Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Modular parts of fixture construction general features profiles and dimensionsGB/T 2804-20082008-10-1
Combined Clamps - Basic TerminologiesJB 3624-19842002-12-1
Hexagonal Socket WrenchJB 3627.1-19842002-12-1
Connection TraysJB 3627.11-19842002-12-1
Electric Wrench Four-pin HeadJB 3627.4-19842002-12-1
Technical Conditions for Combined Clamp Elements Packing and Rust Prevention JB 3625-19842002-12-1
Combined Clamps - Assembling RulesJB 3626-19842002-12-1
T-shaped Four-claw WrenchJB 3627.3-19842002-12-1
Electric Wrench Hexagon Head JB 3627.2-19842002-12-1
Inspection Bar for Hollow Clamps Used for Boring HolesJB 3627.10-19842002-12-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Copper HammerheadJB/T 3627.7-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps T Shaped Four-pin WrenchJB/T 3627.3-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Inspection Bar for Clamps for Boring HolesJB/T 3627.9-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Hexagonal Socket WrenchJB/T 3627.1-19992000-1-1
Combined Clamp Elements Technical Conditions for Rust Prevention PackingJB/T 3625-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Four-pin WrenchJB/T 3627.5-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Crank LevelJB/T 3627.6-19992000-1-1
Combined Clamps Basic TerminologiesJB/T 3624-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Inspection Bar for Hollow Clamps for Boring HolesJB/T 3627.10-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Connection TraysJB/T 3627.11-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Electric Wrench Four-pin HeadJB/T 3627.4-19992000-1-1
Combined Clamps Grading of Complexity of AssemblyJB/T 9941-19992000-1-1
Combined Clamps Assembling RulesJB/T 3626-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Inspection Bar for Clamps for Drilling HolesJB/T 3627.8-19992000-1-1
Tools, Auxiliary Tools for Assembling Combined Clamps Electric Wrench Hexagonal HeadJB/T 3627.2-19992000-1-1
Vertically Reduced PlateHB 1389-19871998-7-1
Box type vertical drilling machines--Testing of the accuracy--Part 2:Working testsGB/T 4019.2-19971998-7-1
Components of Slot Series Combined Dies-general Technical ConditionsJB/T 8336-19961996-10-1
Testing method for elements of universal modular jig and fixture system with slotsJB/T 8048-19951996-4-14
Components of Slot Series Combination Clamps General Technical ConditionsJB/T 7180-19941995-7-1
Components of Hole Series Combination Clamps General Technical ConditionsJB/T 6192-19921993-1-1
Backing plate HB 2972-19911991-10-1
LocalizerHB 2939-19911991-10-1
GasketHB 2944-19911991-10-1
LocalizerHB 2923-19911991-10-1
Backing plate HB 2973-19911991-10-1
GasketHB 2947-19911991-10-1
Backing plate HB 2968-19911991-10-1
LocalizerHB 2948-19911991-10-1
LocalizerHB 2924-19911991-10-1
Testing method for elements of universal modular jig and fixture system with slotsGB/T 12558-19901991-10-1
Offset cruciform recess for rotary fastening devicesGB/T 12520-19901991-9-1
C type Guide SleeveHB 4421-19901990-12-1
B type Guide SleeveHB 4420-19901990-12-1
CageHB 4422-19901990-12-1
A type Guide SleeveHB 4419-19901990-12-1
Cosine square T901805~T901815?HB 1446-19891990-6-1
Vertical measurement instrument T901605~T901615?HB 1444-19891990-6-1
