Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
The high-yielding plantation of oil-tea camelliaGB 7906-1987
The high-yielding plantation for oil-tungGB 7905-1987
Technical Regulations for Cultivation of Large-size Log Populus Aigeiros PlantationDB37/T 3228-2018
Palm kernel cake and mealT/CCOA 24-2020
Chestnut high-yield forestGB 9982-1988
High yield of walnut and quality of nutsGB 7907-1987
Olive—Part 1:Technical regulations for collection and evaluation of olive Germplasm ResourcesLY/T 1532-20212022-1-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of macadamia nutsLY/T 3263-20212022-1-1
Oil-tea camellia seedGB/T 37917-20192020-3-1
Cultivation technique regulation of oil forest of Juglans mandshurica MaximLY/T 3053-20182019-5-1
Reconstruction technical regulations for low-yield of Olea europaeaLY/T 3007-20182019-5-1
Pine nut of Pinus koraiensisLY/T 1921-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of Moringa oleiferaLY/T 3050-20182019-5-1
Walnut—Part 7:High-yield standard for walnutLY/T 3004.7-20182019-5-1
Walnut—Part 6:Standard for walnut harvesting and post-harvest treatmentLY/T 3004.6-20182019-5-1
Macadamia kernelLY/T 1963-20182019-5-1
Grades of hazelnut kernelsLY/T 3011-20182019-5-1
Quality and grade of china bayberryLY/T 1747-20182019-5-1
Tamarind fruitLY/T 1741-20182019-5-1
Quality grade of Moringa oleifera seedLY/T 3006-20182019-5-1
Grades of dried Chinese jujubeLY/T 1780-20182019-5-1
Walnut—Part 8:Quality and inspection of walnut nutsLY/T 3004.8-20182019-5-1
Technical regulation of cultivation for Castanea henryiLY/T 3051-20182019-5-1
Commercial forest construction-regulation of plan and designDB33/T 380.1-20182019-1-17
Technical Regulations for the Cultivation of Salix matsudanaDB37/T 3230-20182018-6-17
Technical regulations for Sect. Chrysantha plantationsLY/T 2956-20182018-6-1
Technical Regulation ofCultivation on Amygdalus pedunculata Pall.LY/T 2915-20172018-1-1
Breeding insect of Ericerus pela ChavannesLY/T 2839-20172017-9-1
Technical regulation for high quality and high yield cultivation of Castanea mollissima BlumeLY/T 1337-20172017-9-1
Tung oilLY/T 2865-20172017-9-1
Technical specification for breeding insect of Ericerus pela ChavannesLY/T 2840-20172017-9-1
Technical regulations of tending on Pinus yunnanensisLY/T 2837-20172017-9-1
Technical specification of top grafting on oliveLY/T 2784-20162017-3-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of shoot-oriented sympodial bamboo standsLY/T 2624-20162016-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of pulp-oriented sympodial bamboo standsLY/T 2625-20162016-6-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Litsea cubebaLY/T 2541-20152016-1-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of tetraploid RobiniaLY/T 2544-20152016-1-1
Technical regulation cultivation of Agaricus bisporus(J.E. Lange)Imbach under forest canopyLY/T 2543-20152016-1-1
Cultivation technique regulations for Kalimeris indicaLY/T 2536-20152016-1-1
Technical regulations for seedling cultivation of Vernicia fordiiLY/T 2539-20152016-1-1
Commercial forest construction-Artificial afforestation technical regulationDB33/T 380.2-20152015-12-2
Regulations for forest tendingGB/T 15781-20152015-11-2
Technical specifications of seedlings culturing of Dendrobium huoshanense C.Z.Tang et S.J.ChengLY/T 2448-20152015-5-1
Techniques regulation of cultivation on Ficus carica L.LY/T 2450-20152015-5-1
