intermodal swap bodyJT/T 1272-20192019-10-1
Coding and marking specification of freight containers eSealGB/T 37059-20182019-7-1
Palletized unit load-based logistics system—Design criteria of palletsGB/T 37106-20182019-7-1
General technical requirements for wooden flat pallet in open pool systemDB37/T 3550-20192019-6-29
Safety operation regulation of port dangerous cargo container in terminal stacking yard,includes Amendment 1GB/T 36029-2018/XG1-20192019-5-10
Safety operation regulation of port dangerous cargo container in terminal stacking yardGB/T 36029-20182019-4-1
Specification and management requirements of the stacking yard for refrigerated containersGB/T 13145-20182018-10-1
Environmental technical requirements for containersGB/T 35973-20182018-9-1
Wooden box palletsWB/T 1078-20182018-8-1
Steel box palletsWB/T 1080-20182018-8-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods-Steel flat palletsWB/T 1079-20182018-8-1
Shelf rackingWB/T 1077-20182018-8-1
Self supported rackingWB/T 1073-20182018-8-1
Cold storage rackingWB/T 1076-20182018-8-1
Technology specification for bulk transportation of non-pressurized dry bulk containersGB/T 35549-20172018-7-1
Series 2 freight containers―Classification,dimensions and ratingsGB/T 35201-20172018-7-1
Safe handling rules in container storage area in portGB/T 35551-20172018-7-1
Freight containers―Coding,identification and markingGB/T 1836-20172018-7-1
Plastic flat pallet for pool systemGB/T 35781-20172018-7-1
Freight containers -- Electronic seals -- Environmental characteristicsGB/T 33575-20172017-12-1
Coding of freight containers manufacturer’s serial numberGB/T 33574-20172017-12-1
General technical specification of reader of secure and smart lock for containerGB/T 33573-20172017-12-1
RFID tag application criteria for pallet units used in circulation industryGB/T 33459-20162017-7-1
Express item container―Part 1:Container cageYZ/T 0155-20162017-4-1
MezzanineGB/T 30675-20142015-7-1
Plastic box palletsGB/T 31081-20142015-7-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods―Test methodsGB/T 4996-20142015-6-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods―Performance requirements and selection of testsGB/T 4995-20142014-12-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods―Wooden flat palletGB/T 31148-20142014-12-1
General technical specification of secure and smart lock for containersGB/T 29752-20132014-4-1
Metal combination shelvesSB/T 10843-20122013-6-1
Code for logistics warehouse rack depositary placeSB/T 10846-20122013-6-1
Pallet rackWB/T 1044-20122012-7-1
Drive in-rackWB/T 1045-20122012-7-1
Terms of racksWB/T 1042-20122012-7-1
Marking decals for freight containers GB/T 26936-20112012-5-1
Freight containers-radio frequency identification-license plate tagGB/T 26934-20112012-5-1
Corrugated roof panel for steel general cargo containersGB/T 26933-20112012-5-1
Preparation of steel substrates and paints application for freight containersGB/T 26935-20112012-5-1
Conversion unit of quantitative analysis for freight containers GB/T 26937-20112012-5-1
Freight container spreaderGB/T 3220-20112012-3-1
Assembled plastic palletGB/T 27915-20112012-2-1
Paints for freight containersJT/T 810-20112011-12-20
Sealants for freight containersJT/T 811-20112011-12-20
Freight containers - Mechanical sealsGB/T 23679-20092009-12-20
Series 1 freight containers—Classification,dimensions and ratingsGB/T 1413-20082008-10-1
Series 1 freight containers—Handling and securingGB/T 17382-20082008-10-1
Rules for the inspection of portable tanks for export dangerous goods-Part 2:Performance inspectionSN/T 1935.2-20072008-3-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods—Principal dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 2934-20072008-3-1
Rules for inspection of portable tanks for export dangerous goods-Part 3:Use appraisalSN/T 1935.3-20072008-3-1
Rules for the inspection of portable tanks for export dangerous goods - Part 1: General specificationsSN/T 1935.1-20072008-3-1
