Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specific configuration of power supply and self-emergency power supply for important power usersGB/Z 29328-20122013-6-1
Safety code of electric power industry—Part 1:Thermal and machineGB 26164.1-20102011-12-1
Technical guideline of motor commissioning for nuclear power plantGB/T 25738-20102011-5-1
Configuration for work safety device of fossil fuel power enterpriseDL/T 1123-20092009-12-1
Safety technical regulations for survey and exploration of electrical power engineeringDL 5334-20062006-10-1
Guide for maintenance and supervision of transformer oil in serviceGB/T 14542-20052005-12-1
Guide for maintenance and supervision of in- service mineral turbine oil used for power plantsGB/T 14541-20052005-12-1
Code of safety operation in power engineering construction Part 2: Power transmission lineDL 5009.2-20042005-6-1
Technical guide of remote fielding eddy inspecting for steel tubes of in-service feedwater booster in power plantsDL/T 883-20042004-6-1
Examination code for qualification of boiler and pressure vessle safety supervising engineer and inspection engineer of electric power industryDL/T 874-20042004-6-1
Inspection code for boiler and pressure vessel in thermal power plantDL 647-20042004-6-1
Technical code of safety inspection for hydraulic steel gate and hoist machineryDL/T 835-20032003-6-1
Code of safety operation in power engineering construction Part 1: Steam power plantsDL 5009.1-20022002-12-1
Code on safety of wind farmDL 796-20012002-5-1
The rural electric safe working codeDL 493-20012002-2-1
The rural low-voltage electric safe working codeDL 477-20012002-2-1
The guide of the secure technic for the pipeline in the middle temperature or the middle pressure in the fossil power plantsDL/T 785-20012002-2-1
Code of investigation and statistics for accidenis rural electric networksDL/T 633-19971998-5-1
Specification on energy economy design of water resources and hydroelectric projectsDL 560-19951995-7-1
Safety code of electric power industry - Electric part of power plants and transformer substations DL 408-19911991-9-1
Rules of safe operation in power industry (electric power line part)DL 409-19911991-9-1
Code for Supervision of Electrical MeasuringSD 261-19881987-11-24
Chemical Monitoring System (National Local Small Thermal Power Plants)SD 259-19881987-11-24
Measures for Supervision and Administration of Thermal Meter and Control Device (National Local Small Thermal Power Plants)SD 260-19881987-11-24
Code for Technical Supervision of Metal (National Local Small Thermal Power Plants)SD 262-19881987-11-24
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