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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Survey specifications for engineering geology (1: 25000~1: 50000)DZ/T 0097-1994
Specifications of survey for geological and mineral resources explorationGB/T 18341-20212021-12-1
echnical code on safety protection and emergency lifesaving supplies for geological explorationAQ/T 2071-20192020-2-1
Green mine construction specication of geothermal and mineral waterDB37/T 3848-20192020-1-31
Green mine construction specification of gold mineDB37/T 3845-20192020-1-31
Green mine construction specification of non-metallic mineDB37/T 3843-20192020-1-31
Green mine construction specification of mine for building stonesDB37/T 3844-20192020-1-31
Green mine construction specification of facing stonesDB37/T 3847-20192020-1-31
Green mine construction specification of coal mineDB37/T 3846-20192020-1-31
Green mine construction specification of iron mineDB37/T 3842-20192020-1-31
Evaluation indexes for green mineGB/T 37767-20192020-1-1
Specification for oceanic cobalt-rich ferromanganese explorationGB/T 35572-20172017-12-29
Specification for oceanic polymetallic nodules explorationGB/T 35571-20172017-12-29
Specification for exploration of solid mineral resourcesGB/T 33444-20162017-7-1
Regulations for Geoheritage InvestigationDZ/T 0303-20172017-5-1
Regulations for Soil Geochemical SurveyDZ/T 0145-20172017-5-1
Symbol and color specification for marine geologic cartographyDZ/T 0301-20172017-5-1
Technical standards of regional geological survey (Scale: 1: 250000)DZ/T 0257-20142014-12-1
Specification for comprehensive exploration and evaluation of mineral resourcesGB/T 25283-20102011-2-1
Geologic exploration standard of geothermal resourcesGB/T 11615-20102011-2-1
Specifications for regional marine geological survey(scale:1∶1 000 000)DZ/T 0247-20092009-7-31
Technical regulations of remote sensing mapping for coalfield geologyMT/T 1043-20072008-1-1
Quality standard of drill for coal geology explorationMT/T 1042-20072008-1-1
Writing criterion of reporting for coal geologyMT/T 1044-20072008-1-1
Safety regulations for geological prospecting operationAQ 2004-20052005-5-1
Load bearable detective cableSY/T 6600-20042004-11-1
General requirements for solid mineral explorationGB/T 13908-20022003-1-1
Specifications of survey for geological and mineral resources explorationGB/T 18341-20012001-10-1
Seismic exploration general standard in coal and coalbed methaneMT/T 897-20002001-5-1
General standard of electrical survey in coalMT/T 898-20002001-5-1
Classification for resources / reserves of solid fuels and mineral commoditiesGB/T 17766-19991999-12-1
Classification and nomenclature schemes of the rocks --Classification and nomenclature schemes of metamorphic rockGB/T 17412.3-19981999-1-1
Classification and nomenclature schemes of the rocks Classificaton and nomenclature schemes of igneous rockGB/T 17412.1-19981999-1-1
Classification and nomenclature schemes of the rocks - Classification and nomenclature schemes of sedimentary rockGB/T 17412.2-19981999-1-1
Terminology of surveying and mapping for prospecting to geology and mineral resourcesGB/T 17228-19981998-9-1
Regional environment geologic exploration remote sensing technology regulation - scale: 1 : 50 000 DZ/T 0190-19971998-5-25
1 : 250000 geological map - geographical mother map compiling and drawing regulation DZ/T 0191-19971998-5-25
Provisions for Preparation of Code for Remote Sensing Exploration Technology of Geophysical and Chemical ExplorationDZ/T 0195-19971998-5-20
Technical Regulations on Ground Transient Electromagnetic Method (TEM) DZ/T 0187-19971998-1-15
Technical Regulations on DC Charging Method DZ/T 0186-19971998-1-15
Data Exchange Format of Geologic Digital Geographic Base Drawing DZ/T 0188-19971998-1-15
Specification for remote sensing technlogy on regional geologic investigation (1:50000) DZ/T 0151-19951996-3-1
1:500000 1:1000000 Provincial (Municipal and Regional) Geological Map - Geographical Mother Map Compiling and Drawing Regulation DZ/T 0159-19951996-3-1
Guideline for Regional Geological Surveying in Shallow Coverage Area (1:50000)DZ/T 0158-19951996-3-1
Geologic data document format of intrusive rock DZ/T 0146-19941995-12-1
Product quality control specifications on satellite remote sensing picture DZ/T 0143-19941995-12-1
Technical specification for the ground magnetic exploration DZ/T 0144-19941995-12-1
Fair drawing specifications on regional geologic map and mining field geologic map DZ/T 0156-19951994-12-1
Technical specification for ground surface very low frequency electromagnetic method DZ/T 0084-19931994-10-1
Regional gravity investigation specification DZ/T 0082-19931994-10-1
Technical regulations on self-potential method DZ/T 0081-19931994-10-1
symbols for use in geophysical explorationGB/T 14499-19931994-3-1
Technical Specification for Resistivity Profiling MethodDZ/T 0073-19931994-1-1
Technical regulations of time domain induced polarization method DZ/T 0070-19931994-1-1
Code for Engineering Geological Survey in Karst Area (Scale: 1:100000~1:200000)DZ/T 0060-19931994-1-1
Technical Specification for Resistivity Sounding Method DZ/T 0072-19931994-1-1
Code for Engineering Geological Survey in Frozen Soil Area (Scale: 1:100000~1:200000)DZ/T 0061-19931994-1-1
Technical Requirements for Engineering Geological Survey in Desert Area (Scale: 1:100000~1:500000)DZ/T 0059-19931994-1-1
Technical Specification for Ground Magnetic Survey with High Precision DZ/T 0071-19931994-1-1
General principles of the manangement of geologically exploring and boring rock mineral core DZ/T 0032-19921993-10-1
General requirements for solid mineral explorationGB/T 13908-19921993-10-1
Schema/legend and color application standard of geophysical survey map DZ/T 0069-19931993-10-1
General requirements for detailed mineral explorationGB/T 13688-19921993-5-1
General requirements for preliminary mineral explorationGB/T 13687-19921993-5-1
Analysis identification method for microfossil (ostracoda, pleopod and charophyta)SY 5522-19921993-4-1
Analysis Identification Method for Microfossil (Ostracoda, Pleopod and Charophyta)SY/T 5522-19921993-4-1
terminologyGB/T 14157-19931993-1-1
Safety regulations for seismic exploration blasting practicesGB 12950-19911992-3-1
General provisions of regional geological surveying (1:50000)DZ/T 0001-19911991-10-1
Measurement specifications of mercurial vapor DZ 0003-19911991-10-1
Karst geology terminologyGB 12329-19901991-5-1
Code of comprehensive geological exploration and survey in the coastal zoneGB/T 10202-19881989-9-1
Terms of drilling engineeringGB 9151-19881989-2-1
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