Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Four point contact ball bearings for automobile steering gearT/ZZB 0085-2016
Rolling bearings—Needle roller GB/T 309-20212022-7-1
Rolling bearings-Angular contact thrust ball bearings and units for machine tool screws GB/T 24604-20212022-7-1
Rolling bearings—Cylindrical roller bearings—Boundary dimensions GB/T 283-20212022-7-1
Rolling bearings—Needle roller bearing track rollers—Boundary dimensions, geometrical product specifications (GPS) and tolerance values GB/T 6445-20212022-7-1
Spherical plain bearings—Part 9:General technical regulations GB/T 304.9-20212022-7-1
Rolling bearings—Non-destructive testing—Magnetic particle testing GB/T 24606-20212022-7-1
Rolling bearings—Needle roller bearings with machined rings—Boundary dimensions, geometrical product specifications (GPS) and tolerance valuesGB/T 5801-20202021-9-1
Rolling bearings and spherical plain bearings—Search structure for electronic media—Characteristics and performance criteria identified by property vocabularyGB/T 39273-20202021-6-1
Rolling bearings—Load ratings for hybrid bearings with rolling elements made of ceramic—Part 1: Dynamic load ratings GB/T 39271.1-20202021-6-1
Rolling bearings—Boundary dimensions,general plan—Part 3:Radial bearingsGB/T 273.3-20202021-6-1
Rolling bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 4:Radial cylindrical roller bearings with cylindrical bore and outside surfaceGB/T 24610.4-20192020-5-1
Rolling bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 1:FundamentalsGB/T 24610.1-20192020-5-1
Rolling bearings—Needle roller bearings with drawn cup and without inner ring—Boundary dimensions,geometrical product specifications(GPS)and tolerance valuesGB/T 12764-20192020-5-1
Rolling bearings-Snap ring grooves and snap rings for radial bearings-Dimensions,geometrical product specifications (GPS) and tolerance valuesGB/T 305-20192020-5-1
Rolling bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 3:Radial spherical and tapered roller bearings with cylindrical bore and outside surfaceGB/T 24610.3-20192020-5-1
Rolling bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 2:Radial ball bearings with cylindrical bore and outside surfaceGB/T 24610.2-20192020-5-1
Rolling bearings--Split type plummer block housings--Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7813-20182019-5-1
Rolling bearings—Boundary dimensions,general plan—Part 2:Thrust bearingsGB/T 273.2-20182019-5-1
Rolling bearings-Methods for calculating the modified reference rating life for universally loaded bearings GB/Z 36517-20182019-5-1
Rolling bearings-Needle roller bearings with drawn cup and without inner ring-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 290-20172018-5-1
Rolling bearings. Sealed deep groove ball bearings. SpecificationsJB/T 7752-20172018-4-1
Rolling bearings. Identification codeGB/T 272-20172018-2-1
Rolling bearings―Test and assessment methods for cleanlinessGB/T 33624-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings―Insert bearing units―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7810-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings―Accessories―Part 2:Locknuts and locking devicesGB/T 9160.2-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings—Insert bearings and eccentric looking collars—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 3882-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings -- Cylindrical thrust roller bearings -- Boundary dimensionsGB/T 4663-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings -- General technical regulationsGB/T 307.3-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings―Housings for insert bearings―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7809-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings―Wind power generators gearbox bearingsGB/T 33623-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings―Accessories―Part 1: Adapter sleeve assemblies and withdrawal sleevesGB/T 9160.1-20172017-12-1
Rolling bearings―Measuring methods for friction torqueGB/T 32562-20162016-10-1
Rolling bearings―Cylindrical rollersGB/T 4661-20152016-7-1
Rolling bearings―Symbols for physical quantitiesGB/T 7811-20152016-7-1
Rolling bearings―Thrust ball bearings―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 301-20152016-4-1
Spherical plain bearings―Identification codeGB/T 304.2-20152016-4-1
Rolling bearings―Sealed deep groove ball bearings―Performance test rule of dustproofing,grease leakage and temperature riseGB/T 32321-20152016-4-1
Rolling bearings―Specifications for vibration(velocity) of deep groove ball bearingsGB/T 32325-20152016-4-1
Rolling bearings―Radial needle roller and cage assemblies―Boundary dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 20056-20152016-4-1
