Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technique regulation for monitor and conservation Parnassiinae (Papilionidae,Lepidoptera,Insecta)LY/T 3260-20212022-1-1
Technical specification for long-term observation of Karst rocky desert ecosystemLY/T 3258-20212022-1-1
Specifications on monitoring and evaluation of benefit of desertification control project in ChinaLY/T 3257-20212022-1-1
Specification for national park establishmentGB/T 39737-20212021-10-11
Specification for monitoring of the national parkGB/T 39738-20202021-7-1
Specification for assessment of the national parkGB/T 39739-20202021-7-1
Technical specification for the national park master planGB/T 39736-20202021-7-1
Technical regulations for continuous forest inventoryGB/T 38590-20202020-10-1
Standard for Demarcation and Marking of National ParkLY/T 3190-20202020-10-1
Technical regulations of sampling for economic forest producing environment sampling inspectionLY/T 3110-20192020-4-1
Technical regulations for pruning control of Arceuthobium sichuanenseLY/T 3103-20192020-4-1
Parameters and methods of ecological monitoring of planted forests on the beach in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang RiverLY/T 3097-20192020-4-1
Technical specification for the wild population and habitat monitoring of Siberian TigerLY/T 3113-20192020-4-1
Technical regulations for controling Leptocybe invasa Fisher & LaSalleLY/T 3100-20192020-4-1
Technical regulations for control of Eucryptorrhynchus scrobiculatus(Motschulsky)and E.brandti(Harold)LY/T 3104-20192020-4-1
Regulation of monitoring and assessing the benefits of protective forest projects inLY/T 3098-20192020-4-1
The regulations for classification, survey and mapping of the forest vegetationLY/T 3128-20192020-4-1
Technical regulation for controlling Stauronematus platycerus(Hartig)LY/T 3105-20192020-4-1
Code of practice for terrestrial wildlife and its habitat survey—Part 1:GuidelinesGB/T 37364.1-20192019-12-1
Technical regulations for controlling GerbillinaeLY/T 3027-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for silviculture of PterocarpusLY/T 3056-20182019-5-1
Technical regulations for the management and conservation of old and notable trees LY/T 3073-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for controlling Valsa sordida Nit. LY/T 3029-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for controlling Coleophora spp.LY/T 3026-20182019-5-1
Plant fiber sand blocking and fixing net LY/T 2995-20182019-5-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Morus alba L.LY/T 3052-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for nature reserve zoningGB/T 35822-20182018-9-1
Techniqual regulations cultivation of Mesua ferrea LY/T 2975-20182018-6-1
Principles and methods of conserving wild plant species with extremely small populationsLY/T 2938-20182018-6-1
Technical regulation for monitoring growth and environment of old and notable treesLY/T 2970-20182018-6-1
Indicators system for long-term observation of saline land ecosystem in desert regionLY/T 2936-20182018-6-1
The regulation of investigation and determination for the main traits of oil-tea cameliaLY/T 2955-20182018-6-1
Guidelines for national park function zoningLY/T 2933-20182018-6-1
Forestry Internet of things-Part 602:Interface specification of sensor dataGB/T 33776.602-20172018-2-1
Evaluation criteria of karst rocky desert ecosystem servicesLY/T 2902-20172018-1-1
Standard method for data collection in ecological benefits assessment on Natural Forest Protection ProgramLY/T 2897-20172018-1-1
Technical regulations on timber plantations of Araucaria cunninghamiiLY/T 2910-20172018-1-1
Technical regulation for forestland change surveyLY/T 2893-20172018-1-1
Indicators and method for comprehensive evaluation of state-owned forest farmsLY/T 2894-20172018-1-1
Forestry internet of things-Part 4:General specification of hand-held intelligent terminal GB/T 33776.4-20172017-12-1
Forestry internet of things-Part 4:General specification of hand-held intelligent terminal GB/T 33776.603-20172017-12-1
Technical regulation for controlling Parocneria orienta ChaoLY/T 2848-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation for controlling Opogona sacchari (Bojer)LY/T 2845-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation for controlling the main defoliator pest of mangroveLY/T 2853-20172017-9-1
The regulations for of forest fire management publicity facilitiesLY/T 2798-20172017-9-1
