Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Blocking nets for policeGA/T 816-2019
Specifications for operations of receiving police equipment supplies in the warehouseGA/T 1361-2016
V50 test methods for ballistic materials and productsGA/T 950-2019
Police uniform—Long-sleeve uniform shirtGA 255-20222022-5-1
Material for police uniform—Combed cotton/polyester and polyester/ cotton/lyocell twillGA 573-20222022-5-1
Material for police uniform—Combed polyester/cotton and polyester/cotton/hemp plainGA 365-20222022-5-1
Police uniform—Suit shirtGA 254-20222022-5-1
Police uniform—Summer short-sleeve shirt for policeman on dutyGA 568-20222022-5-1
Through wall radar detector for policeGA/T 1763-20212021-7-1
Police shoes — Fur leather shoes for menGA 313-20212021-3-1
Police shoes — Leather formal shoes for menGA 309-20212021-3-1
Police shoes — Leather summer shoes for womenGA 571-20212021-3-1
Police shoes — Leather summer shoes for menGA 570-20212021-3-1
Police shoes — Cotton-padded leather shoes for womenGA 312-20212021-3-1
Police shoes — Cotton-padded leather shoes for menGA 311-20212021-3-1
Police shoes — Leather formal shoes for womenGA 310-20212021-3-1
Police shoes — Fur leather shoes for womenGA 314-20212021-3-1
Specifications for unified appearance coating of police unmanned aircraftsGA 1732-20202020-7-1
Nomenclature and terminology of police equipmentGA/T 975-20192019-9-1
Police anti-riot shieldGA 422-20192019-4-1
Metal fettersGA 237-20182018-9-1
Individual police equipment—Glare flashlightGA 883-20182018-9-1
Individual police equipment—Metal handcuffsGA 1512-20182018-9-1
Accessories for police uniform—Soft epauletsGA 287-20172017-11-1
Accessories for police uniform—Hard epauletsGA 1409-20172017-11-1
Police caps—Ceremonial wide-brim capsGA 1408-20172017-11-1
Accessories for police uniform—Sheath epauletsGA 286-20172017-11-1
Police unmanned aircraft systems- Part 1:General technical requirementsGA/T 1411.1-20172017-8-28
Police unmanned aircraft systems—Part 2:Unmanned helicopter systemGA/T 1411.2-20172017-8-28
Police unmanned aircraft systems- Part3:Multi-axis unmanned aircraft systemGA/T 1411.3-20172017-8-28
Police unmanned aircraft systems- Part 4:Fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systemGA/T 1411.4-20172017-8-27
Escape-preventing systems during medical treatment session outside police supervision areasGA/T 1410-20172017-8-4
Patrolling management systems for police supervision areasGA/T 1407-20172017-7-21
Police cap -- Ceremonial roll brim capGA 1373-20172017-5-1
Specifications for operations of shipping police equipment supplies from the warehouseGA/T 1363-20162016-12-13
Specifications for management operations of police equipment supplies in the warehouseGA/T 1362-20162016-12-13
Anti-riot lifting barrierGA/T 1343-20162016-12-1
Type 2010 38 mm sting ball grenade for policeGA/T 1307-20162016-10-21
Type 2010 38 mm shock grenade for policeGA/T 1306-20162016-10-21
Type 2008 38 mm smoking tear gas grenade for policeGA/T 1304-20162016-10-21
Type 2008 38 mm multipoint smoking tear gas grenade for policeGA/T 1303-20162016-10-21
Type 1997 38 mm rifle-fired and hand-throwing smoking tear gas grenade for policeGA/T 1309-20162016-10-21
Type 2010 38 mm multipoint smoking tear gas practice grenade for policeGA/T 1308-20162016-10-21
CordonGA/T 375-20162016-10-13
Access control systems for police supervision areasGA 1209-20162016-5-1
Technical requirements for optical fiber vibration intrusion detectorsGA/T 1217-20152015-10-1
Electrical footrope systemGA 443-20142015-2-1
General technical requirements for handheld video detectors in security useGA/T 1152-20142014-10-1
Technical specifications for police electronic shielding device13.310GA/T 1169-20142014-6-23
Police armored passenger carsGA 1165-20142014-5-30
Police restraining forksGA/T 1145-20142014-4-2
Metallic handcuffs GA 172-20142014-4-2
T-shaped baton GA 1125-20132014-1-1
Long batons GA 1124-20132014-1-1
Police tents—Part 7:Toilet tentGA 1052.7-20132013-4-1
Police tents—Part 4:24 m2 thick tentGA 1052.4-20132013-4-1
Police tents—Part 2:12 m2 thick tentGA 1052.2-20132013-4-1
Police tents—Part 1:12 m2 unlined tentGA 1052.1-20132013-4-1
Police tents—Part 6:60 m2 thick tentGA 1052.6-20132013-4-1
Police power generating vehicleGA 1042-20132013-4-1
Police tents—Part 3:24 m2 unlined tentGA 1052.3-20132013-4-1
Police tents—Part 5:60 m2 unlined tentGA 1052.5-20132013-4-1
Police ballistic helmets and face shieldsGA 293-20122013-3-1
Police anti-riot helmetsGA 294-20122013-2-1