Rolling bearings―FitsGB/T 275-20152015-10-1
Rolling bearings—Rust proof packagingGB/T 8597-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings - Miniature radial ball bearings with flanged outer ring - Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7218-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings-Radial ball bearings with flanged outer ring—Flange dimensionsGB/T 7217-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings-Deep groove ball bearingsBoundary dimensionsGB/T 276-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Balls—Part 1:Steel ballsGB/T 308.1-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Wind power generators main bearingsGB/T 29718-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Wind power generators yaw and pitch bearingsGB/T 29717-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Accessories for sleeve type linear ball bearings—Part 2:Boundary dimensions and tolerances for series 5GB/T 19673.2-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Self-aligning roller bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 288-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Accessories for sleeve type linear ball bearings—Part 1:Boundary dimensions and tolerances for series 1 and 3GB/T 19673.1-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Self-aligning ball bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 281-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Double row cylindrical roller bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 285-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Internal clearance—Part 2:Axial internal clearance for four-point-contact ball bearingsGB/T 4604.2-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Linear motion rolling bearings—VocabularyGB/T 29719-20132014-6-1
Rolling bearings—Deep groove ball bearings for electric motors—SpecificationsGB/T 28698-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings—Aligning thrust ball bearings and aligning seat washers—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 28697-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings - Single-row cylindrical roller bearings - Chamfer dimensions for loose rib and non-rib sidesGB/T 20057-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings—Tolerances—Part 4:Tolerances for thrust bearingsGB/T 307.4-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings—Instrument precision bearings—Part 1:Boundary dimensions,tolerances and characteristics of metric series bearingsGB/T 5800.1-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings - Static load ratingsGB/T 4662-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings - Insert bearing units - ClassificationGB/T 28779-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings - Sleeve type linear ball bearings - Boundary dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 16940-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings—Instrument precision bearings—Part 2:Boundary dimensions,tolerances and characteristics of inch series bearingsGB/T 5800.2-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings—Internal clearance—Part 1:Radial internal clearance for radial bearingsGB/T 4604.1-20122013-3-1
Rolling bearings—Specifications of pressed cagesGB/T 28268-20122012-12-1
Rolling bearings - Linear motion rolling bearings - Identification code GB/T 27557-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings—Cylindrical roller bearings for spindles of machinesGB/T 27559-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings—Cylindrical roller bearings,separate thrust collars—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 20060-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings - Insert bearing units - Specifications GB/T 27555-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings - Cast housings for insert bearings - Specifications GB/T 27560-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings - Linear motion rolling bearings - Classification GB/T 27558-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings—Radial bearings,retaining slots—Dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 27556-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings—Insert bearing units—Identification codeGB/T 27554-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings - Boundary dimensions general plan - Part 1: Tapered roller bearings GB/T 273.1-20112012-6-1
Rolling bearings-One-way clutch bearings used for washing machineJB/T 11252-20112012-4-1
Rolling bearings ― Cylindrical roller bearings for universal jointsJB/T 3370-20112012-4-1
Rolling bearings—Curled shields for deep groove ball bearings—SpecificationsJB/T 10239-20112012-4-1