Assessment criteria of Gobi desert ecosystem services in ChinaLY/T 2792-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation for rearing and application of Arma chinensisLY/T 2850-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation on the application of thiacloprid microcapsulesLY/T 2847-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation for controlling Pristiphora erichsonii (Hartig)LY/T 2843-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation of antifertility control on forest rodent pestsLY/T 2849-20172017-9-1
Indicator system for long-term observation of Gobi ecosystemLY/T 2793-20172017-9-1
Technical guideline for main pest control of Carya cathayensis Sarg.LY/T 2852-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation on the application of emamectin benzoate microemulsionLY/T 2846-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for forest fire preventionDB21/T 2732-20172017-3-23
The technical regulations of vegetation remediation for wasteland of southern nonferrous metal mineLY/T 2770-20162017-3-1
Norm of techniques for valuation of forest resources assetsLY/T 2735-20162017-1-1
Prevention and control technical specification for Pissodes nitinus roelofs in artificial forest of pinus koraiensis zuccGB/T 32772-20162017-1-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for Schima superbaLY/T 2660-20162016-12-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for Cryptomeria fortuneiLY/T 2657-20162016-12-1
Technical regulation for controlling Massicus raddei(Blessig)LY/T 2687-20162016-12-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for QuercusLY/T 2658-20162016-12-1
Forest certification in China Forest eco-environment services―Operation guideline on nature reserveLY/T 2604-20162016-6-1
Technical regulation for monitoring and control of Carpomyavesuviana CostaLY/T 2606-20162016-6-1
Directives for national desert park constructionLY/T 2575-20162016-6-1
Forest fire warning signal classification and identificationLY/T 2578-20162016-6-1
Forest certification in China―Precious and endangered wildlife for production and management feeding and management―AuditingLY/T 2601-20162016-6-1
Code for master planning of national desert parkLY/T 2574-20162016-6-1
Forest fire insurance monitor station technical specificationLY/T 2579-20162016-6-1
Technical code for forest fire video monitoring systemLY/T 2581-20162016-6-1
Technical regulation for forest pests control by sprayingLY/T 2518-20152016-1-1
Technical regulation for ecological benefits monitoring of protective forest systemLY/T 2497-20152016-1-1
Technical regulation for application of host volatile attractant to management of stem borers in cypress treeLY/T 2519-20152016-1-1
Technical guidelines for assessing conservation efficiency of nature reserves―Part 4:Wildlife conservationLY/T 2244.4-20152016-1-1
Integration of forestry data integration and reconstructionLY/T 2493-20152016-1-1
Indicators for long-term observation of sandy land ecosystem on the riverbank, lakeside and coastLY/T 2508-20152016-1-1
Technical regulation for controlling Batocera lineolata ChevrolatGB/T 31764-20152015-11-2
Nature reserve terminologyGB/T 31759-20152015-11-2
Technical regulation for controlling Batocera lineolata ChevrolatGB/T 18771.2-20152015-11-2
Technical regulation for cultivation of timber plantation of Betula luminiferaLY/T 2463-20152015-5-1
Technique regulations of wave-break forest construction in tidal muddy beach,subtropical ChinaLY/T 2481-20152015-5-1
Technical specification for forest damage investigation and assessment of major natural disastersLY/T 2408-20152015-5-1
Forestry internet of things―Part 3:General technical requirement of information securityLY/T 2413.3-20152015-5-1
Technical regulation on Three-north shelt-belt assessmentLY/T 2411-20152015-5-1
Guidelines for validation and verification of forest carbon projectsLY/T 2409-20152015-5-1
Indicator system for long-term observation of sandy land ecosystem in dry subhumid zoneLY/T 2254-20142014-12-1
Technical guidelines for assessing conservation efficiency of nature reserves―Part 1:Wild plant conservationLY/T 2244.1-20142014-12-1
Grading on raspberry seedling qualityLY/T 2299-20142014-12-1
Method of DNA amplification fragment length polymorphism(AFLP) for Phyllostachys bambooLY/T 2347-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation on sample collections for tree biomass modelingLY/T 2259-20142014-12-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for Pinus massonianaLY/T 2263-20142014-12-1