Specifications for the construction and provision of penitentiary facilitiesGA 1033-20132013-1-9
Jail bedsGA 1010-20122012-11-28
Police moveable security investigation vehiclesGA 1007-20122012-11-28
Police patrol vehiclesGA 1006-20122012-11-28
Police camping vehicleGA 997-20122012-6-1
Police carrier vehicleGA 996-20122012-6-1
Nomenclature and terminology of special police equipmentGA 975-20122012-1-31
Police climbing assault vehicleGA 948-20112011-10-1
Police hydraulic automatic road-block vehicleGA 949-20112011-10-1
V50 test method for ballistic materials and productsGA 950-20112011-10-1
Specification of special police vehicle unified appearance coatingGA 923-20112011-3-1
Supervision room doorsGA 526-20102010-12-1
Interrogation chairsGA 915-20102010-12-1
Police ballistic resistance of body armorGA 141-20102010-12-1
Police cap—Service capGA 317-20102010-12-1
Police cap - Cool cap for womenGA 673-20102010-12-1
Police cap—Cloth cap for womenGA 319-20102010-12-1
Police cap—Service cool capGA 321-20102010-12-1
Police cap—Easy capGA 322-20102010-12-1
Police cap—Stuff cap for womenGA 320-20102010-12-1
Police cap—Plush capGA 318-20102010-12-1
Police shoes—Womens leather shoesGA 310-20102010-9-13
Police shoes—Womens cotton-padded leather shoesGA 312-20102010-9-13
Police shoes - Womens leather sandalGA 571-20102010-9-13
Police shoes - Mens leather sandalGA 570-20102010-9-13
Police shoes—Mens leather shoesGA 309-20102010-9-13
Police shoes—Mens cotton-padded leather shoesGA 311-20102010-9-13
Individual police equipment—Kettle for policeGA 887-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—Spray with lachrymatory for policeGA 884-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—Multifunction leather belt for policeGA 889-20102010-9-1
Police cooking vehicleGA 878-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—Equipment bag for policeGA 888-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—Multifunction nylon belt for policeGA 890-20102010-9-1
Police traveling road-block light evhicleGA 881-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—Retractable baton for policeGA 886-20102010-9-1
Ceneral control system of police vehiclesGA 877-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—Powerful flashlight for policeGA 883-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—Standard knife for policeGA 885-20102010-9-1
Individual police equipment—first aid bag for policeGA 891-20102010-9-1
Police vehicle for transport of trained dogGA 880-20102010-9-1
police shower vehicleGA 879-20102010-9-1
Bomb blast suppression binGA 871-20102010-7-1
Police off-road assault vehiclesGA 874-20102010-7-1
Classification and type coding rules for police vehiclesGA 876-20102010-7-1
Explosion suppression containerGA 872-20102010-7-1
Anti-riot gunGB/T 16624-20092010-1-1
Police-used scouting vehicle for traffic accidentsGA/T 840-20092009-10-1
Accessories for police uniform—TieGA 282-20092009-9-1
Accessories for police uniform - Four pieces set of push buttonGA 281-20092009-9-1
Accessories for police uniform - Cap insigniaGA 270-20092009-9-1
Accessories for police uniform—Button for epauletGA 284-20092009-9-1
Accessories for police uniform—Spring claspGA 289-20092009-9-1
Material for police uniform—Combed cotton/polyester dyed twillGA 573-20092009-5-1
Police uniform - Costume for senior police officer on dutyGA 567-20092009-5-1
Police uniform—Multifunctional uniformGA 260-20092009-5-1
Police uniform - Spring-autumn costume for policeman on dutyGA 563-20092009-5-1
Police uniform - TrousersGA 258-20092009-5-1
Material for police uniform - Waterproof and moisture penetrable laminating fabricGA 362-20092009-5-1
Material for police uniform—Coagulation fabric for raincoatGA 357-20092009-5-1
Police uniform - Spring-autumn and winter costume for womanGA 262-20092009-5-1
Police uniform - Long sleeve uniform shirtGA 255-20092009-5-1
Police uniform - RaincoatGA 392-20092009-5-1
Police uniform—Training suitGA 466-20092009-5-1
Restricting belt for policeGA 814-20092009-3-1
Blocking nets for policeGA 816-20092009-3-1
Cleaning Tools of 9mm Revolvers for Policemen GA 807-20082008-12-1
Gun Charging Tools of 9mm Revolvers for PolicemenGA 806-20082008-12-1
Anti-riot shieldGA 422-20082008-10-1
Police uniform—Coat for senior policeGA 762-20082008-6-1
Material for police uniform—Thermal battingGA 353-20082008-6-1
Police uniform—Round collar woolen knitted T-shirtGA 764-20082008-6-1
Police uniform - V-neckline half-collar woolen sweater knitted suitGA 763-20082008-6-1