Rolling Bearings - Clutch Release Bearing Units for AutomobilesJB/T 5312-20112012-4-1
Rolling bearings. Drawn cup needle roller bearings. SpecificationsJB/T 8878-20112012-4-1
Rolling bearings — Drawn cup needle roller clutchesJB/T 11251-20112012-4-1
Rolling bearing parts-plastic cage-specificationsJB/T 7048-20112012-4-1
Rolling bearings-Carburizing heat-treatment for parts-SpecificationsJB/T 8881-20112012-4-1
Rolling bearings - Overrunning clutches for motorcyclesJB/T 11086-20112011-11-1
Rolling bearings-Bearing parts made from high-carbon chromium stainless steel -Specifications for heat-treatmentJB/T 1460-20112011-11-1
Rolling bearings - Parts made from W-series steel elevated temperature- Specifications for heat-treatmentJB/T 11087-20112011-11-1
Rolling bearings - Bearing parts made from low-carbon steel - Specifications for carbonitriding heat-treatmentJB/T 7363-20112011-11-1
Rolling bearings ― Specifications for vibration(velocity)of cylindrical roller bearingsJB/T 8922-20112011-11-1
Automotive wheel bearing unitsJB/T 10238-20112011-11-1
Rolling bearings—Dynamic load ratings and rating lifeGB/T 6391-20102011-10-1
Rolling bearings - Measuring methods for radial internal clearanceGB/T 25769-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Insert bearings - Radial internal clearanceGB/T 25766-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Tapered rollersGB/T 25767-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings—Balls—Part 2:Ceramic ballsGB/T 308.2-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings—Ball bearings for automotive transmissionGB/T 25765-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Combined needle roller bearings with angular contact ball bearings - Boundary dimensionsGB/T 25761-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Needle roller bearings for automotive transmissionGB/T 25763-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Bearings for railway locomotiveGB/T 25771-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Needle roller and cage assemblies for motorcycle connecting rodGB/T 25762-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Roller bearings for automobile transmissionGB/T 25764-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings—Combined needle roller bearings with thrust ball bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 25760-20102011-6-1
Rolling bearings - Combined needle roller bearings with double direction thrust cylindrical roller bearingsGB/T 25768-20102011-6-1
Spherical plain bearings-Dynamic load ratings lifeJB/T 8565-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Specifications for vibration (acceleration) of steel ballsJB/T 8923-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings - Constant velocity universal joints and assemblies for automobilesJB/T 10189-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Insert bearing units-ClassificationJB/T 8513-20102010-7-1
Spherical plain bearings-Static load ratingsJB/T 8567-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Cemented carbide ballsJB/T 9145-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Bearings for conveyer in coal minesJB/T 8722-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Rolling bearings for railway wagon and coachJB/T 9144-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings - Plastic cylinders for packagingJB/T 10190-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Cast housings for insert bearings-SpecificationsJB/T 8876-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Cylindrical roller bearing track rollers for conveying chainsJB/T 8568-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Angular contact thrust ball bearings for steering-gearJB/T 8717-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Internal clearances and adjusting methods for double-row and four-row tapered roller bearingsJB/T 8236-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings - Specifications for matched angular contace ball bearingsJB/T 10186-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Deep groove ball bearings for electric motors-SpecificationsJB/T 8880-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Water pump bearingsJB/T 8563-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Insert bearings and eccentric locking collars-SpecificationsJB/T 8919-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Rolling bearings for railway locomotiveJB/T 8924-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Split type plummer block housings-SpecificationsJB/T 8874-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Sleeve type linear ball bearings-SpecificationsJB/T 5388-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Magneto ball bearingsJB/T 8721-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings-Thrust bearings for automobile king pinJB/T 10188-20102010-7-1
