Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Structure and drafting for specification of geological database constructionDZ/T 0274-20152015-4-1
Data Document Format of Isotopic Geological Age DZ/T 0189-19971998-1-15
Data Document Format of Geological Solid Mineral Drilling Hole DZ/T 0126-19941994-12-1
Basic Data Document Format of Geological Drilling Hole (Well)DZ/T 0122-19941994-12-1
Data document format of geological drilling in coal field DZ/T 0125-19941994-12-1
Data Document Format of Hydrogeological Drilling Hole DZ/T 0124-19941994-12-1
Data Document Format of Geological Solid Mineral Point (Bed)DZ/T 0127-19941994-12-1
Data Document Format of Ground Water Resources DZ/T 0128-19941994-12-1
Data Document Format of Abnormality in Geophysical and Chemical Exploration DZ/T 0129-19941994-3-15
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