Anti-riot suit for policeGA 420-20082008-4-1
Stab resistance body armor for policeGA 68-20082008-4-1
Material for police uniform—Proof pant waist liningGA 363-20072008-2-1
Material for police uniform - Resin-finished interlinings with hair of woven fabricsGA 741-20072008-2-1
Material for police uniform—Breast veloursGA 352-20072008-2-1
Material for police uniform—Woven fusible interliningsGA 740-20072008-2-1
Material for police uniform-Four pieces set of nook and barGA 730-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform—Net weave fabric for teryleneGA 736-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform - Shouler padGA 348-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform - Polyamide fastener tapeGA 732-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform - ZipperGA 729-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform—Cashmere overcoatingGA 733-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform - Fabric for pocketGA 358-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform—Filament polyester silkGA 359-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform - Nylon ropeGA 361-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform - Acrylic plushGA 355-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform—Rib stitch fabric for knittingGA 735-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform - Antistatic wool-like sergeGA 734-20072007-12-1
Safety cloth with inflatable bag for motorcycleGA/T 717-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform -- Rock drill of skirt waist beltGA 340-20072007-12-1
Material for police uniform—Unsaturation polyester resin buttonGA 731-20072007-12-1
Prison vehicleGA 702-20072007-7-1
Bomb suppression blanketGA 69-20072007-6-1
Accessories for police uniform - Silk breast insigniaGA 674-20072007-5-1
Accessories for police uniform-Embroider soft epauletGA 676-20072007-5-1
Accessories for police uniform - Embroider sheath epauletGA 677-20072007-5-1
Accessories for police uniform - Silk serial numberGA 675-20072007-5-1
Anti-riot water cannon vehicle for policeGA 679-20072007-4-1
Promotive tablet for policeGA 664-20062007-1-1
General specifications for police anti-riot vehiclesGA 668-20062007-1-1
Diploma for policeGA 665-20062007-1-1
Cut-resistant gloves for policeGA 614-20062006-8-1
Police uniform -- Spring-autumn costume for policeman on dutyGA 563-20052006-3-1
Police uniform -- Winter costume for point constable and patrolman on dutyGA 566-20052006-3-1
Material for police uniform - Resisted static wool-like of gabardineGA 572-20052006-3-1
Police uniform -- Costume for senior police officer on dutyGA 567-20052006-3-1
Police shoe—Mens leather sandalGA 570-20052006-3-1
Police uniform -- Winter costume for policeman on dutyGA 565-20052006-3-1
Police uniform―Spring-autumn costume for point constable and patrolman on dutyGA 564-20052006-3-1
Material for police uniform - Combined hollow frame for visored capGA 574-20052006-3-1
Encouragement certificate for policeGA 596-20062006-2-1
Jetbout with lachrymatory for policeGA 575-20052006-2-1
Medal for policeGA 595-20062006-2-1
Metallic handcuffsGA/T 172-20052006-1-1
Metallic fettersGA/T 237-20052006-1-1
Emblem for police vehicleGA 522-20042005-1-1
Fixation paint for police vehicleGA 523-20042005-1-1
Specification of 2004 style police vehicle unified appearance coatingGA 524-20042005-1-1
Specification of 2004 style police motorcycle unified appearance coatingGA 525-20042005-1-1
Catching net for policeGA 510-20042004-12-1
Police uniform—Retroreflective vestGA 446-20032004-6-1
Material for police uniform - Combed cotton/polyester checked fabricGA 447-20032004-6-1
electrical footropeGA 443-20032004-6-1
Punctured deflatable road-blockGA/T 421-20032003-10-1
Expandable batonGA/T 429-20032003-10-1
Anti-riot suitGA 420-20032003-9-1
Ballistic shieldsGA 423-20032003-9-1
Stab resistance of personal body armorGA 68-20032003-9-1
Material for police uniform - Stay ring of service capGA 341-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Silk hat strapGA 346-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Liner of cap wall for summerGA 347-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Hot-sealing adhesive tapeGA 350-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform--Combed cotton/polyester,polyester/cotton/ramie dyed poplinGA 364-20012002-6-1