Rolling bearings - Bearings for railway wagonGB/T 25770-20102010-6-1
Inspection rules for rolling bearings and commercial partsGB/T 24608-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 2:Radial ball bearings with cylindrical bore and outside surfaceGB/T 24610.2-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Angular contact thrust ball bearings used for machine tool screwsGB/T 24604-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 1:FundamentalsGB/T 24610.1-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Thermal speed rating—Calculation and coefficientsGB/T 24609-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Non-destructive testing—Magnetic particle testingGB/T 24606-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Damage and failures—Terms,characteristics and causesGB/T 24611-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 3:Radial spherical and tapered roller bearings with cylindrical bore and outside surfaceGB/T 24610.3-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Marking for productsGB/T 24605-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Needle roller bearings,drawn cup without inner ring—Boundary dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 12764-20092010-4-1
Rolling bearings—Test and assessment for life and reliabilityGB/T 24607-20092010-4-1
bearings—Measuring methods for vibration—Part 4:Radial cylindrical roller bearings with cylindrical bore and outside surfaceGB/T 24610.4-20092010-1-1
Rolling bearings - Linear motion rolling bearings - Part 1: Dynamic load ratings and rating lifeGB/T 21559.1-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings - Linear motion rolling bearings - Part 2: Static load ratingsGB/T 21559.2-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings—Tensioner and idler bearings and units for automotive engineJB/T 10859-20082008-9-1
Specificaiton of automobile U-joint cross assemblyJB/T 8925-20082008-9-1
Spherical plain bearings—Test code for static loadJB/T 10858-20082008-9-1
Spherical plain bearings—Test code for dynamic load and lifeJB/T 10860-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings—Sealed deep groove ball bearings—Performance test rule of dustproofing,grease leakage and temperature riseJB/T 8571-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings—Disc bearings for agricultural machineryJB/T 10857-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings—Atlas and the assessment methods for surface imperfections of steel ballsJB/T 10861-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings—Bearing parts made from carbon steel—Specifications for heat-treatmentJB/T 8566-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings—Carbon steel deep groove ball bearingsJB/T 8570-20082008-9-1
Rolling bearings - Split type plummer block housings - Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7813-20082008-8-1
Rolling bearings - ClassificationGB/T 271-20082008-8-1
Rolling bearings - Double row tapered roller bearings - Boundary dimensionsGB/T 299-20082008-8-1
Rolling bearings—Four row tapered roller bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 300-20082008-8-1
Spherical plain bearings - General technical regulationsGB/T 304.9-20082008-8-1
Rolling bearings - Self-aligning thrust roller bearings - Boundary dimensions GB/T 5859-20082008-8-1
4 Sruds rolling bearings block housings-Types and dimensionsJB/T 10781-20072008-2-1
Rolling bearings--Angular contact ball bearings--Boundary dimensionsGB/T 292-20072007-10-1
Rolling bearings--Cylindrical roller bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 283-20072007-10-1
Rolling bearings--Needle roller bearing track rollers--Roundary dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 6445-20072007-10-1
Rolling bearings—Symbols for quantitiesGB/T 7811-20072007-10-1
Rolling bearings-Magnetic particle inspection code of rolling bearing parts for railway locomotive and rolling stockJB/T 5391-20072007-9-1
Rolling Bearings-Combined Needle Roller Bearings with Double Direction Thrust Roller BearingsJB/T 6644-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings--Unground ball bearingsJB/T 7358-20072007-9-1
rolling bearings-blowers bearings-specificationsJB/T 7753-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings-Combined needle roller bearings with angular contact ball bearings - Boundary dimensionsJB/T 3123-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings-Carbon steel ballsJB/T 5301-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings--Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearing track rollersJB/T 7754-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearing-Wind power generator bearingsJB/T 10705-20072007-9-1
