Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Hericium erinaceus powder and extractT/ZHCA 103-2021
Auriculaia auricula-Part 1:Technical regulations for the spawned bag production of Auriculaia auriculaLY/T 1207-20212022-1-1
Quality grade of major forest by-products — Edible fungusLY/T 3264-20212022-1-1
Ganoderma lucidum spores powderGH/T 1335-20212021-5-1
Frozen edible wild potherbLY/T 3096-20192020-4-1
Pure culture of Flammulina velutipesGB/T 37671-20192020-1-1
Dried Cordyceps militarisGH/T 1240-20192019-10-1
Forest food—Dried products of Hohenbuehelia serotinaLY/T 1919-20182019-5-1
Technical regulations for block production of Auricularia auriculaLY/T 1207-20182019-5-1
Jianxi green teaDB36/T 555-20182019-2-1
Technical regulation for production of Tiantai Radix linderaeDB33/T 696-20182018-4-14
Technical regulations for the production of Auricularia auricular Spawned BagLY/T 2841-20172017-9-1
Technical Regulation for the cultivition of Pleurotus citrinipileatus Sing undet the forest floorDB21/T 2720-20162017-2-6
Technical Regulation for the cultivition of Hericium erinaceus undet the forest flooDB21/T 2721-20162017-2-6
Technical Regulation for the cultivition of Lentinula edodes under the forest floorDB21/T 2719-20162017-2-6
The technical regulation for the cultivation of silkworm host Cordyceps militarisDB37/T 2890-20162017-1-9
Technical specifications for edible fungi spawn factoryDB33/T 929-20142014-8-8
Forest food—Dried products of Hericium erinaceusLY/T 2132-20132013-7-1
Forest food—Dried products of Armillaria melleaLY/T 2133-20132013-7-1
Mongolia MushroomNY/T 445-2001/XG1-20122012-6-6
Code of practice for apawn production of edible mushroomNY/T 528-20102010-9-1
Determination of ginsenosides in ginsengNY/T 1842-20102010-9-1
Dried products of Hohenbuehelia serotinaLY/T 1919-20102010-6-1
Dried lumps of edible mushrooms and wild potherbLY/T 1577-20092009-10-1
Techniques of prolonging harvesting time of Huangmao Moso(Phyllostachy dulis) shoots in situLY/T 1833-20092009-10-1
Pure culture of straw mushroomGB/T 23599-20092009-9-1
Product of geographical indication—Biyang Hua Gu(flower shiitake mushroom)GB/T 22746-20082009-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Taxus chinensis var. maireiDB33/T 731-20092009-3-11
Product of geographical indication - Qingyuan xiang gu GB/T 19087-20082008-11-1
The technical rules for refrigeration of F1 hybrid eggs of silkworm (Bombyx mori)DB51/T 845-20082008-6-6
The technical rules for pebrine control of silkworm (Bombyx mori)DB51/T 844-20082008-6-6
Technical inspection for mushroom selecting and breedingGB/T 21125-20072008-4-1
Lotus seedNY/T 1504-20072008-3-1
The block of Auricularia auriculaLY/T 1207-20072007-10-1
Planting regulation for organic Kudzu Vine rootsDB3211/T 035-20062007-1-18
Pollution-free food. Edible fungiNY 5095-20062006-10-1
Pollution-free food edible flowersNY 5316-20062006-4-1
Cultures of Pleurotus eryngii and Pleurotus nebrodensisNY 862-20042005-2-1
Rules for the inspection of Ganoderma lucidum for exportDB33/T 510-20042004-10-18
Saw type gin for testing cotton contentGB/T 19509-20042004-9-1
Green food - Edible mushroomNY/T 749-20032004-3-1
Pure culture of lentinula edodesGB 19170-20032003-12-1
Pure culture of pleurotus ostreatusGB 19172-20032003-12-1
Pure culture of agaricus bisporusGB 19171-20032003-12-1
Pure culture of auricularia auriculaGB 19169-20032003-12-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication--Qingyuan xiang guGB 19087-20032003-9-1
Pollution-free Food - Safety Technical Requirements for Edible Fungi Cultivation SubstrateNY 5099-20022002-9-1
Jasmine teaNY/T 456-20012001-11-1
Mongolia mushroomNY/T 445-20012001-10-1
Hen of the woodsNY/T 446-20012001-10-1
Method for the determination of total stevioside content in stevia dried leave for import and export - ColorimetrySN/T 0868-20002000-11-1
Lenlinula edodes(Berk.) PeglerGH/T 1013-19981999-3-1
Method for determination of crude protein in edible fungiGB/T 15673-19951996-1-1
Method for determination of total sugar in edible fungiGB/T 15672-19951996-1-1
Method for determination of crude fat in edible fungiGB/T 15674-19951996-1-1
Cultivation of Auricularia auricula in logsLY/T 1208-19971995-10-1
Straw MushroomSB/T 10038-19921992-12-1
Pressed hops and pelletsGB 10347.1-19891989-9-1
Sampling and examination methods of pressed hops and hop pelletsGB 10347.2-19891989-9-1
Jew’s-ear fungusGB/T 6192-19861986-8-1
Dried flammulina velutipesGH/T 1132-20170201-7-7
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