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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Grade for closed process water circuit in coal preparation plantGB/T 35051-20182018-9-1
Method for coal preparation laboratory timed-release flotation analysisGB/T 36167-20182018-9-1
Magnetite content measurement method for heavy medium suspension used in heavy medium cyclones in coal preparation plantGB/T 35052-20182018-9-1
Evaluation method for performance of coal preparation magnetic separatorGB/T 33688-20172017-12-1
General rules for testing methods of coal preparationGB/T 33689-20172017-12-1
Methods for evaluating the flotability of fine coalGB/T 30047-20132014-5-1
Test method for washability of coal core sampleGB/T 30049-20132014-5-1
Test method for characteristic of pressure filtration of slimeGB/T 30048-20132014-5-1
Methods for the Batch Flotation Testing of Fine CoalGB/T 4757-20132014-5-1
Froth flotation testing―Part 3:Release evaluationGB/T 30046.3-20132014-5-1
Froth flotation testing―Part 2:Sequential evaluationGB/T 30046.2-20132014-5-1
Froth flotation testing―Part 1:Laboratory procedureGB/T 30046.1-20132014-5-1
Coal preparation plant - Test methods for degradation in water of raw coal feed in drum GB/T 26918-20112012-3-1
Method for evaluating the washability of coalGB/T 16417-20112012-3-1
Coal preparation plant - Methods for the natural falling testing of slurry GB/T 26919-20112012-3-1
Determination method of filter aiding effect of flocculants in vacuum filtration system GB/T 26917-20112012-3-1
Terms relating to coal preparationGB/T 7186-20082009-3-1
Coal preparation plant - Graphical symbolsGB/T 16660-20082009-3-1
Method for float and sink analysis of coalGB/T 478-20082009-3-1
Method for size analysis of coalGB/T 477-20082009-3-1
Magnetite for use in coal preparationMT/T 1017-20072007-7-1
Coal preparation plant-Evaluation method for performance of coal dewatering equipmentMT/T 995-20062006-12-1
Coal preparation plant - Assessment of the liability to breakdown in water of materials associated with coal seamsGB/T 19833-20052006-1-1
Coal preparation plant - Principles and conventions for flow sheetsGB/T 19094-20032003-10-1
Methods of fine coal float-and-sink analysisGB/T 19092-20032003-10-1
Methods of fine coal size analysisGB/T 19093-20032003-10-1
Magnetite for use in coal preparation - Test methodsGB/T 18711-20022002-11-1
Determination of angle of repose of coalGB/T 18702-20022002-10-1
Method for evaluating the lower limit of gravity separation for coal cleaning equipment(I)MT/T 811-19991999-8-1
General rules for testing methods of coal preparationMT/T 809-19991999-8-1
Coal preparation plant technical controlMT/T 808-19991999-8-1
Testing methods for characteristic of pressure filtration of slimeMT/T 798-19991999-8-1
Grade for closed water circuit of coal preparation plantMT/T 810-19991999-8-1
Method for size analysis of coalGB/T 477-19981999-5-1
Performance evaluation of washery hydraulic classifiersMT/T 738-19971998-7-1
Methods for the coal flotation test by progressive release in coal separation labMT/T 144-19971998-7-1
Evaluation Methods for the Coal Desulfurization Process Effect MT/T 623-19961997-11-1
Determination Method for Coal Microhardness MT 264-19911992-7-1
Determination Methods for Service Performance of Filter aid Used for Vacuum Filter in Coal-delivering Plant MT 261-19911992-7-1
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