Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Determination of bulk density for molecular sieveGB/T 6286-20212022-3-1
Determination of static adsorbed water for molecular sieveGB/T 6287-20212022-3-1
Determination of particle size for granular molecular sieveGB/T 6288-20212022-3-1
Determination of hollow fiber membrane cross- section dimensions - Image analysis methodGB/T 38902-20202021-4-1
Limits for volatile organic compounds content in cleaning agentsGB 38508-20202020-12-1
Stable isotope applied terminology and product naming rulesGB/T 37750-20192020-1-1
Aerosol paint BB/T 0047-20182019-7-1
Nanotechnology—Testing ratio of anatase to rutile in nano-titanium dioxide—X-ray diffractionGB/T 37054-20182018-12-28
Molecular sieve—ClassificationGB/T 36203-20182018-12-1
Operation specification for non-dangerous liquid chemical products reverse logisticsWB/T 1090-20182018-8-1
Service quality evaluation index for non-dangerous liquid chemical products reverse logisticsWB/T 1089-20182018-8-1
Requirements for solution design of non-dangerous liquid chemical products reverse logistics serviceWB/T 1088-20182018-8-1
Static test method of nitrogen and oxygen separation for molecular sievesGB/T 35109-20172018-7-1
Corrosion inhibitor―Volatile corrosion inhibitorGB/T 35491-20172018-7-1
Specification for the use of molecular sieves in SF6 electrical apparatusGB/T 34320-20172018-4-1
Molecular sieve 3AGB/T 10504-20172018-4-1
Technical phosphorus pentasulfideGB/T 13258-20162017-7-1
Molecular sieve 5A and its determinationGB/T 13550-20152016-7-1
Method for the determination of glucose, sucrose,maltose contents in biochemical products―Liquid chromatography with refractiveindex detectorGB/T 30986-20142015-3-1
Determination of dynamic water absorption capability for molecular sieveGB/T 8770-20142015-2-7
Bio-diesel fuels uesd for industrial boiler and furnace processed by waste oil technical conditionsDB31/ 667-20122013-2-1
Determination of iron and lead in amino acids - Atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 28722-20122013-2-1
Solid core desiccant of dehydration refrigerantHG/T 4226-20112012-7-1
Molecular sieve desiccant of dehydration refrigerantHG/T 4220-20112012-7-1
Molecular sieve 4AHG/T 2524-20102011-3-1
Stable isotope 13C labelled UreaHG/T 4138-20102011-3-1
Analytical method of cathode carbonateGB/T 10304-20082009-2-1
Technical phosphorus pentasulfideGB/T 13258-20082008-12-1
Molecular sieve 3AGB/T 10504-20082008-9-1
Aerosol Party stringBB 0046-20072007-9-1
Aerosol paintBB/T 0047-20072007-9-1
Activated carbon fiber feltHG/T 3922-20062007-5-1
Generator of complex chlorine dioxide by chemical reaction GB/T 20621-20062007-2-1
Stable isotope 15N Inorganic labelled compound GB/T 20622-20062007-2-1
Determination of light absorption for couplersHG/T 3569-20012002-7-1
Photographic grade chemicals potassium bromide for emulsionHG/T 3570-20012002-7-1
Photographic chemicals ammonium bromide for emulsionHG/T 3571-20002001-3-1
Fire extinguishing agent-Sodium bicarbonate dry chemicalGB 4066-19941995-2-1
Gas analysis - Calibration gas mixtures - Certificate of mixture preparationHG 2975-19891990-5-1
Photographic grade sodium tetraborate, decahydrous (borax)GB 10555-19891989-12-1
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