Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical regulation of tea plant cultivating for MatchaDB32/T 3862-2020
Green coffee—Guidelines on methods of specificationGB/T 19181-20182018-9-1
Technical Regulation on Cultivation new cultivar of Cryptotaenia japonica HasskDB21/T 2698-20162016-11-27
Tea powderNY/T 2672-20152015-5-1
Rules for the identification of nicotine converters in burley tobaccoYC/T 524-20152015-2-15
Tobacco (N.tobacum) germplasm resources―Technical regulation on reproduction and regenerationYC/T 525-20152015-2-15
The infrastructure construction and project management rules of tobacco production in modern tobacco agricultureDB43/T 875-20142014-6-30
Good Agricultural Practice - Part 26: Tobacco Control Points and Compliance CriteriaGB/T 20014.26-20132014-6-22
Track self-propelled rotary tillerDB43/T 874-20142014-6-20
Coffee - Seeds and seedingsNY/T 358-20142014-6-1
Green coffee - Storage and transportNY/T 2554-20142014-6-1
Tobacco seed - Rule for naming of cultivarGB/T 16448-20132014-4-11
Coffee and coffee products—VocabularyGB/T 18007-20112012-4-1
Rules for tobacco introduction techniques from abroadGB/T 24309-20092009-12-1
Rules for tobacco seed propagation technologyGB/T 24308-20092009-12-1
Green coffee - Olfactory and visual examination and determination of foreign matter and defectsGB/T 15033-20092009-9-1
Evaluation of Uncertainty in Measurment for Parameter of Physical Characteristics of Cigarettes—Part 2:Circumference—Laser MethodJJF(烟草)2.2-20082008-7-1
Evaluation of Uncertainety in Measurment for Parameter of Physical Characteristics of Cigarettes—Part 3:Draw ResistanceJJF(烟草)2.3-20082008-7-1
Evaluation of Uncertainty in Measurment for Parameter of Physical Characteristics of Cigarettes—Part 1:MassJJF(烟草)2.1-20082008-7-1
Green coffee - Defect reference chartNY/T 1519-20072008-3-1
Green coffee in bags - SamlpingNY/T 1518-20072008-3-1
Tobacco seedsGB/T 21138-20072008-1-1
Determination of mercury content in paper used for cigarettes for import-export - Atomic fluorescence spectrometrySN/T 1910-20072007-12-1
Identification of Coffee Leaf Miner [Leucoptera coffeella (Guér.)]SN/T 1912-20072007-12-1
Identification of Coffee Borer [Hypothenemus hampei(Ferrari)]SN/T 1913-20072007-12-1
Safe production planting technical regulation of teaDB33/T 675-20082007-12-1
Determination of lead and arsenic contents in paper used for cigarettes for import-export by ICP-AESSN/T 1911-20072007-12-1
Non-environmental pollution Chrysanthemum-bud Part 2: Cultivation and processingDB33/T 668.2-20072007-11-6
Non-environmental pollution Chrysanthemum-bud Part1: Environment of production areaDB33/T 668.1-20072007-11-6
Determination of saponin content in tea saponin for exportSN/T 1852-20062007-5-16
Rules of pre-quarantine for import tobacco in the original producing areaSN/T 1811-20062007-3-1
Rules for the quarantine of tobacco for import and exportSN/T 1810-20062007-3-1
Roasted coffeeNY/T 605-20062006-5-1
Green coffeeNY/T 604-20062006-5-1
Burley tobacco - Regulation of air-curing techniqueYC/T 193-20052006-1-1
Technical rules for cultivation of coffeeNY/T 922-20042005-2-1
Green coffee—Guidance on methods of specificationGB/T 19181-20032003-12-1
Protocol of qualitative PCR for the detection of genetically modified components in tobaccoSN/T 1200-20032003-9-1
Tobacco-Determination of water content-Karl Fischer menthodYC/T 165-20032003-7-1
Roasted coffeeNY/T 605-20022002-12-20
Green coffeeNY/T 604-20022002-12-20
Organic teaNY 5196-20022002-9-1
Pollution-free Food - Technical Regulation for Arabian Jasmine for StorageNY/T 5124-20022002-9-1
Technological regulations for organic tea productionNY/T 5197-20022002-9-1
Pollution-free Food - Technical Regulation for Drinking Chrysanthemum ProductionNY/T 5121-20022002-9-1
Basic rules for cultivate seedling technology of tobaccoYC/T 143-19981998-5-1
Pelleted seed of tobaccoYC/T 141-19981998-5-1
Oriental leaf tobacco--Determination of form and size characteristicsGB/T 16449-19961997-1-1
Inspection regulations of tobacco seeds YC/T 20-19941994-10-1
Storage and transportation of tobacco seeds YC/T 22-19941994-10-1
Tobacco SeedsYC/T 19-19941994-10-1
Package of tobacco seeds YC/T 21-19941994-10-1
A method for the determination of organochlorine pesticide residues in tobacco leavesGB/T 13596-19921992-9-1
Flue - cured tobaccoGB 2635-19921992-9-1
Seed and seedling of tea plantGB 11767-19891990-3-1
Burley tobaccoGB 8966-19881988-7-1
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