Indicator system for long-term observation of Southwest dry-hot and dry valley ecosystemLY/T 2255-20142014-12-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for Pinus elliottiiLY/T 2261-20142014-12-1
Technical guidelines for assessing conservation efficiency of nature reserves―Part 3:Landscape conservationLY/T 2244.3-20142014-12-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for Cunninghamia lanceolataLY/T 2264-20142014-12-1
Regulations for re-vegetation technology in mining wastelandLY/T 2356-20142014-12-1
Technical guidelines for assessing conservation efficiency of nature reserves―Part 2:Vegetation conservationLY/T 2244.2-20142014-12-1
Assessment standard on latent forest fire hazardLY/T 2245-20142014-12-1
Terminology of protective forestLY/T 2257-20142014-12-1
Specification of biodiversity monitoring and evaluation for forest ecosystemLY/T 2241-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation of diagnosis and control on Puccinia corticioidesLY/T 2346-20142014-12-1
Specification for afforestation species and afforestation models database structureLY/T 2271-20142014-12-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for Pinus tabulaeformisLY/T 2260-20142014-12-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Tsoongiodendron odorumLY/T 2332-20142014-12-1
Protective forest classificationLY/T 2256-20142014-12-1
Database structure of improved varieties of forest treeLY/T 2270-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation on methodology for tree biomass modelingLY/T 2258-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation for controlling Ips typographus LinnaeusLY/T 2349-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation for safe use of 3% beta-cypermethrin microcapsule suspending agentLY/T 2351-20142014-12-1
Regulation of monitoring the forest community structureLY/T 2249-20142014-12-1
Technical regulations for investigating and catalogue of genetic resources on Camellia spp.LY/T 2247-20142014-12-1
Regulation for invasive alien species management in nature reservesLY/T 2243-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation for detecting Bursaphelenchus xylophilus from Pine sawyer (Monochamus alternatus Hope)by PCR amplificationLY/T 2350-20142014-12-1
Tree biomass models and related parameters to carbon accounting for Pinus yunnanensisLY/T 2262-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation for biodiversity impact assessment of construction project in nature reserveLY/T 2242-20142014-12-1
Technical Specification for Forest Vegetation MonitoringGB/T 30363-20132014-6-22
Technical Specifications of Village Greening of Hunan ProvinceDB43/T 868-20142014-5-1
Evaluation Criteria for Safety of Information System in Forestry LY/T 2170-20132014-1-1
Classification and Code for Wetland InformationLY/T 2181-20132014-1-1
Technical Code for Autochthonous Reserve Forest Arrangement and Investigation of Germplasm ResourcesLY/T 2193-20132014-1-1
Terms Definition for Forest Resource Database LY/T 2183-20132014-1-1
Forest Resource Data Coding CriterionLY/T 2186-20132014-1-1
General descriptors for forest germplasm resourcesLY/T 2192-20132014-1-1
Technical Specification for Forest Resource Data Collection - Part 1: Forest Resource Continuous CheckLY/T 2188.1-20132014-1-1
Application Specification for WEB Service of Information in ForestryLY/T 2176-20132014-1-1
Guide for Management Information System Construction of Forest ResourceLY/T 2185-20132014-1-1
Technical Specification for Information Exchange System in ForestryLY/T 2171-20132014-1-1
Technical Specification for Forest Resource Data Collection - Part 3: Operation Design and Investigation LY/T 2188.3-20132014-1-1
Core Metadata of Forest ResourceLY/T 2187-20132014-1-1
Technical Specification for Forest Resource Data Collection - Part 2: Planning and Design Investigation of Forest ResourceLY/T 2188.2-20132014-1-1
Classification and Code for Information of Wild Life PreserveLY/T 2179-20132014-1-1
Technical Specification for Catalog System of Information Resource in Forestry LY/T 2173-20132014-1-1
Indicator system for long-term observation of Karst rocky desert ecosystem in Southwest ChinaLY/T 2191-20132014-1-1
Rule and Method for Expression of Information Illustration in Forestry LY/T 2175-20132014-1-1
Classification and Code for Desertification InformationLY/T 2182-20132014-1-1
General Specification for Database Design in ForestryLY/T 2169-20132014-1-1
Specification for Construction of Informatization Network System in ForestryLY/T 2172-20132014-1-1