Rolling Bearings-Variable Transmission BearingsJB/T 6635-20072007-9-1
Rolling Bearings--Double-direction angular contact thrust ball bearings for machine-tool spindleJB/T 6362-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings—Thin section sealed bearings for robotsJB/T 6636-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings-Insert bearings-Radial internal clearanceJB/T 5304-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings--Self-aligning thrust roller bearings--SpecificationJB/T 7750-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings-Parts made from medium carbon endure shock bearing steel-Specifications for heat-treatmentJB/T 6366-20072007-9-1
Rolling Bearings-Mast and Chain Guide Bearings for Forklift Trucks-SpecificationsJB/T 7360-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings - Full complement needle roller bearings - Boundary dimensions and tolerancesJB/T 3588-20072007-9-1
Spherical Plain Bearings - Self-lubricated Spherical Plain Bearing Rod End with Ball Stud Integral Design - Dimensions and TolerancesJB/T 5306-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings—Residual magnetism and its assessment methodJB/T 6641-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings-Crack test of rolling bearings parts for railway locomotive and rolling stockJB/T 5392-20072007-9-1
Rolling Bearings- Specifications of Vibration (Acceleration) for Deep Groove Ball Bearings JB/T 6640-20072007-9-1
Linear Motion Rolling Bearings-Linear Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies JB/T 7359-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings - Phenolic laminated cloth cage-SpecificationsJB/T 4037-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings—Accessories—Set screws for insert bearingsJB/T 7755-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings--Determination of decarburized depth for partsJB/T 7362-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings-Combined needle roller bearings with thrust ball bearing - Boundary dimensionsJB/T 3122-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings-Pressed housings for insert bearings-SpecificationsJB/T 6363-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings - Parts made from Cr4Mo4V bearing steel elevated temperature - Specification for heat-treatmentJB/T 2850-20072007-9-1
Rolling bearings--Test method for hardness of partsJB/T 7361-20072007-9-1
Split rolling bearing with housing for metallurgical equipmentJB/T 10650-20062007-5-1
Rolling bearings - Accessories - Part 1: Tapered sleeves GB/T 9160.1-20062006-12-1
Rolling bearings-Accessories-Part 2:Locknuts and locking devicesGB/T 9160.2-20062006-11-1
Rolling bearings-Alternator bearings for automotive-SpecificationsJB/T 8167-20062006-10-1
Rolling bearings-Thrust ball bearings with sphered housing washer-TolerancesJB/T 5305-20062006-10-1
Rolling bearings-Cleanliness and its assessment methods of rust preventive oils and cleanserJB/T 10560-20062006-10-1
Rolling bearings - Specifications of vibration (acceleration) for deep groove ball bearingsJB/T 7047-20062006-10-1
Rolling bearing parts-Methods for the measurement and assessment of surface roughnessJB/T 7051-20062006-10-1
Rolling bearings-Needle roller bearings for universal jointsJB/T 3232-20062006-10-1
Rolling bearings?Needle roller bearings, dimension series 48, 49 and 69?Boundary dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 5801-20062006-8-1
Rolling bearings - Thrust bearings - Boundary dimensions, general plan GB/T 273.2-20062006-8-1
Rolling bearings—Single-row angular contact ball bearings—Chamfer dimensions for outer ring non-thrust sideGB/T 20058-20062006-8-1
Rolling bearings―Dynamic load ratings and rating life―Discontinuities in the calculating of basic dynamic load ratingsGB/T 20059-20062006-8-1
Rolling bearings—Radial needle roller and cage assemblies—Dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 20056-20062006-8-1
Rolling Bearings—Sealed deep groove ball bearings—SpecificationsJB/T 7752-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings—Double row cylindrical roller bearings for spindles of machines—SpecificationsJB/T 5386-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings - Miniature ball bearings-SpecificationsJB/T 2781-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings - Double-row angular contact bearings for electromagnetic clutch of car air-conditionerJB/T 10531-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings—Double row and four row tapered roller bearings for rolling millsJB/T 5389.2-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings - Full complement taperred roller thrust bearings for rolling mill screw-down mechanismsJB/T 3632-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings—Thrust cylindrical roller and cage assemblies,thrust washersJB/T 8211-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings—Thrust tapered roller bearingsJB/T 7751-20052006-1-1