Measuring key T901305~T901360?HB 1441-19891990-6-1
Feeler gauge holder T901905?HB 1447-19891990-6-1
Spatial benchmark measuring base T901505~T901515?HB 1443-19891990-6-1
Measuring spherical pillar T901205~T901220?HB 1440-19891990-6-1
?Measuring block T901101~T901109?HB 1439-19891990-6-1
Measuring base T901005~T901030?HB 1438-19891990-6-1
Cosine ruler T902005~T902015?HB 1448-19891990-6-1
Measuring spherical head T901405~T901450?HB 1442-19891990-6-1
Measuring spindle T901705~T901770?HB 1445-19891990-6-1
Guide Pillar ComponentsHB 4337-19891989-12-1
BracketHB 2524-19891989-12-1
Narrow Rectangular Position BlockHB 4324-19891989-12-1
MandrilHB 4359-19891989-12-1
Ball Bearing Retainer ComponentsHB 4338-19891989-12-1
Right SplintHB 4345-19891989-12-1
Round Top PlateHB 4362-19891989-12-1
A Type Flat KeyHB 4332-19891989-12-1
Hooked side pressure pipe gripper HB 2496-19891989-12-1
X Shaped Ejector PlateHB 4365-19891989-12-1
Round Hole Supporting Guide PlateHB 4307-19891989-12-1
Square Female Die Back PlateHB 4308-19891989-12-1
Square Back-up BoardHB 4311-19891989-12-1
Curved Female FrameHB 4343-19891989-12-1
Wide Rectangular Position BlockHB 4325-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Head ScrewHB 4348-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4340-19891989-12-1
Angular holderHB 2512-19891989-12-1
Double Hole Guide Bush Holder ComponentsHB 4335-19891989-12-1
Polished Shank Stud BoltHB 4352-19891989-12-1
Square Supporting Guide PlateHB 4305-19891989-12-1
Bar Shaped Padding BlockHB 4317-19891989-12-1
Square Head ScrewHB 4347-19891989-12-1
Round Hole Padding BlockHB 4315-19891989-12-1
Cross Ejector PlateHB 4364-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Top PlateHB 4361-19891989-12-1
Wide round splintHB 2510-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Ejector PlateHB 4363-19891989-12-1
C Type Square GussetHB 4299-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Supporting Guide PlateHB 4306-19891989-12-1
Position PlateHB 4326-19891989-12-1
Square Shank Stud BoltHB 4353-19891989-12-1
Long and Round Hole Padding BlockHB 4316-19891989-12-1
Bar Shaped Backing BlockHB 4314-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Male and Female Die Back PlatesHB 4303-19891989-12-1
Nut with ShoulderHB 4354-19891989-12-1
Round Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4341-19891989-12-1
Narrow Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4342-19891989-12-1
Foldable compressorHB 2517-19891989-12-1
Square Male and Female Die Back PlatesHB 4302-19891989-12-1
Square Male Die Retaining PlateHB 4339-19891989-12-1
T Shaped ScrewHB 4349-19891989-12-1
Single Hole Guide Bush Holder ComponentsHB 4334-19891989-12-1
Square Lower Padding BlockHB 4321-19891989-12-1
Slotted ScrewHB 4350-19891989-12-1
Inserted PinHB 4331-19891989-12-1
Helix compressorHB 2519-19891989-12-1
B Type Flat KeyHB 4333-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Hole Back-up BoardHB 4310-19891989-12-1
Round Hole Male and Female Die Back PlatesHB 4304-19891989-12-1
V shaped clampHB 2514-19891989-12-1
Stock Stop Ejector ComponentsHB 4330-19891989-12-1
Quick compressorHB 2518-19891989-12-1
Upper splintHB 2511-19891989-12-1
Rectangular SpacerHB 4319-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Lower Padding BlockHB 4322-19891989-12-1
