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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Methods for test,monitoring and prevention of rock burst—Part 9:Prevention method of water infusion on coal seamGB/T 25217.9-20202021-6-1
Technical requirements of solid-filling in fully-mechanized coal miningGB/T 39338-20202021-6-1
Upgraded clean coalDB37/T 4022-20202020-8-9
Experiment method for sulfur retention efficiency of upgraded clean coalDB37/T 4021-20202020-8-9
Methods for test,monitoring and prevention of rock burst—Part 7:Monitoring method of mining-induced stressGB/T 25217.7-20192020-3-1
Methods for test,monitoring and prevention of rock burst—Part 10:Prevention method of drillhole destressing on coal-seamGB/T 25217.10-20192020-3-1
Methods for test,monitoring and prevention of rock burst—Part 13:Prevention method of deep-hole blasting in roofGB/T 25217.13-20192020-3-1
Methods for test,monitoring and prevention of rock burst—Part 12:Prevention method of protective seam miningGB/T 25217.12-20192020-3-1
Technical specification for underground goaf survey of open-pit coal mineGB/T 37807-20192020-3-1
Methods for test,monitoring and prevention of rock burst—Part 11:Prevention method of destress blasting in coal seamGB/T 25217.11-20192020-3-1
Technical specification for annual evaluation of the stability of open-pitcoal mine slopesGB/T 37573-20192020-1-1
Technical specification for slope deformation monitoring of open pit mineGB/T 37697-20192020-1-1
Specification of feedstocks for coal-oil co-processingGB/T 35064-20182018-12-1
Sealed coring method for determination of coalbed methane contentGB/T 35053-20182018-9-1
Classification for quality of coal—Part 1:AshGB/T 15224.1-20182018-9-1
Terms on low rank coal upgrading technologyGB/T 35062-20182018-9-1
Guide for quality evaluation of upgraded coalGB/T 35058-20182018-9-1
Coal based Fisher-Tropsch sysnthesis--Standard test method for calculated cetane index of distillate fuels--Four variable equationGB/T 34273-20172018-4-1
Commercial coal quality--Civil briquetteGB 34170-20172018-1-1
Commercial coal quality―Civil bulk coalGB 34169-20172018-1-1
Civil clean briquetteDB41/T 1326-20162016-11-18
Commerical coal quality-Part 1: Civil bulk coalDB37/T 2860.1-20162016-11-14
Terms relating to coal chemical technologyGB/T 31428-20152015-7-1
Coal water slurry for gasificationGB/T 31426-20152015-7-1
Computation and requirement of recovery ratio of coal mineGB/T 31089-20142015-6-1
Performance evaluation of coal conbustion-aid additives for coalGB/T 31097-20142015-6-1
Specifications of sulfur fixation agent during coal combustionGB/T 31099-20142015-6-1
Coal water slurry for fuelGB/T 18855-20142015-6-1
Evaluation on the effect of sulfur fixation during coal combustionGB/T 31098-20142015-6-1
Civil coalbed methane(coal mine gas)GB 26569-2011/XG1-20152015-3-1
Quality evaluation and control guide for commercial coalGB/T 31356-20142015-1-1
Judging method for Mixed coal type of commercial coalGB/T 15591-20132014-5-1
Classification of macerals for bituminous coalGB/T 15588-20132014-5-1
Classification for content of harmful elements in coal—Part 4:MercuryGB/T 20475.4-20122013-10-1
Classification for content of harmful elements in coal—Part 3:ArsenicGB/T 20475.3-20122013-10-1
Technical specification of coalbed methane resource explorationGB/T 29119-20122013-8-1
Determining of coalbed gas content - Heating desorptionGB/T 28753-20122013-1-1
Guidance for utilization of coal bed methane (coal mine gas)GB/T 28754-20122013-1-1
Evaluation indexes and computation of circular economy for coal mining areaGB/T 28397-20122012-10-1
Determination of hydrogen、nitrogen、carbon monoxide carbon dioxide and methane in the coal-based F-T synthesis feed gas - Gas chromatographic method GB/T 27884-20112012-8-1
Determination of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide carbon dioxide and C1~C8 hydrocarbons in the coal-based F-T synthetic tail gas - Gas chromatographic method GB/T 27885-20112012-8-1
Civil coalbed methane(coal mine gas)GB 26569-20112011-11-1
Rules for steam coal blendingGB/T 25960-20102011-6-1
Compressed coalbed methane as vehicle fuelGB/T 26127-20102011-6-1
Rules for steam coal blendingGB 25960-20102011-6-1
Classification and utilization of scarce and special coal resourcesGB/T 26128-20102011-6-1
Specifications of coals for blue-cokeGB/T 25210-20102011-2-1
Classification for quality of coal-Part 3:Calorific valueGB/T 15224.3-20102011-2-1
Specifications of blue-cokeGB/T 25211-20102011-2-1
Classification for quality of coal—Part 1:AshGB/T 15224.1-20102011-2-1
Classification of quality of coal—Part 2:Sulfur contentGB/T 15224.2-20102011-2-1
Classification and quality grading for blue-cokeGB/T 25212-20102011-2-1
Test method for household coal and stovesGB/T 6412-20092010-4-1
The method of injection/falloff well test for coalbed methane wellGB/T 24504-20092010-4-1
Specification of coal for direct liquefactionGB/T 23810-20092010-1-1