Rolling bearings—Four row cylindrical roller bearings for rolling millsJB/T 5389.1-20052006-1-1
Linear motion rolling bearings—Block type recirclating linear needle roller (or roller) bearingsJB/T 6364-20052005-11-1
Rolling bearings—Assesment methods for cleanlinessJB/T 7050-20052005-11-1
Rolling bearings--General technical regulationsGB/T 307.3-20052005-8-1
Linear motion rolling bearings - Rolling bearings,linear motion ball,recirculating,sleeve type - AccessoriesGB/T 19673-20052005-8-1
Rolling bearings - Radial bearings - Tolerances GB/T 307.1-20052005-8-1
rolling bearings—methods for the measurement of radial internal clearanceJB/T 3573-20042005-4-1
Rolling bearings - Slewing bearingsJB/T 10471-20042005-4-1
Rolling bearings—Four-point contact ball bearings—Axial internal clearancesJB/T 6643-20042005-4-1
Rolling bearing parts - RivetJB/T 10470-20042005-4-1
Rolling bearing parts—Skeleton acrylonitrile-buta-diene copolymers seal-SpecificationsJB/T 6639-20042004-6-1
Rolling bearings?Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies,thrust washersGB/T 4605-20032004-6-1
Rolling bearings - Tolerances - Definiations GB/T 4199-20032004-6-1
Rolling bearings―Dynamic load ratings and rating lifeGB/T 6391-20032004-6-1
Rolling bearing parts—Methods for the measurement and assessment of departure from roundness and wavinessJB/T 6642-20042004-6-1
Rolling bearings-Identification code-Supplemental regulationsJB/T 2974-20042004-6-1
Rolling bearings—Mounting dimensionsGB/T 5868-20032004-5-1
Rolling bearings - Rust proof packaging GB/T 8597-20032004-5-1
Spherical plain bearings - Fits GB/T 304.3-20022003-5-1
Rolling bearings - Radial ball bearings with flanged outer ring - Flange dimensions GB/T 7217-20022003-5-1
Spherical plain bearings--Identification codeGB/T 304.2-20022003-5-1
Rolling bearings - Cylindrical rollers GB/T 4661-20022003-5-1
Spherical plain bearings--ClassificationGB/T 304.1-20022003-5-1
Spherical plain bearings--VocabularyGB/T 3944-20022003-5-1
Rolling bearings--VocabularyGB/T 6930-20022003-5-1
Rolling bearings--Steel ballsGB/T 308-20022003-5-1
Specifications for carbonitriding heat treatment of rolling bearing partsJB/T 7363-20022002-12-1
Housings for insert bearings-Supplementary structure-Boundary dimensionsJB/T 5302-20022002-12-1
Rolling bearings-cylindrical roller bearings for universal jointsJB/T 3370-20022002-12-1
Rolling bearing parts-plastic cage-specificationsJB/T 7048-20022002-12-1
Specifications for magnetic particle flaw detection of rolling bearing partsJB/T 10338-20022002-12-1
Rolling bearings and parts-Supplementary specificationsJB/T 10336-20022002-12-1
Linear motion rolling bearings-classification and designationJB/T 10335-20022002-12-1
Insert bearing units-Supplementary structure-Boundary dimensionsJB/T 5303-20022002-12-1
Specifications for heat-treatment of rolling bearing parts made from high carbon chromium stainless steelJB/T 1460-20022002-12-1
Rolling bearing parts-Pressing cage-SpecificationsJB/T 10337-20022002-12-1
Rolling bearings-Tapered roller bearings of tolerance class 2 for spindles of jig boring machines-SpecificationsJB/T 2644-20022002-12-1
Spherical plain bearings--Spherical plain bearings rod endsGB/T 9161-20012002-4-1
Rolling bearings--Packaging and packingGB/T 8597-19882002-4-1
Spherical plain bearings--Radial spherical plain bearingsGB/T 9163-20012002-4-1
Spherical plain radial bearings joint type-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 9163-19902002-4-1
Spherical plain bearings--Thrust spherical plain bearingsGB/T 9162-20012002-4-1
Spherical plain thrust bearings-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 9162-19902002-4-1
Rolling bearings ― Combined needle roller bearings ― SpecificationsJB/T 8877-20012001-10-1
Rolling bearings - Tapered roller - Technical specificationsJB/T 10235-20012001-10-1
Spherical plain bearings ― General specificationsJB/T 8879-20012001-10-1
Automotive wheel bearing unitsJB/T 10238-20012001-10-1
Rolling bearings ― Drawn up needle roller bearings ― SpecificationsJB/T 8878-20012001-10-1
Rolling bearing — Measuring methods for vibration(velocity)JB/T 5313-20012001-10-1
Clutch release bearings and units for automobilesJB/T 5312-20012001-10-1
Bearing units — SpecificationsJB/T 8875-20012001-10-1
Rolling bearings ― Specifications of curled shield for deep groove ball bearingsJB/T 10239-20012001-10-1
Rolling bearings-Needle rollersGB/T 309-20002001-5-1
Rolling bearings - Chamfer dimension - Maximum values GB/T 274-20002001-5-1