CordonGA 375-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform--PlushGA 356-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Under collar feltGA 349-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Liner of cap wallGA 343-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Decoration ribbon on capGA 351-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Cap peakGA 342-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform - Front tile-like support of capGA 344-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform--Combed wool/polyester fabricGA 360-20012002-6-1
Material for police uniform--Adjustable side waist buckleGA 345-20012002-6-1
Police shoe--Womens cotton-padded leather shoesGA 312-20012002-4-1
Police shoe--Mens cotton-padded leather shoesGA 311-20012002-4-1
Police shoe--Canvas rubber shoesGA 316-20012002-4-1
Police shoe--Mens leather shoesGA 309-20012002-4-1
Police shoe--Womens fur-lined leather shoesGA 314-20012002-4-1
Police hat - Hat coverGA 323-20012002-4-1
Police shoe--All rubber bootsGA 315-20012002-4-1
Police hat--Summer hatGA 321-20012002-4-1
Police shoe--Womens leather shoesGA 310-20012002-4-1
Police shoe--Mens fur-lined leather shoesGA 313-20012002-4-1
Classification and codes for Police equipment and Police firearms and Police uniform and Police protectGA/T 333-20012002-3-1
General specification for police body armorGA 141-20012002-2-1
Riot helmets for policeGA 294-20012001-8-1
Ballistic helmets and face shields for policeGA 293-20012001-8-1
Motorcycle helmets for policeGA 295-20012001-8-1
Service helmets for policeGA 296-20012001-8-1
Accessories for police uniform - Breast insigniaGA 272-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - TiepinGA 283-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform--EpauletGA 288-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform--Button for epauletGA 284-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Serial numberGA 276-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform--Soft epauletGA 287-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform--TieGA 282-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Outer-beltGA 291-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Star insigniaGA 274-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Horizontal insigniaGA 278-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Insignia for commissioner general,Insignia for deputy commissioner generalGA 273-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Olive branchGA 275-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Nickel plated brazen buttonGA 280-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform—PatchGA 285-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform--Sheath epauletGA 286-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - 人 type insigniaGA 279-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Waist-beltGA 290-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform—Collar insigniaGA 277-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform—Spring coilGA 289-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform--Four pieces set of push buttonGA 281-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform - Button for capGA 271-20012001-7-1
Accessories for police uniform--Cap insigniaGA 270-20012001-7-1
Police uniform inspcetionGA 253-20002000-10-20
Police uniform size designationGA 250-20002000-10-20
Police uniform - Long and short sleeve uniform shirt for manGA 256-20002000-10-20
Police uniform—Spring-autumn and winter costume for manGA 261-20002000-10-20
Police uniform—Jacket and trousersGA 258-20002000-10-20
Police uniform packingGA 252-20002000-10-20
Police uniform designationGA 251-20002000-10-20
Police uniform―Spring-autumn and winter costume for womanGA 262-20002000-10-20
Police uniform - Jacket and trousers for point constable and patrolmanGA 259-20002000-10-20
Police uniform—Multifunctional uniformGA 260-20002000-10-20
Police uniform pattern gradingGA/T 263-20002000-10-20
Technical standard of rejection limits for the firearms used for public affairsGA 236-20002000-7-1
Rules for the inspection of shockbaton for exportSN/T 0818-19992000-5-1
The technical standard of The Peoples Police emblemGA 244-20002000-4-10
General specification for multi-band forensic light sourceGA 235-19992000-3-1
Test methods for fire resistance of cotainersGB 16810-19971997-12-1
General specification of anti-riot gunGB/T 16624-19961997-4-1
Special warning lights for road vehiclesGB/T 13954-19921993-5-1
Rubber batonGA/T 217-19991992-3-1
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