Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Endoscopic surgical instruments-Reusable abdominal trocar YY/T 1783-20212022-4-1
Sterile vaginal dilator for single useYY 0336-20202021-4-1
Female condoms-Requirements and test methodsYY/T 1567-20172018-10-1
Requirements and tests for copper used for IUDYY/T 1404-20162017-1-1
Metallic clipYY/T 0079-20162017-1-1
Disposable cut of the umbilical cordYY/T 1470-20162017-1-1
Requirements and tests for indomethacin rubber used for Cu-IUDYY/T 1471-20162017-1-1
Mechanical contraceptives-Reusable natural and silicone rubber contraceptive diaphragms-Requirements and testsYY/T 1405-20162017-1-1
Thoracic minimally invasive instruments—Part 1:Dual pivot surgical clampsYY/T 1472.1-20162017-1-1
Uterine probeYY/T 0172-20142015-7-1
Pliers for vasectomyYY/T 0184-20142015-7-1
Uterine curetteYY/T 0090-20142015-7-1
Perineum scissorsYY/T 0925-20142015-7-1
Intra-uterine suction curettesYY/T 1025-20142015-7-1
Cervical forcepsYY 1023-20132014-10-1
Intra-uterine device removing hookYY/T 0182-20132014-10-1
General maternity bedsYY 0045-20132014-10-1
Purse string needle(with suture)YY 0877-20132014-10-1
Oviduct ligating hookYY 1024-20132014-10-1
Linear stapler and cartridgeYY 0875-20132014-10-1
Sterile vaginal dilator for single useYY 0336-20132014-10-1
Cervical biopsy forcepsYY 0092-20132014-10-1
Metal double-wing vagina dilatorYY 0006-20132014-10-1
Cervix dilatorYY 0091-20132014-10-1
Oviduct extracting plateYY/T 0181-20132014-10-1
General requirements of disposable inserter for intrauterine devicesYY/T 0886-20132014-10-1
Breast localization wire and introducer needle for single useYY/T 0880-20132014-10-1
Intra-uterine device lay-up forkYY/T 0183-20132014-10-1
Abdominal suction tubeYY/T 0191-20112013-6-1
Standard specification for wrought Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloys for medical devices and surgical implantsGB 24627-20092010-12-1
AnoscopeYY/T 0190-20082010-1-1
Uterine cavity form intra-uterine devicesGB 11234-20062007-5-1
OCu Intra-uterine devicesGB 3156-20062007-5-1
TCu intra-uterine devicesGB 11236-20062007-5-1
VCu Intra-uterine devicesGB 11235-20062007-5-1
Intra-uterine suction curettesYY/T 1025-20042005-1-1
Hygienic standard for yuangong intrauterine device of specially designed inserterYY/T 0470-20042005-1-1
Luteinizing hormone(LH) test strip--Part 1:Ovulation test stripGB/T 18990.1-20032003-8-1
Luteinizing hormone(LH) test strip--Prt 2:Sterility test stripGB/T 18990.2-20032003-8-1
Luteinizing hormone(LH) test strip Part 3:Contraceptive test stripGB/T 18990.3-20032003-8-1
Vcu intra--Uterine deviceGB 11235-19971997-1-2
Cardiac pacemakers-Part 1: Implantable pacemakersGB 16174.1-19961996-10-1
Cannular suture forceps for alimentary tractYY/T 0245.2-19961996-10-1
OCu intra-uterine devicesGB 3156-19951995-7-1
Uterine cavity form intrauterine devicesGB 11234-19951995-7-1
TCu intrauterine devicesGB 11236-19951995-7-1
Skin external fixation clamp for spermaductYY/T 0185-19941995-5-1
Separating pliers for spermaductYY/T 0184-19941995-5-1
Acupuncture needlesGB 2024-19941994-10-1
Rubber condoms--Testing for holesGB/T 6762.3-19921993-5-1
Rubber condoms--Determination of widthGB/T 6762.2-19921993-5-1
Rubber condoms; Requirements and sampling plansGB 7544-19921993-5-1
Rubber condoms--Determination of lengthGB/T 6762.1-19921993-5-1
Implants for surgery -- Metallic clipYY 0079.3-19921992-7-1
Single ring steel-plastic intrauterine devicesYY 0005-19901991-4-1
Intra-uterine suction curettesYY 91025-19991988-10-1
Uterine vulsellum forcepsGB 8670-19881988-10-1
Uterine vulsellum forcepsYY 91023-19991988-10-1
Oviduct ligating hookYY 91024-19991988-10-1
oviduct ligating hookGB 8671-19881988-10-1
Explorer for wombGB 8581-19881988-7-1
Explorer for wombYY/T 0172-19941988-7-1
Electric washing machine for stomachsYY 91105-19991987-7-1
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