Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General specification for GH4169 alloy barsGB/T 40303-20212022-3-1
Specification for wrought superalloy forging disksGB/T 40313-20212022-3-1
Superalloy rods for powders atomized by plasma rotating electrode processGB/T 38941-20202020-12-1
High resistance alloys for electrical heatingGB/T 1234-20122013-5-1
General specification of superalloy investment structural castingsGB/T 28411-20122013-3-1
General specification of superalloy investment cast airfoilsGB/T 28412-20122013-3-1
General specification of superalloy tubesGB/T 28295-20122013-2-1
Hot-rolled superalloy sheetsGB/T 14995-20102011-10-1
Cold-rolled heat-resisting superalloy sheetsGB/T 14996-20102011-10-1
General specification of superalloy plates and stripsGB/T 25827-20102011-9-1
Test methods for characterizing duplex grain sizes and primary carbides distribution of superalloy forgingsGB/T 14999.6-20102011-9-1
Test methods for grain sizes´╝îprimary dendrite spacing and microshrinkage of superalloy castingsGB/T 14999.7-20102011-9-1
Permissible variations for chemical composition of superalloy productsGB/T 25829-20102011-9-1
General specification of superalloy master alloys for castingsGB/T 25932-20102011-9-1
General specification of superalloy disks and ringsGB/T 25830-20102011-9-1
General specification of superalloy wiresGB/T 25831-20102011-9-1
Hysteresis alloyGB/T 14988-20082009-5-1
Physical quantity terminologies and definitions of elastic alloy expansion alloy thermostat metal resistance alloyGB/T 15014-20082009-4-1
Superalloy tube for general applicationGB/T 15062-20082008-11-1
Hot-rolled superalloy bars for rotating partsGB/T 14993-20082008-11-1
Superalloy cold drawn barsGB/T 14994-20082008-11-1
General specification of electro-hydraulic servo valves for shipGB/T 10844-20072007-8-1
Classification and designation for superalloys and high temperature intermetallic materialsGB/T 14992-20052006-1-1
Hot-rolled heat-resisting superalloy bars for rotating partsGB/T 14993-19941994-5-1
Types of heat-resisting superalloysGB/T 14992-19941994-5-1
Cold brawn heat-resisting superalloy barsGB/T 14994-19941994-5-1
Heat-resisting superalloy tube for general applicationGB/T 15062-19941994-5-1
Hot-rolled and forged heat-resisting superalloy bars for general force-bearing partsYB/T 5245-19931994-1-1
Master heat-resisting superalloys for castingsYB/T 5248-19931994-1-1
Forged 2Cr3WMoV(GH34) steel disksYB/T 5246-19931994-1-1
K419 Alloy IngotsHB 5163-19881988-9-1
Test Method for Dross in Casting High Temperature Alloy Ingot HB 5406-19881988-9-1
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