Rolling bearings ― Specificatons of matched angular contact ball bearingsJB/T 10186-20002000-10-1
Plummer block housings for rolling bearings ― SpecificationsJB/T 8874-20002000-10-1
Thrust bearing for auto king pinJB/T 10188-20002000-10-1
Rolling bearings ― Cast housings for insert bearings ― SpecificationsJB/T 8876-20002000-10-1
Deep groove ball bearing for electric motors ― SpecificationsJB/T 8880-20002000-10-1
Plastic cylinders for packaging of rolling bearingsJB/T 10190-20002000-10-1
Constant velocity universal joints and assemblies for autombilesJB/T 10189-20002000-10-1
Rolling bearings ― Deep groove ball bearing vibration(velocity)― SpecificationsJB/T 10187-20002000-10-1
Rolling bearings-service life and reliability test regulationJB/T 50013-20002000-10-1
Rolling bearings-Symbols for quantitiesGB/T 7811-19992000-3-1
Rolling bearings—Radial bearings—Boundary dimensions,general planGB/T 273.3-19992000-3-1
Specifications of linear motion ball bearingsJB/T 5388-19992000-1-1
Rolling bearings and commercial parts - Inspection rulesJB/T 8921-19992000-1-1
Specifications of automobile U-joint cross assemblyJB/T 8925-19992000-1-1
Rolling bearings - Insert bearings and eccentric locking collars - SpecificationsJB/T 8919-19992000-1-1
Specifications of rolling bearing for railwaywagon and coachJB/T 9144-19992000-1-1
Rolling bearings. Accessories. Withdrawal sleevesJB/T 7919.1-19992000-1-1
Rolling bearings - Specifications of vibration(velocity)for cylindrical roller bearingsJB/T 8922-19992000-1-1
Rolling bearings - Specification of vibration(acceleration)for deep groove ball bearingsJB/T 7047-19992000-1-1
Hard metal ballsJB/T 9145-19992000-1-1
Rolling bearings—Needle roller bearings,drawn cup without inner rings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 290-19981999-7-1
Rolling bearings accessories-Plummer block housings-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7813-19981999-7-1
Rolling bearings - Snap ring groove and snap ring on outer ring - Dimensions and tolerances GB/T 305-19981999-7-1
Rolling bearings―Thrust bearings―Boundary dimensions,general planGB/T 273.2-19981999-7-1
Technical condition of belt conveyor idler bearing for coal miningMT/T 655-19971998-4-1
Rolling bearings―ClassificationGB/T 271-19971998-2-1
Marking for Rolling Bearings ProductsJB/T 3574-19971998-1-1
Rolling Bearings - Life and Reliability Test Assessment MethodJB/T 50093-19971998-1-1
Rolling bearings-Needle roller bearings-Track rollers-TolerancesGB/T 6445.2-19961997-7-1
Rolling Bearings - Internal Clearances and Adjusting Methods for Double-row and Four-row Tapered Roller BearingsJB/T 8236-19961997-7-1
Rolling bearings-Needle roller bearings-Track rollers-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 6445.1-19961997-7-1
Rolling bearings-General technical regulationsGB/T 307.3-19961997-7-1
Rolling bearings - Miniature radial ball bearings with flanged outer ring - Boundary dimensions GB/T 7218-19951996-8-1
Rolling bearings-Insert bearing units-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7810-19951996-8-1
Rolling bearings—Thrust ball bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 301-19951996-8-1
Rolling bearings--Dynamic load ratings and rating lifeGB/T 6391-19951996-8-1
Rolling bearings—Insert bearings and eccentric looking collars— Boundary dimensionsGB/T 3882-19951996-8-1
Rolling bearings―Metric double row tapered roller bearings―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 299-19951996-8-1
Rolling bearings; Tolerances gaging practiceGB/T 307.2-19951996-8-1
Rolling bearings―Four row tapered roller bearings―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 300-19951996-8-1
Roliing bearings-Housings for insert bearing-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 7809-19951996-8-1
Rolling Bearings - Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing Track RollersJB/T 7754-19951996-7-1
Rolling bearings—Deep groove ball bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 276-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings - Three-point and four-point contact ball bearings - Boundary dimensions GB/T 294-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings-Light and medium series needle roller bearings-Boundary dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 5801-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings-Tapered roller bearings-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 297-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings - Self-aligning roller bearings - Boundary dimensions GB/T 288-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings-Self-aligning thrust roller bearings-Boundary dimensionsGB/T 5859-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings - Cylindrical