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Title Standard No. Implemented On
The calibration method of the seismic data recording systemSY/T 6627-2005
Geological evaluating methods for tight sandstone gasGB/T 30501-20222022-10-1
Determination methods of methane isothermal adsorption of shale—Part 2:Gravimetric methodGB/T 35210.2-20202021-7-1
Geological evaluating methods for shale oilGB/T 38718-20202020-10-1
Determination methods of methane isothermal adsorption in shale―Part 1:Capacity methodGB/T 35210.1-20172018-7-1
Target optimization methods for marine shale gas explorationGB/T 35110-20172018-7-1
Thin section examination of shale and mudstoneGB/T 35206-20172018-7-1
Analytical method of element for carbon,hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen in rock organicsGB/T 19143-20172017-12-1
Technical specifications for land seismic exploration data processingGB/T 33685-20172017-12-1
Technical specifications of surveying and positioning for petroleum geophysical prospecting on landGB/T 33683-20172017-12-1
Technical specification of seismic data interpretationGB/T 33684-20172017-12-1
Technical specifications for seismic data acquisition on landGB/T 33583-20172017-12-1
Technical specifications of magnetotelluric data processing and interpretationSY/T 7072-20162016-6-1
Technical specifications for precessing and interpretation of land controlled source electromagnetic dataSY/T 7073-20162016-6-1
Method of thermal simulation in gold tubes for hydrocarbon generation of source rocksSY/T 7035-20162016-6-1
Technical specification for downhole microseismic monitoringSY/T 7070-20162016-6-1
Analysis of full-scale pore size distribution of shale both by mercury porosimetry and adsorptionNB/T 14008-20152016-3-1
Geological evaluation methods for shale gasGB/T 31483-20152015-10-1
Technical specification for surface oil and gas geochemical explorationGB/T 31456-20152015-8-1
Technical specifications for geophysical reservoir predictionSY/T 7002-20142015-3-1
Technical specifications for ocean bottom cable seismic data processing SY/T 7003-20142015-3-1
Geological Evaluating Methods for Tight Sandstone GasGB/T 30501-20142014-6-1
Gas Chromatography Analysis Method for Light Hydrocarbon from Cuttings Head Space GasSY/T 5259-20132014-4-1
Estimation Method for Oil & Gas Cap RockSY/T 6942-20132014-4-1
Technical Specifications for Marine Gravity SurveySY/T 6957-20132014-4-1
Technical Specification for Marine Seismic Data ProcessingSY/T 10020-20132014-4-1
Technical Regulations Combination of Perforation, Testing and Hydraulic Jet PumpSY/T 6944-20132014-4-1
Determination Method of Gas Breakthrough Pressure in RockSY/T 5748-20132014-4-1
Technical Specification for Time-frequency Electromagnetic MethodSY/T 6688-20132014-4-1
Geological Evaluating Methods for Tight OilSY/T 6943-20132014-4-1
Identification Method of Rocks and Minerals by Cathode LuminescenceSY/T 5916-20132014-4-1
Technical Specification for Towed Streamer Marine Seismic Data AcquisitionSY/T 10015-20132014-4-1
Determination of the Methane Isothermal Adsorption Quantity in Coal - Capacity Method of Dry BasisSY/T 6132-20132014-4-1
Technical Specification of Multiwave and Multicomponent Seismic Data Acquisition on LandSY/T 6643-20132014-4-1
Navigation and Positioning Technical Specifications for Towed Streamers Seismic SurveySY/T 6839-20132014-4-1
The Checking Item Technical Specification for SCORPION Seismic Data Acquisition SystemSY/T 6685-20132014-4-1
Technical Specification for Marine Magnetic SurveySY/T 6956-20132014-4-1
Rules for geohone’s use and maintenanceSY/T 5936-20132014-4-1
Specification for Geochemical Log of Reservoir Pyrolysis Gas ChromatographySY/T 6941-20132014-4-1
Regulation of offshore petroleum reserves estimationDZ/T 0252-20132013-8-1
Rock pyrolysis analysisGB/T 18602-20122013-7-1
Determination method for samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gasGB/T 29173-20122013-7-1
Specifications for offshore oil testingSY/T 6012-20122012-12-1
Technical specification of marine controlled source electromagnetic surveySY/T 6902-20122012-12-1
The checking items and technical specification for Sercel 400 series seismic data acquistion systemSY/T 6900-20122012-12-1
Technical specification for offshore seismic data acquisition seabed receiver positioningSY/T 6901-20122012-12-1
Specifications for litho-stratigraphic play evaluationSY/T 6894-20122012-12-1
Calibration method of source synchronization systemSY/T 6862-20122012-3-1
Format for field data of mud-loggingSY/T 6750-20092011-5-1
Isolation method for kerogen from sedimentary rockGB/T 19144-20102010-12-1
Analysis method for particle size of clastic rocksSY/T 5434-20092010-5-1
Technical specification for land multicomponent seismic data interpretationSY/T 6749-20092010-5-1
Coincidence testing of seismic structure with well dataSY/T 5934-20082008-12-1
Gas logging specifications for oil & gas exploration wellSY/T 5788.2-20082008-12-1
