Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Elaeagnus mollis Diels seedLS/T 3125-20202021-5-19
Sumac seedsLS/T 3122-20192019-12-6
Tree peony seeds for edible oilLS/T 3120-20192019-12-6
Camellia seedsLS/T 3119-20192019-12-6
Suaeda salsa seedsLS/T 3124-20192019-12-6
Walnut for oilLS/T 3121-20192019-12-6
Rubber seedsLS/T 3123-20192019-12-6
Acer truncatum bunge seedsLS/T 3118-20192019-9-3
Tungoiltree seedsLS/T 3117-20192019-9-3
High oieic acid peanutNY/T 3250-20182018-12-1
Amygdalus pedunculata pall seed,kernelLS/T 3114-20172017-12-20
Safflower seedLS/T 3115-20172017-12-20
The Grain & Oil Products in China - SoybeanLS/T 3111-20172017-9-15
Production technical regulation of exiting big peanutDB21/T 2788-20172017-5-27
Determination of monosaccharide and disaccharide in oil seeds—High-performance liquid chromatographyGB/T 30390-20132014-6-22
Technical regulations of regional test and registration for crop varieties-PeanutNY/T 2391-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for preventing empty and blighted pod cultivation of peanut NY/T 2406-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for high-oil peanut productionNY/T 2397-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for high yield cultivation of peanut by single-seed and precision sowing method NY/T 2404-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for summer direct seeding cultivation of peanutNY/T 2398-20132014-1-1
Green food-Technical regulations for peanut cultivationNY/T 2400-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for high protein peanut productionNY/T 2402-20132014-1-1
Observation and record technical specification of peanut in cultivation NY/T 2408-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for peanut seeds productionNY/T 2399-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for high yield cultivation of peanut by inhibiting premature senescence and late harvesting at the optimum stage NY/T 2407-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for Cd2+ pollution control in peanut fieldNY/T 2392-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for mechanized production of plastic lilm mulching peanutNY/T 2401-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for high yield cultivation of peanut in nutrient-poor and dry landNY/T 2403-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for intercropping cultivation of wheat and peanutNY/T 2396-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations for high yield cultivation of continuous cropping peanut NY/T 2405-20132014-1-1
Product of geographical indication—Changshan camellia seed oilGB/T 24569-2009/XG1-20132013-9-1
Oil-tea camellia seedLY/T 2033-20122012-7-1
Handling practice for postharvest oil-tea camellia seedLY/T 2034-20122012-7-1
Inspection of grain and oils—Determination of resveratrol in peanut by high performance liquid chromatographyGB/T 24903-20102011-1-1
Grades and specifications of peanuts for processingNY/T 1893-20102010-9-1
Product of geographical indication—Changshan camellia seed oilGB/T 24569-20092010-1-1
SoybeanGB 1352-20092009-9-1
Oilseeds—Determination of moisture and volatile matter contentGB/T 14489.1-20082009-1-20
Sunflower seedGB/T 11764-20082009-1-20
PeanutGB/T 1532-20082009-1-20
Inspection of grain and oils—Determination of crude protein in oilseedsGB/T 14489.2-20082009-1-20
Sunflowerseed mealGB/T 22463-20082009-1-1
Seed of economic crops—Part 2:Oil speciesGB 4407.2-20082008-12-1
Inspection of grain and oilseeds—Determination of pure kernel yield of unhulled oilseedsGB/T 5499-20082008-11-1
Product of geographical indication - Xinchang peanut (Xiaojingsheng) GB/T 19693-20082008-10-1
Determination of butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene and tertiary butylhydroquinone content in vegetable oil High perfor mance liquid chromatographyNY/T 1602-20082008-7-1
Determination of heat damaged kernel of soybeanNY/T 1599-20082008-7-1
Determination of sesamin cotent—High performance liquid chromatographyNY/T 1595-20082008-7-1
Confectionary sunflower seedNY/T 1581-20072008-3-1
Green food - Sesame and its productsNY/T 1509-20072008-3-1
Determination of total glucosinolates in rapeseed and its meal for import and exportSN/T 1868-20072007-10-16
Determination of Aflatoxin B1 Content in Peanut - High Performance Liquid ChromatographyNY/T 1286-20072007-7-1
Castor SeedNY/T 1266-20072007-7-1
Determination of Oil Content in Oilseeds Residue MethodNY/T 1285-20072007-7-1
RapeseedGB/T 11762-20062007-4-1
Rules for the quarantine of oilseed for import and exportSN/T 1808-20062007-3-1
Sesame seedGB/T 11761-20062007-1-1
Peanut butterNY/T 958-20062006-4-1
Pollution-free food seedsNY 5319-20062006-4-1
Technical regulation of estimation for soybean quality homogeneityNY/T 1010-20062006-4-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication--Xinchang peanut(Xiaojingsheng)GB 19693-20052005-8-1
Inspection of spot kernels in import and export groundnutSN/T 1536-20052005-7-1
Rapid determination of erucic acid and glucosinolate in rapeseed -- PhotometryNY/T 792-20042004-6-1
Technical regulation of production of low erucic acid and low glucosinolate oil seed rapeNY/T 790-20042004-6-1
Technical procedure for seed multiplication of double low hybrid rapeseedNY/T 791-20042004-6-1
Protocaol of the polymerase chain reaction for detecting genetically modified components in rapeseedsSN/T 1197-20032003-9-1
Sunflower seed for oil processingNY/T 601-20022002-12-20
Low erucic acid low glucosinolate rapeseedNY/T 415-20002001-4-1
Method for the determination of diethofencarb residues in oil seeds for exportSN 0656-19971998-1-1
Method for determination of foreign matter in oilseedsGB/T 14488.2-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of crude protein in oilseedGB/T 14489.2-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of moisture and volatile matter content in oilseedsGB/T 14489.1-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of free fatty acids content of oils in oilseedsGB/T 14489.3-19931994-2-1
Method for determination of oil content in oilseedsGB/T 14488.1-19931994-2-1
Sesame seedGB/T 11761-19891990-7-1
Sunflower seedGB 11764-19891990-7-1
Rape seedGB 11762-19891990-7-1
Wheat flourGB/T 1355-19861987-4-1
CastorseedLS/T 3107-19851986-7-1
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