Specification for Information Service Interface in ForestryLY/T 2177-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations of tetraploid seedlings of PaulowniaLY/T 2206-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations of prevention and control on paulownia witchesbroom(phytoplasma)LY/T 2213-20132014-1-1
Classification and Code of Information for Forestry Ecological ProjectLY/T 2178-20132014-1-1
Classification and Nomenclature for Forest Resource DatabaseLY/T 2184-20132014-1-1
The Guide for Forest Resource Data ProcessingLY/T 2189-20132014-1-1
Technical Specification for Update of Database in Forestry LY/T 2174-20132014-1-1
Classification and Code for Forest Fire Information LY/T 2180-20132014-1-1
Technical regulation for tamarix spp renewal rejuvenationLY/T 2212-20132014-1-1
Technical regulation on zonation of state-level non-commercial forestLY/T 2084-20132013-7-1
Technical regulation for Phoebe sp. cultivationLY/T 2119-20132013-7-1
Indicators system for long-term observation of wetland ecosystemLY/T 2090-20132013-7-1
Technical code for silviculture of Dalbergia odorifera T.ChenLY/T 2120-20132013-7-1
Regulations on ecological benefits evaluation of protective forest systemLY/T 2093-20132013-7-1
Technical regulation for controlling Batocera horsfieldi(Hope)LY/T 2108-20132013-7-1
Technical regulation for control of Spartina species by mangrovesLY/T 2130-20132013-7-1
Technical regulation for controlling Hyphantria cunea(Drury)LY/T 2111-20132013-7-1
Indicator system for long-term observation of desert ecosystem in extreme arid zoneLY/T 2091-20132013-7-1
Technical regulation for controlling Apocheima cinerarius ErschoffLY/T 2110-20132013-7-1
Indicator system for long-term observation of desert(sandy land) ecosystem in arid and semi-arid zoneLY/T 2092-20132013-7-1
Technical regulation for terrestrial wildlife corridor designLY/T 2016-20122012-7-1
Assessment criteria of desert ecosystem services in ChinaLY/T 2006-20122012-7-1
Regulation for control of Eupatorium adenophorum invasionLY/T 2027-20122012-7-1
Technical regulation of construction on the ecotourism infrastructure in nature reservesLY/T 2010-20122012-7-1
Mapping specification for county level forestland planning on protection and utilizationLY/T 2009-20122012-7-1
Forest category classificationLY/T 2012-20122012-7-1
Principles for restoration of degraded natural forests in mountain areas in southwest ChinaLY/T 2028-20122012-7-1
Nomenclature of forest fire namesLY/T 2014-20122012-7-1
Technical regulation for water-waiting afforestation in the river irrigation regions of northern ChinaLY/T 2029-20122012-7-1
Measurement of forest fuelLY/T 2013-20122012-7-1
Indicators for important wetland monitoringGB/T 27648-20112012-4-1
Technical standards for wetland ecological risk-benefit assessmentGB/T 27647-20112012-4-1
Technical regulation for controling Ceracris kiangsu Tsai GB/T 27645-20112012-4-1
Indicators for the identification of national important wetlandsGB/T 26535-20112011-9-1
Fast growing and high yield plantation of Taiwania flousianaLY/T 1951-20112011-7-1
Classification and codes for epidemic diseases in terrestrial wildlifeLY/T 1959-20112011-7-1
Technical regulations of remote sensing base-map producing for forest resources inventoryLY/T 1954-20112011-7-1
Compiling regulations for county level forestland planning on protection and utilizationLY/T 1956-20112011-7-1
Specification for data processing and statistic in national forest inventoryLY/T 1957-20112011-7-1
Technical regulations of cultivation on Cinnamomum bodinieri Levl.LY/T 1947-20112011-7-1
Technical regulation of Betula alnoides plantationsLY/T 1948-20112011-7-1
Technical regulations for mangrove plantationLY/T 1938-20112011-7-1
Technology regulations on the paper pulp raw material forests by directive breeding of AcaciaLY/T 1949-20112011-7-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of Bischofia polycarpaLY/T 1944-20112011-7-1
Observation methodology for long-term forest ecosystem researchLY/T 1952-20112011-7-1
Regulation for facility identifiers in nature reserveLY/T 1953-20112011-7-1
Technical regulations for defining forest land border in forest land planning on protection and utilizationLY/T 1955-20112011-7-1
Fast-growing and high-yielding plantation of Pinus yunnanensisLY/T 1950-20112011-7-1
Technical regulation for using trap lampLY/T 1915-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation for construction and maintenances of the hedgerowLY/T 1914-20102010-6-1
Master design code for hunting groundLY/T 1562-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation of research on wild plant resourcesLY/T 1820-20092009-10-1
