Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Axles steel for railway locomotive and wagonsGB/T 5068-20192020-5-1
Cold rolled ribbed bars with improved elongationYB/T 4260-20112012-7-1
Button bits with special threadsYB/T 4263-20112012-7-1
Steel blank for seamless gas cylinderGB/T 13447-20082009-9-1
Steel blank for seamless gas cylinderGB 13447-20082009-9-1
Round Blank of Hot-rolled and Forged Seamless Steel Tube for High PressureYB/T 5137-20072007-9-1
Stainless steel seamless round tube blankYB/T 2008-20072007-7-1
Stainless steel blooms and billets for forgingsYB/T 5089-20072007-7-1
YB/T 2008 -2007 Stainless steel seamless round tube blankYB/T 2008 -20072007-7-1
Continuously cast ruond billet for seamless steel tube rollingYB/T 4149-20062006-11-1
Quality structure cold-draw flat steelsYB/T 037-20052005-12-1
Quality carbon structural steel round tube blankYB/T 5222-20042004-6-17
Quality Carbon Steel seamless tube blankYB/T 5222-19932000-11-1
Axles steel for railway locomotive and wagons GB 5068-19992000-5-1
Continuous casting slabs of quality carbon steels and alloy steelsYB/T 168-20002000-1-1
Rules for the inspection of billets for export and importSN/T 0789-19991999-8-1
Round blank of seamless steel tube for high pressureYB/T 5137-19981998-12-1
Steel blank for seamless gas cylinderGB 13447-19921992-12-1
Specification for cog and steel billet YB/T 004-19911992-1-1
Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances for hot-rolled billetYB/T 002-19911992-1-1
Sheet billet YB/T 003-19911992-1-1
Dimension, shape, weight and tolerances of cogYB/T 001-19911992-1-1
Quality carbon steel seamless tube blankGB 11172-19891990-7-1
Cold heading steel--Technical requirementsGB/T 6478-19861987-5-1
Quality Inspection for Pickling and Passivation of Stainless Steel HB 5292-19841985-10-1
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