Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Ball mill grinding system—Test method for grindability of materialsGB/T 38064-20192020-5-1
Technology specification for crushing plants remanufacturingGB/T 37887-20192020-3-1
Vertical roller mill laboratory bench application test methodGB/T 33938-20172018-2-1
Hard stone impact crusher--Energy consumption indexGB/T 33937-20172018-2-1
Vertical roller mill-Repair specifications for liners of the grinding table and liners(roll sheath)of the grinding rollerGB/T 33935-20172018-2-1
Vertical roller mill―Casting liner of the grinding roller and the grinding table―Technical specificationsGB/T 33939-20172018-2-1
Hammer crusher―Energy consumption indexGB/T 33934-20172018-2-1
High-pressure rolling mill for mine--Restore specifications of extrusion rollGB/T 33930-20172018-2-1
Bowl millsJB/T 7680-20172017-7-1
Cylinder mill―Cast grinding cylpebsGB/T 32219-20152017-1-1
Specifications for hammer crusher cast hammersT/CFA 02010204-1-20142014-12-1
Mine high-pressure grinding rollJB/T 11291-20122012-11-1
Power gyratory crusherJB/T 11294-20122012-11-1
Power cone crusherJB/T 11295-20122012-11-1
Cone crusher - Energy consumption index GB/T 26965-20112012-1-1
Mineral grinding and ultra-micro grinding equipment - Safety requirementsGB 25520-20102011-10-1
Single toggle jaw crusher - Specific metal consumptionGB/T 25701-20102011-7-1
Overflow ball mill - Specific metal consumptionGB/T 25704-20102011-7-1
Single toggle jaw crusher - Wear consumption of Jaw plateGB/T 25702-20102011-7-1
Overflow ball mill - Wear consumption of liner plateGB/T 25705-20102011-7-1
Ball mill and rod millGB/T 25708-20102011-7-1
Single toggle jaw crusher - Energy consumption indexGB/T 25700-20102011-7-1
Overflow ball mill - Energy consumption indexGB/T 25703-20102011-7-1
AG mill and SAG millGB/T 25709-20102011-7-1
Double-toothed roller crusher in mineJB/T 11112-20102011-4-1
Four-roll crusherJB/T 11116-20102011-4-1
Heavy-duty ring hammer crusherJB/T 11110-20102011-4-1
Hammer crusher—Hammerhead ablationGB/T 25651-20102011-3-1
Slag vertical roller millJB/T 10997-20102010-7-1
Vertical cooler for calcining limeJB/T 11002-20102010-7-1
MP Coal millJB/T 6990-20102010-7-1
Pneumatic clutch for millJB/T 10999-20102010-7-1
Permanent magnetic lining for ball mill-Technical specificationJB/T 11001-20102010-7-1
Ball mill coal grindingJB/T 1386-20102010-7-1
Dry type vibration magnetic separatorJB/T 11005-20102010-7-1
Vertical preheater for calcining limeJB/T 11003-20102010-7-1
Single port outlet bowl millsJB/T 10993-20102010-7-1
Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusherJB/T 2501-20082008-11-1
Hammer crusher for coalJB/T 3765-20082008-11-1
Double-axes link hammer crusherJB/T 10877-20082008-11-1
Hammer crusher for limestoneJB/T 3766-20082008-11-1
Beater wheel millJB/T 7890-20082008-11-1
Short belt converyor for use on crushing & screening equipmentJB/T 10878-20082008-11-1
Ring hammer crusherJB/T 8911-20082008-11-1
Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusherJB/T 10883-20082008-11-1
Reversible impact hammer crusherJB/T 10876-20082008-11-1
Vertical roller mill for desulphidation and pulverizationJB/T 10733-20072007-11-1
MRX type superfine pendulum millJB/T 10732-20072007-11-1
Limestone wet ball mill for desulphurizationJB/T 10731-20072007-11-1
HP Bowl millsJB/T 7680-20072007-11-1
R type pendulum millJB/T 4084-20072007-11-1
Double-rotor single-stage hammer crusherJB/T 10655-20062007-5-1
Coal size reduction machines -- Performance evaluationMT/T 2-20052006-2-1
Coal slurry cake breaking-drying machineMT/T 954-20052006-2-1
Coal sizing crusherMT/T 951-20052006-2-1
Vertical hammer crusherJB/T 10520-20052005-11-1
Double rotor impact crusherJB/T 2259-20052005-11-1
Single rotor impact crusherJB/T 6993-20052005-11-1
Single toggle fine jaw crusherJB/T 3279-20052005-11-1
Crushing and screening plantsJB/T 10518-20052005-11-1
PCD type hammer crusherJB/T 7354-20052005-11-1
Double-inlet and double-outlet ball mill for direct firing systemJB/T 10519-20052005-11-1
Vertical impact crusherJB/T 7353-20042004-6-17
Double toggle jaw crusherJB/T 3264-20022002-12-1
Complex vertical impact crusherJB/T 10343-20022002-12-1
MP Coal millJB/T 6990-20022002-12-1
Grindability test procedure for MLS grinding systemJB/T 6117-20022002-12-1
Gyradisc cone crusherJB/T 6989-20022002-12-1
Single toggle jaw crusherJB/T 1388-20022002-12-1
Ball mill and rod millJB/T 1406-20022002-12-1
Spring cone crusherJB/T 6988-20022002-12-1
MLS、MLN vertical roller mill for cementJB/T 6126-20022002-12-1
Crusher equipment safety requirementsGB 18452-20012002-4-1
Impact crusher for hard rockJB/T 10246-20012001-10-1
Gyratory crusherJB/T 3874-20012001-10-1
Double - Roll crusherJB/T 10245-20012001-10-1
Vibration millJB/T 8850-20012001-10-1
Hammer crusher for limestoneJB/T 3766-20002000-10-1
Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusherJB/T 2501-20002000-10-1
Tcechnical specifications of closed crusher with internal air-circulationMT/T 832-19992000-3-15
Technical specifications of EPS -- 1/8 crushing and dividing combinerMT/T 831-19992000-3-15
Rotary kilnJB/T 8916-19992000-1-1
Tube millJB/T 8914-19992000-1-1
Roller pressJB/T 8917-19992000-1-1
Singlc-coolerJB/T 8915-19992000-1-1
Vibration Mill Type and ParameterJB/T 8850.1-19991999-4-5
Technical conditions for laboratory triple head grinding machine DZ/T 0192-19971998-1-15
The specification of the vibrating mill for laboratoryDZ/T 0114-19941994-6-8
Preperation equipment for laboratoryDZ/T 0113-19941994-6-8
Double Rotor Impact CrusherJB/T 2259-19931993-12-30
The types and parameters of the jaw crushers for laboratoryDZ/T 0116-19941989-5-1
The specifications of the jaw plates of the jaw crushers for laboratoryDZ/T 0117-19941989-5-1
The specification of the jaw crushers for laboratoryDZ/T 0115-19941989-5-1
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