thrust roller bearings - Boundary dimensions GB/T 4663-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings―Cylindrical rolling bearings―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 283-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings—Double row angular contact ball bearings—Boundary dimensionsGB/T 296-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings - Double row cylindrical roller bearings - Boundary dimonsiuns GB/T 285-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings-Radial bearings-TolerancesGB/T 307.1-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings - Self-aligning ball bearings - Boundary dimensions GB/T 281-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearings―Angular contact ball bearings―Boundary dimensionsGB/T 292-19941995-10-1
Rolling bearing - Identification code GB/T 272-19931994-7-1
Rules for the inspection of rolling bearings for exportSN/T 0234-19931994-5-1
Shaft and housing fits for rolling bearingsGB/T 275-19931993-12-1
Rolling bearings-Radial internal clearanceGB/T 4604-19931993-1-2
Housings for Insert Bearings - Supplementary Structure - Boundary DimensionsJB/T 5302-19911992-7-1
Rolling bearings-Needle roller bearings, drawn cup, without inner ring-Boundary dimension planGB/T 12764-19911992-1-1
Spherlcal plain bearing rod ends--Boundary dimensionsand tolerancesGB/T 4222-19911992-1-1
Spherical plain bearings, joint type - Abument and fillet dimensions GB/T 12765-19911992-1-1
Spherical plain bearings joint type--FitsGB/T 304.3-19901990-10-1
Rolling bearings--Cylindrical rollersGB/T 4661-19891990-1-1
Rolling bearings--Steel ballsGB/T 308-19891990-1-1
Spherical plain bearings--Identification codeGB/T 304.2-19881989-1-1
Spherical plain bearings classificationGB/T 304.1-19881989-1-1
Rolling bearings--Deep groove ball bearings with seals--Boundary dimensionsGB 279-19881989-1-1
Rolling bearing accessories--Tapered adapters--Basic dimensionsGB 9160.1-19881988-11-1
Spherical plain bearing rod ends--Boundary dimensionsGB/T 9161-19881988-11-1
Rolling bearing accessories--Tapered sleeves, locknuts and lockwashers--Technical specificationsGB 310-19871988-1-1
Rolling bearings--Thrust bearings--Plan of boundary dimensionsGB/T 273.2-19871988-1-1
Radial ball bearings with flanged outer ring--Flange dimensionsGB/T 7217-19871988-1-1
Rolling bearings--Self-aligning ball bearings with tapered adapter sleeves--Boundary dimensionsGB 282-19871988-1-1
Rolling bearings--VocabularyGB/T 6930-19861987-8-1
Rolling bearing accessories--Boundary dimensions of withdrawal sleevesGB 6584-19861987-6-1
Needle roller bearings--Radial needle roller and cage assembliesGB 5846-19861987-3-1
Dimensions for mounting rolling bearingsGB/T 5868-19861987-1-1
Rolling bearings--Self-aligning thrust roller bearings--Boundary dimensionsGB 5859-19861986-11-1
Needle roller bearings--Light and medium series--Dimension and tolerancesGB 5801-19861986-10-1
Rolling bearings--Instrument precision bearingsGB/T 5800-19861986-10-1
Needle roller bearings-Heavy series-Dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 4603-19841985-5-1
Rolling bearings--Locknuts, Wide series and lockwashers with bent inner tabGB 4664-19841985-5-1
Rolling bearings--Cylindrical thrust bearings--Boundary dimensionsGB 4663-19841985-5-1
Angular contact ball bearing with counterbored inner ring-Boundary dimensionsGB 293-19841985-5-1
Rolling bearings--TolerancesGB 307.1-19841985-5-1
Rolling bearings--Thrust ball bearings with flat back faces--Boundary dimensionsGB 301-19841985-1-1
Rolling bearings--Tolerances-DefinitionsGB/T 4199-19841985-1-1
Rolling bearings--Tapered roller bearings--Boundary dimensionsGB 297-19841985-1-1
Insert bearings and eccentric locking collars--Boundary dimensionsGB 3882-19871984-10-1
Radial bearing--Angular contact ball bearings--Boundary dimensionsGB 292-19831984-9-1
Spherical plain bearing, joint type--VocabularyGB/T 3944-19831984-9-1
Radial bearing--Angular contact ball bearings, pair mounted--Boundary dimensionsGB 295-19831984-9-1
Rollings bearings--Needle roller bearings, drawn cup, without inner rings--Boundary dimensionsGB 290-19891984-6-1
Rolling bearings with locating snap ring--Dimensions and tolerancesGB 305-19891983-2-1
Rolling bearings--Cylindrical roller bearings without inner and outer ring--Boundary dimensionsGB 284-19871982-7-1
Rolling bearings--Tapered roller bearings--Boundary dimensionsGB/T 273.1-19871982-6-1
Spherical plain radial bearings,joint type-Technical requirementsGB/T 304.9-19811982-1-1
Rolling bearings--Cylindrical roller bearings--Boundary dimensionsGB 283-19871982-1-1
Rolling bearings with helically wound cylindrical rollers-Types and basic dimensionsGB/T 291-19641965-5-1
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