Chinese classification of coalsGB/T 5751-20092010-1-1
Guideline for coal used in coal chemical conversionGB/T 23251-20092009-11-1
Method of determining coalbed gas contentGB/T 19559-20082009-5-1
Specifications of coal water mixture(CWM)GB/T 18855-20082009-5-1
Terms relating to properties and analysis of coalGB/T 3715-20072008-6-1
Methods for manual sampling of coal from tops of trucks and bargesDL/T 569-20072007-12-1
Division of variety and grading for coal productsGB/T 17608-20062007-2-1
Classification for content of harmful elements in coal - Part 1:phosphorusGB/T 20475.1-20062007-2-1
Classification for content of harmful elements in coal - Part 2: ChlorineGB/T 20475.2-20062007-2-1
Specifications of coals used for sinterMT/T 1030-20062006-12-1
Guidance for steam coal blendingMT/T 1009-20062006-11-1
Specification of coals for active carbon based on coalMT/T 1011-20062006-11-1
Sampling for checking samples of production in coalmineMT/T 621-20062006-11-1
Classification for germanium in coalMT/T 967-20052006-2-1
Classification for mercury in coalMT/T 963-20052006-2-1
Classification for lead in coalMT/T 964-20052006-2-1
Classification for chromium in coalMT/T 965-20052006-2-1
Classification for fluorine in coalMT/T 966-20052006-1-1
Safety code for the coal preparation plantAQ 1010-20052005-9-1
Method of determining coalbed methane contentGB/T 19559-20042004-12-1
Classification for quality of coal Part 1:AshGB/T 15224.1-20042004-10-1
Classification for coal quality Part 3:Calorific valueGB/T 15224.3-20042003-12-31
Classification for coal quality Part 2:Sulfur contentGB/T 15224.2-20042003-12-31
Classification for volatile matter of coalMT/T 849-20002001-5-1
Classification for flow temperature of coal ashMT/T 853.2-20002001-5-1
Classification for total moisture in coalMT/T 850-20002001-5-1
Classification for coal ash fusibilityMT/T 853.1-20002001-5-1
Classification for Hardgrove grindability index of coalMT/T 852-20002000-5-1
Classification for arsenic in coalMT/T 803-19991999-8-1
Terms relating to coal mining-Coal preparationGB/T 7186-19981999-5-1
Classification STANDARD for size fractions of coalGB/T 189-19971997-10-1
Method of preparing coal samples for the coal petrographic analysisGB/T 16773-19971997-10-1
Coal preparation plant-Graphical symbolsGB/T 16660-19961997-7-1
Terms relating to coal mining-Rock mechanicsGB/T 16414-19961997-2-1
Terms relating to properties and analysis of coalGB/T 3715-19961996-12-7
Methods of sampling for coal from coal seamsGB 482-19951996-4-1
Classification for quality of coal--Classification for sulphur content of coalGB/T 15224.2-19941995-8-1
Classification for quality of coal--Classification for ash yield of coalGB/T 15224.1-19941995-8-1
Classification for quality of coal--Classification for calorific value of coalGB/T 15224.3-19941995-8-1
Method for the determination of coal water mixture for exportSN/T 0362.2-19951993-5-1
Method for the sampling and preparation of coal water mixture for exportSN/T 0362.1-19951993-5-1
Sampling method of coal sample for productionGB 481-19931993-1-2
Terms relating to properties and analysis of coalGB 3715-19911992-3-1
Coal and rock permeability measurementMT 223-19901990-12-1
Determination of thermal stability of coalGB/T 1573-19891990-12-1
Determination of yield of humic acids in coalGB/T 11957-19891990-12-1
Under the condition of uniaxial compression of coal and rock creep measuring methodMT 225-19901990-12-1
Determination of carboxyreactivity of coalGB/T 220-19891990-12-1
Determination of clinkering property of coalGB/T 1572-19891990-12-1
General Requirements for Sampling of Coal and Rock for Physical and Mechanical Property Determination MT 38-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Rock Actual Density MT 39-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Single Side Tensile Strength of Coal and RockMT 47-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Triaxial Strength and Deformation of Coal and Rock MT 46-19871987-12-10
Test Methods for Shear Resistance of Coal and Rock MT 48-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Water Absorbability of Rock MT 42-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Softening Coefficient of Coal and Rock MT 44-19871987-12-10
Expansion of rock stress determination methodMT 172-19871987-12-10
Rock expansion rate determination methodMT 171-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Firmness Coefficient of CoalMT 49-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Porosity of Rock MT 41-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Deformation Parameters of Coal and Rock MT 45-19871987-12-10
Rock collapse of resistance index determination methodMT 173-19871987-12-10
Coal and rock point load strength test methodMT 170-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Rock Apparent Density MT 40-19871987-12-10
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