Establishment technique regulations of Carya illinoensis cutting orchardLY/T 2433-20152015-5-1
Technical regulation for grafting orchard construction of Chinese tallow treeLY/T 2431-20152015-5-1
Technical regulations of cultivation on Lonicera japonica Thunb.LY/T 2451-20152015-5-1
Technical regulations for Camellia oleifera plantationLY/T 1328-20152015-5-1
Technical regulations of cultivation on Sambucus willamsii HanceLY/T 2452-20152015-5-1
Technical Regulations of cultural on Ailanthus altissimaLY/T 2453-20152015-5-1
Technical regulations for silviculture of Juglans mandshuricaLY/T 2339-20142014-12-1
Insect white waxLY/T 2399-20142014-12-1
Fresh shoot of Pleioblastus maculatusLY/T 2342-20142014-12-1
Technical regulation of grafting on Camellia oleiferaLY/T 2329-20142014-12-1
Almond kernelGB/T 30761-20142014-10-27
Quality grading standards of main bamboo shootGB/T 30762-20142014-10-27
Technical regulation of cultivation for Quercus spp.LY/T 2210-20132014-1-1
Technical regulations of high rootstock grafting of oil-tea camelliaLY/T 2204-20132014-1-1
Fast-growing and high-yield plantation for larix kaempferiLY/T 1058-20132013-7-1
Cultural technical regulation for precious timber plantation of Catalpa bungeiLY/T 2125-20132013-7-1
Technical regulations for sandalwood cultivationLY/T 2121-20132013-7-1
Technical regulations for cultivation of Clyera japonicaLY/T 2126-20132013-7-1
Techniques regulations for planting Sichuan corktree (Ph.chinense Schneid.)LY/T 2045-20122012-7-1
Technical regulations for high-yield cultivation of Zanthoxylum armatum‘Jiu Ye Qing’LY/T 2042-20122012-7-1
Reconstruction technique on low-yield stands of Camellia oleiferaLY/T 1935-20112011-7-1
Technical regulation for high-yield plantation of Cinnamomum cassiaLY/T 1945-20112011-7-1
Technical regulations for high-yield plantation of Castanopsis hystrixLY/T 1946-20112011-7-1
Techniques regulations for cultivation on Zanthoxylum planispinum var.dingtanensisLY/T 1942-20112011-7-1
Macadamia kernelLY/T 1963-20112011-7-1
Cultivation technique of Torreya grandis Fort.for fruitLY/T 1940-20112011-7-1
Suan zao[Ziziphus spinosus(Bunge)Hu]LY/T 1964-20112011-7-1
Technical regulations for Carya illinoinensis Koch.plantationLY/T 1941-20112011-7-1
Cultural techniques regulation for Xanthoceras sorbifolia BungeLY/T 1943-20112011-7-1
Technical regulation for production of Massons pine pollenLY/T 1907-20102010-6-1
Walnut kernelLY/T 1922-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of Bambusa rigida for pulpLY/T 1904-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation of southern type poplars for fiber wood plantationLY/T 1896-20102010-6-1
SticklacLY/T 1322-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of medicinal plantation of Taxus wallichiana var.maireiLY/T 1902-20102010-6-1
Kusmi sticklacLY/T 1931-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of Chinese SapiumLY/T 1903-20102010-6-1
Pine nut of Pinus koraiensisLY/T 1921-20102010-6-1
Cultivation techniques on high-yielding for broodlac and sticklacLY/T 1908-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation for planting sweet Osmanthus cultivars as foodLY/T 1910-20102010-6-1
Technical regulation of cultivation for Toxicodendron vernicifluumLY/T 1894-20102010-6-1
Quality grades of products for Carya cathayensis Sarg.GB/T 24307-20092009-12-1
Grading of product quality for eucommiaGB/T 24305-20092009-12-1
Korean pine kernelGB/T 24306-20092009-12-1
Regulation for tending of forestGB/T 15781-20092009-11-1
