Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Method of determining automatically the random reflectance of vitrinite in coal—Image analysis methodGB/T 40485-20212022-3-1
Members of Steel TrussesJG/T 8-20162016-12-1
Classification of MicrolithotypeGB/T 15589-20132014-5-1
Methods for coal maceral grouping and mineral determination GB/T 8899-20132014-5-1
Classification of coal-body structureGB/T 30050-20132014-5-1
Method of preparing coal samples for the coal petrographic analysisGB/T 16773-20082009-5-1
Terms relating to coal petrologyGB/T 12937-20082009-4-1
Method of determining microlithotype compositionGB/T 15590-20082009-3-1
Method of determining microscopically the reflectance of vitrinite in coal GB/T 6948-20082009-3-1
Technical specifications of the procedures for exposing outburst seams by a crosscutMT/T 955-20052006-2-1
The technical specifications of the remotely initiated blasting in danger face of coal(rock) and gas outburstMT/T 959-20052006-2-1
The technical specifications in driving the cross-cut an outburst seam by the concussion blasting methodMT/T 958-20052006-1-1
Technical specifications of outburst prevention by advance degassing holes in coal roadway drivage faceMT/T 957-20052006-1-1
Sampling of coal petrologyGB/T 19222-20032003-12-1
Classification of macrolithotype for bituminous coalGB/T 18023-20002000-12-1
Separation of vitrinite group in bituminous coalMT/T 807-19991999-8-1
Microscopical determination of the reflectance of vitrinite in coalGB/T 6948-19981999-5-1
General Requirements for Coal Petrography Analysis Method MT/T 507-19951996-5-1
Terms relating to coal petrologyGB/T 12937-19951996-2-1
Determination of microlithotype compositionGB/T 15590-19951996-2-1
Terms relating to coal petrologyGB 12937-19911992-3-1
Description standard of coalbearing strata borehole core - lithogenesy type part DZ/T 0002.2-19911991-10-1
Description standard of coalbearing strata borehole core - sedimentary structure part DZ/T 0002.1-19911991-10-1
Method for the determination of water absorption of standard rockMT/T 42-19871987-12-10
Determination Methods for Water Content of Rock MT 43-19871987-12-10
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