Specifications for logging exploration wells by NMR physical propertySY/T 6747-20082008-12-1
Interpretation maps for petroleum seismic explorationSY/T 5331-20082008-12-1
Specifications of well testing in explorationSY/T 6293-20082008-12-1
Analytical method of hydrocarbons in pertoleum and sediment by gas chromatographySY/T 5779-20082008-12-1
Technical specificationfor surface oil and gas geochemical explorationSY/T 6062-20082008-12-1
Analysis method for fractions of rock extract and crude oilSY/T 5119-20082008-12-1
Specifications of collecting analytical sample for oil & gas exploration well in the wellsiteSY/T 6294-20082008-12-1
The checking items and technical specifications for NZseries seismographsSY/T 6733-20082008-12-1
The checking items and technical specifications for source synchronization systemSY/T 6734-20082008-12-1
Specification of rock pyrolysis loggingSY/T 5778-20082008-12-1
Criteria for interpretation and qualification of exploration well-testing dataSY/T 6292-20082008-12-1
geological logging regulations for oil and gas exploration wellsSY/T 5788.3-20082008-12-1
Vertical derrick truckSY/T 5139-20082008-12-1
Standard for undergound water enclosed cavern investigation of geotechnical engineeringSY/T 0610-20082008-12-1
Code naming principle of seismic reflection horizonSY/T 5933-20082008-12-1
Specification for reservoir evaluation technologySY/T 5521-20082008-12-1
Technical specification for land multi - Component seismic exploration data processingSY/T 6732-20082008-12-1
Specification for core scan of oil and gas wellsSY/T 6748-20082008-12-1
Tape format for final seismic dataSY/T 5453-20082008-12-1
The checking items and technical spcifications of ARAM·ARIES seismic data acquisition systemSY/T 6735-20082008-12-1
Analysis method for carbon and oxygen isotope of organic matter and carbonateSY/T 5238-20082008-12-1
Noise limits and measurement method of wind power plantDL/T 1084-20082008-11-1
Technical specifications on crosswell seismic data acquisitionSY/T 6686-20072008-3-1
Technical specifications for complex resistivity methodSY/T 6689-20072008-3-1
The checking items and technical specifications for SYSTEM Ⅱ/SYSTEM 2000/IMAGE seismic data acquisition systemSY/T 5935-20072008-3-1
Quality evaluation specification for oil and gas field and pipeline investigation of geotechnical engineeringSY/T 6706-20072008-3-1
Practice for Analysis of Oilfield WatersSY/T 5523-20062007-1-1
Technical Specification of Seismic Exploration Data Acquisition for Mountainous AreaQ/CNPC 116-20062006-8-1
Technical specification for ocean bottom cable seismic data acquisitionSY/T 10017-20052005-11-1
Technical specification for oil quantitative fluorescence analysisSY/T 6611-20052005-10-1
Checking item and technical specification for SN388 seismic data acquisition systemSY/T 5774-20052005-10-1
Comprehensive interpretation specification of geo-logging for oil gas & water layer of oil & gas exploration wellSY/T 5969-20052005-10-1
Technology procedure for conventional drill stem testingSY/T 5483-20052005-10-1
Technical specifications for land seismic exploration data processingSY/T 5332-20052005-10-1
The calibration method of geophone testerSY/T 6639-20052005-10-1
The technology standard of trap evaluationSY/T 5520-20052005-10-1
Operation and maintenance for magnetometerSY/T 6249-20052005-10-1
The figures & tables with their format for the report of proved oil and gas reservesSY/T 6612-20052005-10-1
Determination of bitumen from rocks by chloroform extractionSY/T 5118-20052005-10-1
Regulation of petroleum reserves estimationDZ/T 0217-20052005-4-1
Technical specification for ground magnetic explorationSY/T 5771-20042004-11-1
Rock thin section preparationSY/T 5913-20042004-11-1
Drawing specification and pattern for oil and gas geology explorationSY/T 5615-20042004-11-1
Technical specification for pre-stack depth migration processing of seismic dataSY/T 6591-20042004-11-1
Writing specification of well testing reportSY/T 5718-20042004-11-1
Technical specification for long offset transient electromagnetic methodSY/T 6589-20042004-11-1
Separation of kerogen from sedimentary rockGB/T 19144-20032003-10-1
Analytical method of element for carbon,hydrogen and oxygen in rock organicsGB/T 19143-20032003-10-1
Determination of total organic carbon in sedimentary rockGB/T 19145-20032003-10-1
The division of diagenetic stages in clastic rocksSY/T 5477-20032003-8-1
Vibrator service and maintenanceSY/T 6246-20032003-8-1
Technical specifications for 3D land seismic exploration data processingSY/T 5513-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 3: Determination of light hydrocarbons in head space Gas chromatographySY/T 6009.3-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 1: Determination of acidolysis hydrocarbons Gas chromatographySY/T 6009.1-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 9: Determination of the gross amount of aromatic hydrocarbons and their ramifications Ultraviolet spectroscopySY/T 6009.9-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 4: Determination of thermal released hydrocarbons Gas chromatographySY/T 6009.4-20032003-8-1
