Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Assessment for climate quality of agricultural products—Wine grapeQX/T 557-20202020-9-1
Specifications for facility agricultural microclimate observation—Heliogreenhouse and plastic tunnelGB/T 38757-20202020-6-1
Specification for satellite remote sensing of winter wheat seedling growth condition before over-wintering periodDB37/T 3796-20192020-1-24
Specifications of protected agriculture meteorological disasters field investigationDB37/T 3797-20192020-1-24
Specification for evaluation techniques on satellite remote sensingDB37/T 3791-20192020-1-24
Method of impact assessment for facility agriculture meteorological disasterDB37/T 3443-20182018-12-26
Specification for agrometeorological service —Sunlight greenhouseDB37/T 3390-20182018-9-17
Warning gade of scant light disaster for protected vegetableDB37/T 3389-20182018-9-17
Method of benefit assessment for meteorological service in facility agricultureDB37/T 3306-20182018-7-12
Grade of chilling injury to capsicumGB/T 34965-20172017-12-29
Specification for agrometeorological observation―SoybeanGB/T 34808-20172017-11-1
Specification for agrometeorological observation - Lonicera japonica thunbDB37/T 2796-20162016-8-5
Grade of frost damage for tea plantDB33/T 995-20152015-12-2
Specifications of agrometeorological observation. Lycium chinenseQX/T 282-20152015-12-1
Meteorological classification for anthracnose occurrence of Lycium chinenseQX/T 283-20152015-12-1
Grade of freezing injury to Chinese loquatQX/T 281-20152015-12-1
Annual records format of agrometeorological observationQX/T 21-20152015-5-1
Weather Grade for National Forest Fire InsuranceLY/T 1172-19951995-12-1
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