Planting technical criterion of Pistalia chinengsis BungeLY/T 1828-20092009-10-1
Forest land classificationLY/T 1812-20092009-10-1
Indicators for the evaluation of ecotourism in nature reservesLY/T 1863-20092009-10-1
Technical procedures for evaluation of natural forest protection & construction programLY/T 1818-20092009-10-1
Technical regulations for monitoring of giant panda and its habitatLY/T 1845-20092009-10-1
Technical protocols of small nature reserves on protecting rare and endangered wild floraLY/T 1819-20092009-10-1
Regulation on processing and application of SPOT-5 satellite image for forest management inventoryLY/T 1835-20092009-10-1
Regulation of biodiversity survey for nature reserveLY/T 1814-20092009-10-1
Standards of classification and assessment for the natural forests in the upper reaches of Yangtz RiverLY/T 1817-20092009-10-1
Technology regulations of vegetation restoration in Karst desertification zoneLY/T 1840-20092009-10-1
Survey method for the causes of forest fire and the damage of forest resourcesLY/T 1846-20092009-10-1
Technical regulation for ecology quality of nature reserve evaluationLY/T 1813-20092009-10-1
Technical standard for controlling pine sawyer(Monochamus alternatus Hope)LY/T 1866-20092009-10-1
Technical regulations for application of the attractant of Monochamus alternatusLY/T 1867-20092009-10-1
Technical standard for cleaning up pine trees infested by pine wood nematodesLY/T 1865-20092009-10-1
Guide principle for ecosystem management of montane dark coniferous forest in Northwest ChinaLY/T 1823-20092009-10-1
Non-commercial forest construction - Verification regulationGB/T 18337.4-20082009-3-1
Assessment standard of national wetland parkLY/T 1754-20082008-12-1
Technical regulation for nature reserve zoningLY/T 1764-20082008-12-1
Technical regulation for forest fire lookouts observationLY/T 1765-20082008-12-1
Rank of the regionalization on nationwide forest fire riskLY/T 1063-20082008-12-1
Construction regulation of national wetland parkLY/T 1755-20082008-12-1
Specifications for assessment of forest ecosystem services in ChinaLY/T 1721-20082008-5-1
Indicators system for long-term observation of boreal forest ecosystem in cold temperate zoneLY/T 1722-20082008-5-1
Classification for land cover of nature reserveLY/T 1725-20082008-5-1
Technical regulations for the management effectiveness evaluation of nature reservesLY/T 1726-20082008-5-1
Indicators system for long-term observation of forest ecosystem in arid and semi-arid zoneLY/T 1688-20072007-10-1
Technical regulation for mass rearing and applying Chouioia cunea Yang(Hymenotera: Chalcidoider Eulophidae)LY/T 1704-20072007-10-1
Indicators system for long-term obserbation of forest ecosystem in tropical zoneLY/T 1687-20072007-10-1
Indicators system for long-term observation of forest ecosystem in warm temperate zoneLY/T 1689-20072007-10-1
Indicator system for long-term observation of desert ecosystemLY/T 1698-20072007-10-1
Technical codes for biosafety assessment of genetically modified forest plants and productsLY/T 1692-20072007-10-1
Construction standard for long-term observation of wetland ecosystemLY/T 1708-20072007-10-1
Nature reserve terminologyLY/T 1685-20072007-10-1
Technical regulation for mass rearing and applying Scleroderma guani Xiao et Wu (Hymenotera: Bethylidae)LY/T 1705-20072007-10-1
Rules for evaluation of maize for resistance to pests Part 5:Rules for evaluation of maize for resistance to Asian corn borerNY/T 1248.5-20062007-2-1
Standard of forset pests occurrence and disasterLY/T 1681-20062006-12-1
Technical regulations of forest fire suppressionLY/T 1679-20062006-12-1
Technical regulations for the nature reserve master planGB/T 20399-20062006-11-1
Technical regulations for the nature reserve ecotourism plan GB/T 20416-20062006-11-1
Methods for quarantine and identification of Hylurgus ligniperda FabriciusSN/T 1722-20062006-8-16
Technical code of management for yellow-raphe bamboo locustLY/T 1628-20052005-12-1
Rules for vacuum fumigation treatment of wood borersSN/T 1587-20052005-12-1
Transportation regulation of live wildliveLY/T 1291-19981998-12-1
Codes for forest resources Forestry divisionsLY/T 1441-19991988-1-1
Codes for forest resources Forestry administrative divisionsLY/T 1440-19991988-1-1
Codes for forest resources Forest inventoryLY/T 1438-19991988-1-1
Codes for forest resources Species of treesLY/T 1439-19991988-1-1
Test methods of effects for smoke generator in forestLY/T 1437-19991987-11-1
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