Technical specification of seismic interpretationSY/T 5481-20032003-8-1
Technical specification of airgun sourceSY/T 6156-20032003-8-1
Specification for surveying in petroleum geophysical explorationSY/T 5171-20032003-8-1
Rules for working out the report of proved oil and gas reservesSY/T 6583-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 7: Determination of thermal released mercurySY/T 6009.7-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 2: Determination of soluble hydrocarbons Gas chromatographySY/T 6009.2-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 6: Determination of alterative carbonate (△C)SY/T 6009.6-20032003-8-1
Technical specification of 3D seismic exploration data acquisition for mountainous areaSY/T 6247-20032003-8-1
Geology items and basic quality requirements in oil & gas exploration wellsSY/T 5251-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 8: Determination of the polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons FluorometrySY/T 6009.8-20032003-8-1
The remastering of the seismic exploration dataSY/T 6550-20032003-8-1
Technical specifications of vertical seismic profillingSY/T 5454-20032003-8-1
The division of diagenetic stages in carbonate rocksSY/T 5478-20032003-8-1
Test method of samples of geochemical exploration for oil and gas Part 5: Determination of free hydrocarbons Gas chromatographySY/T 6009.5-20032003-8-1
The technical specification of surveys in the seismic prospecting for mountainous areaSY/T 5775-20022002-8-1
Determination of some metal elements in rocks by atomic absorption spectrometrySY/T 5161-20022002-8-1
Technical specification for ground gravitySY/T 5819-20022002-8-1
Map of gravity magnetic electric and geochemical explorationSY/T 6055-20022002-8-1
The standard test method for biomarker in sediment and crude oil by GC-MSGB/T 18606-20012002-8-1
Geological design standard for oil & gas exploration wellsSY/T 5965-20002001-6-1
Chemical analysis method for carbonate rocksSY/T 5516-20002001-6-1
Operation and maintenance for gravimeterSY/T 5939-20002001-6-1
Specification for seismic exploration data delivering and keeping in the archivesSY/T 5928-20002001-6-1
Operation and maintenance for magnetotelluric instrumentsSY/T 5930-20002001-6-1
The measuring standards of oil and gas well positionSY/T 5518-20002000-10-1
The standard of conventional well testing data acquisitionSY/T 6013-20002000-10-1
Regulations for tying seismic reflection horizon to geologic horizonSY/T 5938-20002000-10-1
Technical specification for seismic data acquisition in transitional zoneSY/T 6054-20002000-10-1
Technical specification of 2D seismic exploration data acquisitionfor mountainous areaSY/T 6051-20002000-10-1
Management and preservation regulation of petroleum geology laboratory sampleSY/T 6439-20002000-10-1
Specifications for Economic Evaluation on Different Exploration PhaseQ/CNPC 18-19992000-5-1
Maceral analysis on polished surfaces of whole rocksSY/T 6414-19991999-12-1
Analytical method of metal elemennts in sediment rock by ICP-AESSY/T 6404-19991999-12-1
Analysis and identification for ChitinozoaSY/T 6403-19991999-12-1
Technical specifications of high resolution seismic exploration data acquisition for landSY/T 6386-19991999-12-1
Geologic design specifications for geophysical prospecting areaSY/T 6405-19991999-12-1
Method of grain-size analysis of clastic rocksSY/T 5434-19991999-12-1
The details of quality test for surveys result in petroleum geophysical explorationSY/T 5828-19991999-12-1
The codes for surveys in the petroleum geophysical explorationSY/T 5171-19991999-12-1
The design standard for testing exploring wellSY/T 5980-19991998-12-1
Evaluating methods of oil and gas reservoirsSY/T 6285-19971998-6-1
Technical Specification for GeoChemical Exploration of Petroleum Gas DZ/T 0185-19971998-1-15
Technical Specification for Earthquake Exploration of Petroleum and Natural GasDZ/T 0180-19971997-11-1
Technical standards of vertical seismic profilingSY/T 5454-19961997-9-1
Design regulations for well site of oil and gas exploratory wellSY/T 6244-19961997-9-1
Technical process of seismic interpretationSY/T 5481-19961997-9-1
Terms used in well logging for oil and gasSY/T 6139-19961996-10-1
The determination of total organic carbon in sedimentary rockSY/T 5118-19951996-6-30
Geochemistry Evaluation Method for Land Facies Hydrocarbon Source Rock SY/T 5735-19951996-5-1
Unit division for basin structure enriching oil and gasSY/T 5978-19941995-7-1
Nomenclature of petroleum and natrual gasreservoirsSY/T 5979-19941995-7-1
Format of Report for Chemical Examination on Exploration WellsSY/T 6035-19941995-7-1
Technical specification for hydraulic shock rotary-percussive drilling DZ/T 0053-19931993-7-1
Drawworks for petroleum workoverSY/T 5477-19921993-2-1
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