Freight Containers - Handling and Securing in RailwaysTB/T 3178-20072007-8-20
Freight container vocabularyGB/T 1992-20062007-5-1
Series 1 freight container - Corner fittingsGB/T 1835-20062006-10-1
Freight containers - Container equipment data exchange (CEDEX) - General communication codesGB/T 17273-20062006-10-1
skidGB/T 10819-20052005-11-1
Paper flat palletsGB/T 19450-20042003-12-8
Box pallet and post palletGB/T 18832-20022003-3-1
Rules for container fumigationSN/T 1124-20022003-1-1
Series 1 freight containers00Specification and testing - Part 1: General cargo containers for general purposesGB/T 5338-20022002-10-1
Rules for the inspection and quarantine of import and export containersSN/T 1102-20022002-9-1
Air cargo insulated containers thermal efficiency requirementsGB/T 18433-20012002-4-1
The technical requirements of repairs for steel general purpose containersGB/T 12418-20012002-1-1
Component for plastic lumber palletBB/T 0020-20012001-11-1
Rules for the inspection of safety and hygiene of container used for import and exportSN/T 0982-20002000-12-31
Rules for the inspection of safety and hygiene of refrigerated container used for import and exportSN/T 0981-20002000-12-31
Pallets for materials handling--VocabularyGB/T 3716-20002000-8-1
Freight containers--Automatic identificationGB/T 17894-19992000-8-1
Rules for the inspection of transport packaging for export commodities - Honeycomb board palletSN/T 0806-19992000-5-1
Management of unit load device for air transportGB/T 17769-19992000-4-1
Freight containers--Air / surface( intermodal )general purpose containers--Specification and testsGB/T 17770-19992000-4-1
Series 1 freight containers--Interface connections for tank containersGB/T 17423-19981999-5-1
Series 1 freight containers―Classification,dimensions and ratingsGB/T 1413-19981999-5-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods-Test methodsGB/T 4996-19961997-8-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods--Principal dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 2934-19961997-8-1
Series 1: Tank containers for liquids, gases and pressurized dry bulk-Specification and testingGB/T 16563-19961997-6-1
Series 1: Platform and platform-based containers-Specification and testingGB/T 16564-19961997-6-1
Specification and testing for 1AAA, 1AA, 1A and 1AX general purpose containersGB/T 5338-19951996-2-1
The specification of corner fittings for freight containersGB/T 1835-19951996-2-1
Specification and testing for 1CC 1C and 1CX general pose containersGB/T 3219-19951996-2-1
Inspection and Delivery of Container in Railway Frontier StationTB/T 2618-19951995-9-1
Plastics flat palletsGB/T 15234-19941995-5-1
Techinical Conditions for the Reinforcement of Railway Expendable Pallet and Unitized CargoTB/T 2335-19931993-12-31
Metallic Light Combined ShelfSB/T 10166-19931993-10-1
Specification and Testing for 1t Universal Container of RailwayTB/T 1698-19931993-7-20
The technical requirements of repairs for steel general purpose containersGB/T 12418-19901991-4-1
Techinical Conditions of the Corner Fastening for Railway 10t General Purpose ContainersTB/T 2115-19901990-10-10
Specification on the Door Gasket for Railway 10t Container TB/T 2113-19901990-10-10
Size and Techinical Conditions of Railway 10t General Purpose Containers TB/T 2114-19901990-10-10
Freight containers-Handling and securing in railwaysGB/T 10290-19881989-10-1
Steel flat pallets for railway goods trafficGB 10486-19891989-10-1
Specification and testing for 1AA, 1A and 1AX general purpose containersGB 5338-19851986-5-1
Freight containers--External dimensions and ratingsGB 1413-19851986-5-1
Freight containers; TerminologyGB 1992-19851985-12-3
Vocabulary of terms relating to palletsGB 3716-19831984-3-1
Specification and testing for 5D general purpose containersGB/T 3218-19821983-10-1
Dimensional and capacity series for freight container spreaderGB 3220-19821983-10-1
Minimum internal dimensions for general purpose freight containersGB 1834-19801980-7-1
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