Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical specifications for audio magnetotelluricsDZ/T 0305-20172017-5-1
Technical regulation for magnetic loggingDZ/T 0293-20162016-5-1
Specifications for copper,lead,zinc,silver,nickel and molybdenum mineral explorationDZ/T 0214-20022003-3-1
Code for metallurgical investigation surveyingYSJ 201-19872002-6-21
Specifications for rare earth mineral explorationDZ/T 0205-19992000-1-1
The expertise for oceanic polymetallic nodules surveyGB/T 17229-19981998-9-1
Specifications for rare metal mineral explorationDZ/T 0204-19991998-7-20
Specification for Geological Survey of Copper OreDZ/T 0174-19971997-11-1
Code for Geological Survey of Silver Ore DZ/T 0149-19951996-3-1
Code for Detailed Geological Survey in Silver Ore DZ/T 0150-19951996-3-1
Code for metallurgical exploration and detection (on trial)YBJ 41-19871992-1-1
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