A Type Rectangular GussetHB 4300-19891989-12-1
Square Hole Back-up BoardHB 4309-19891989-12-1
Slewing bearingHB 2525-19891989-12-1
Cross Position BlockHB 4323-19891989-12-1
Brazier Head ScrewHB 4351-19891989-12-1
Bar Shaped BoardHB 4346-19891989-12-1
T shaped holderHB 2513-19891989-12-1
A Type Square Gusset HB 4297-19891989-12-1
Square SpacerHB 4318-19891989-12-1
B Type Rectangular GussetHB 4301-19891989-12-1
Grooved SpacerHB 4320-19891989-12-1
Guide Pillar HolderHB 4336-19891989-12-1
Locating squeezer HB 2493-19891989-12-1
B Type Square GussetHB 4298-19891989-12-1
Long X Shaped Ejector PlateHB 4366-19891989-12-1
Hooked positive pressure pipe gripperHB 2495-19891989-12-1
HandspikeHB 4360-19891989-12-1
Round Castle NutHB 4355-19891989-12-1
Left SplintHB 4344-19891989-12-1
Rectangular Back-up BoardHB 4312-19891989-12-1
Square Spacer of Eccentric Vertical SlotHB 1225-19871987-7-1
Round Baseplate of Flimsy ClothHB 1218-19871987-7-1
Thick Nut HB 1321-19871987-7-1
Spherical Supporting CapHB 1358-19871987-7-1
Arched ClipHB 3994-19871987-7-1
Locator SubHB 1586-19871987-7-1
Rules of Marking Components of Combined ClampsHB 1769-19871987-7-1
Balance BlockHB 1634-19871987-7-1
Top Groove Base Angle IronHB 1504-19871987-7-1
Through-hole Rhombic Positioning Pin HB 1743-19871987-7-1
Simplified Rectangular BaseplateHB 1464-19871987-7-1
Single Groove Square Guiding BearingHB 3957-19871987-7-1
Bearing of One Vertical Slot and Side Hole HB 3953-19871987-7-1
V-shaped Back-up BoardHB 1533-19871987-7-1
Forked Clamp PlateHB 1717-19871987-7-1
Hollow Rectangular SupportHB 1376-19871987-7-1
Joint Bolt HB 3975-19871987-7-1
Eccentric Vertically Grooved Square SupportHB 1401-19871987-7-1
Large Middle Hole Position PlateHB 1563-19871987-7-1
Ribbing Angle Iron HB 1530-19871987-7-1
Wide-head Fork Shaped Clamp PlateHB 1308-19871987-7-1
T Shaped NutHB 3982-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Subplate of Three Vertical SlotsHB 1521-19871987-7-1
Lengthened Connection Plate HB 1729-19871987-7-1
Round Dowel DiscHB 1470-19871987-7-1
Left Step Vice Jaw HB 1715-19871987-7-1
Wide BoardHB 3950-19871987-7-1
Transition Nut with Shoulder HB 1764-19871987-7-1
Countersunk Drill TemplateHB 1477-19871987-7-1
Countersunk Drill TemplateHB 1291-19871987-7-1
Eccentric Simplified Rectangular SupportHB 1380-19871987-7-1
Precision Bench ViceHB 1393-19871987-7-1
Spherical Supporting CapHB 3993-19871987-7-1
Thin Fillister Head Screw HB 1720-19871987-7-1
Stud Bolt HB 1599-19871987-7-1
Small Pillar Locating Pin HB 1732-19871987-7-1
Simplified Square Back-up BoardHB 1223-19871987-7-1
Cross Recessed Left Bent-head Drill PlateHB 1556-19871987-7-1
Fine Adjustment Height SupportHB 1367-19871987-7-1
Milled NutHB 3981-19871987-7-1
Two-vertical-groove Rectangular SupportHB 1403-19871987-7-1
Lateral Tensioner in GrooveHB 1676-19871987-7-1
Bearing of One Vertical Slot and Side HoleHB 1265-19871987-7-1
Square BaseplateHB 1501-19871987-7-1
Moving V-shaped SeatHB 1650-19871987-7-1
Ball ScrewHB 1603-19871987-7-1
Wide-head Fork Shaped Clamp PlateHB 1590-19871987-7-1
Extension BoardHB 1539-19871987-7-1
Square Baseplate of Laterally Inclined SlotHB 1211-19871987-7-1
Long Flat Key HB 1409-19871987-7-1
Bearing with Hole in Middle of Both Slotted SidesHB 1263-19871987-7-1
Straight-bar-shaped Drill TemplateHB 1284-19871987-7-1