Fruit grades of hippophae rhamnoides L.subsp.sinensis RousiGB/T 23234-20092009-8-1
Grades of fresh chinese jujube fruitGB/T 22345-20082009-3-1
Quality grade of chinese chestnutGB/T 22346-20082009-3-1
Comprehensive standard of facilities peach - Part 1: seedling DB13/T 995.1-20082008-12-31
Quality requirement for hickory nutsLY/T 1768-20082008-12-1
Technical regulation for Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii productionLY/T 1774-20082008-12-1
Product of geographical indication - Zhanhua brumal jujube GB/T 18846-20082008-12-1
Technical regulation for planting star aniseed treesLY/T 1776-20082008-12-1
Forest food—General rule for qulaity safetyLY/T 1777-20082008-12-1
Grades of dried Chinese jujubeLY/T 1780-20082008-12-1
Technical regulation on cultivating for bamboo shoot of Pleioblastus maculatusLY/T 1769-20082008-12-1
Technical regulations for storage of sweet cherryLY/T 1781-20082008-12-1
Technology rules of Pteridium aquilinum(L.)Kuhnvar gather and processLY/T 1779-20082008-12-1
Quality requirement for the seed stone of Torreya grandis cv. MerrilliiLY/T 1773-20082008-12-1
Quality and grade of China bayberryLY/T 1747-20082008-5-1
Tamarind fruitLY/T 1741-20082008-5-1
Macadamia nuts In-shellNY/T 1521-20072008-3-1
Technical regulations on cultivation of Aralia elata(Miq.) Seem.LY/T 1695-20072007-10-1
General principles of forest foodLY/T 1684-20072007-10-1
Rules for Macrocarpium officinale Nakai culturing techniqueLY/T 1701-20072007-10-1
Technical regulation for Punica granatum productionLY/T 1702-20072007-10-1
The high-yielding plantation for oil-tungLY/T 1327-20062006-12-1
Technical regulations for planting teaoil treesLY/T 1328-20062006-12-1
Technical code for high yield culture of apricot under protectionLY/T 1677-20062006-12-1
Standards for the quality of apricot kernelGB/T 20452-20062006-12-1
Technical regulation for cultivation of rubber treeNY/T 221-20062006-4-1
The Technical Regulations on Cultivation of Dendrocalamus brandisiiDB44/T 282-20052006-1-26
The Technical Regulations for Planting High-yield Olive Canarium album TreesDB44/T 281-20052006-1-26
Quality classify of prickly ashLY/T 1652-20052005-12-1
Hazelnut nutLY/T 1650-20052005-12-1
Harvest and fresh preservation technology rules of tricholoma matsutake(S.Itoet Imai)SingLY/T 1651-20052005-12-1
Fresh-kept jews ear fungusLY/T 1649-20052005-12-1
Rules for the inspection of hickory for exportDB33/T 514-20042004-10-18
Macadamia nuts—KernelsNY/T 693-20032004-3-1
Product of designations--Zhanhua brumal jujube of origin or geographical indicationsGB 18846-20022003-1-1
Coconut nutNY/T 490-20022002-2-1
CashewNY/T 486-20022002-2-1
Dried betelnutNY/T 487-20022002-2-1
High-yielding techniques of apricot used with kernelLY/T 1558-20002001-2-1
Rules for the inspection of corkwood for import and exportSN/T 0970-20002000-12-31
Rules for the inspection of cocoa beans for import and exportSN/T 0972-20002000-12-31
Rules for the inspection of pinenut kernels for exportSN/T 0788-19991999-8-1
Method for the determination of pyrifenox residues in nuts and nut products for exportSN 0588-19961997-5-1
Shellac used as food additiveLY 1193-19961996-12-1
Fresh fruits of olea europaea LY 1532-19991990-10-1
GallnutsLY/T 1302-19991989-10-1
Chestnut high-yield forestLY/T 1337-19991989-7-1
High yield of walnut and quality of nutsLY/T 1329-19991988-3-1
Rosin for Cable LY/T 1452-19991988-1-1
GallnutsGB 5848-19861986-10-1
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