Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Processing technology of artemia eggs from salt fieldGB/T 24858-20102011-1-1
Formula feed for japanese seabassSC/T 2029-20082008-8-10
Determination of sulfonamides in formula feeds High - Performance liquid chromatographyDB33/T 701-20082008-7-7
Formula feed for abaloneSC/T 2053-20062006-10-1
Formula feed for Chinese long-snout catfishSC/T 1072-20062006-10-1
Formula feed for Chinese mitten-handed crabSC/T 1078-20042005-2-1
Formula feed for turbotSC/T 2031-20042005-2-1
Formula feed for crucian carpSC/T 1076-20042005-2-1
Formula feed for bluntnose black breamSC/T 1074-20042005-2-1
Formula feed for tilapiaSC/T 1025-20042005-2-1
General specification for aquaculture formula feedSC/T 1077-20042005-2-1
Formula feed for black carpSC/T 1073-20042005-2-1
Chitin and chitosanSC/T 3403-20042005-2-1
Formulated feed of giant freshwater prawnSC/T 1066-20032003-10-1
Formula feed for large yellow croakerSC/T 2012-20022002-12-20
Formula feed for frogsSC/T 1056-20022002-12-20
Formula feed for shrimpSC/T 2002-20022002-12-20
Formula feed for grass carpSC/T 1024-20022002-12-20
SC/T 2007 -2001 Formula feed of sea breamSC/T 2007 -20012001-10-1
Formula feed for soft-shelled turtleSC/T 1047-20012001-10-1
Formula feed of flounderSC/T 2006-20012001-10-1
Specification for fish culture with chemical fertilizersSC/T 1028-19991999-6-1
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