Single Groove Rectangular Guiding BearingHB 3958-19871987-7-1
Rotating Clamp PlateHB 1295-19871987-7-1
Extension Clamp PlateHB 1294-19871987-7-1
One-way GripperHB 1493-19871987-7-1
Hexagonal Nut HB 1615-19871987-7-1
Crank LevelHB 1433-19871987-7-1
Small Shoulder Nut HB 1320-19871987-7-1
Two-way GripperHB 1495-19871987-7-1
Position GripperHB 1425-19871987-7-1
Angle Iron for PositioningHB 3944-19871987-7-1
Top of Straight ShankHB 1271-19871987-7-1
Forked Eccentric GearHB 3967-19871987-7-1
Crop End T Shaped KeyHB 3951-19871987-7-1
Nut with Shoulder HB 1616-19871987-7-1
Pitch BaseHB 1635-19871987-7-1
Flat Eccentric Key HB 1694-19871987-7-1
Two-way GripperHB 1394-19871987-7-1
Cross Recessed T Shaped Drill PlateHB 1419-19871987-7-1
Precision Locator Square BaseplateHB 1396-19871987-7-1
Back Plate with Middle HoleHB 1268-19871987-7-1
Cross Recessed Left Vertical Drill TemplateHB 1288-19871987-7-1
Flat Index PlateHB 1642-19871987-7-1
Eccentric GearHB 1420-19871987-7-1
Knurled Nut HB 1620-19871987-7-1
Four-leave Quick Release Washer HB 1722-19871987-7-1
Precision Locator Rectangular BaseplateHB 1397-19871987-7-1
Swinging Clamp PlateHB 1297-19871987-7-1
Bent-head Clamp PlateHB 3969-19871987-7-1
Keyway Positioning Angle IronHB 1531-19871987-7-1
Arc Lock BlockHB 1301-19871987-7-1
Bolt for Rectangular Head Groove HB 1719-19871987-7-1
Supporting Seat of the Clamp PlateHB 1727-19871987-7-1
Vertical Guide Reduced BoardHB 1649-19871987-7-1
Joint Bolt HB 1602-19871987-7-1
Joint Frog Ring Support HB 1432-19871987-7-1
Compression ScrewHB 3977-19871987-7-1
Revolving Plate HB 1598-19871987-7-1
Extension BoardHB 3949-19871987-7-1
T Shaped Packing GaugeHB 1434-19871987-7-1
Round Clamp Plate HB 1305-19871987-7-1
Slewing RingHB 1327-19871987-7-1
Small GasketHB 3978-19871987-7-1
One Vertical Groove Square BearingHB 3939-19871987-7-1
Vertical Adjustable Compressor HB 1673-19871987-7-1
Swinging Pressure HeadHB 1657-19871987-7-1
V-shaped Back PlateHB 3946-19871987-7-1
Vertical Round BaseplateHB 1507-19871987-7-1
Round Clamp Plate HB 3970-19871987-7-1
Four Vertical Groove Square SpacerHB 1684-19871987-7-1
Compression ScrewHB 1315-19871987-7-1
Rectangular BaseplateHB 1502-19871987-7-1
Plane Supporting CapHB 1357-19871987-7-1
Base Angle Iron for Positioning HB 1216-19871987-7-1
Two-vertical-groove Rectangular Back-up BoardHB 1402-19871987-7-1
Connecting Rod HB 1437-19871987-7-1
Extension Clamp PlateHB 3964-19871987-7-1
Trimming ShaftHB 1387-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Baseplate of Flimsy Cloth and TransitionHB 1215-19871987-7-1
U-shaped Clamp PlateHB 1592-19871987-7-1
Three Vertical Groove Square BearingHB 1683-19871987-7-1
General Technical Conditions for Components of Combined ClampHB 1770-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Bearing of One Vertical SlotHB 1519-19871987-7-1
Longitudinally Grooved Drill TemplateHB 1290-19871987-7-1
Plain Washer HB 1610-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Baseplate of Laterally Inclined Slot and Flimsy ClothHB 1214-19871987-7-1
Key Groove Reduced Board HB 1492-19871987-7-1
Longitudinally Grooved Drill TemplatHB 1561-19871987-7-1
Thin Plate LocatorHB 1331-19871987-7-1
Square Head Bolt for Groove HB 1600-19871987-7-1
Vertical Round BaseplateHB 1217-19871987-7-1
Step BoardHB 1553-19871987-7-1
Bearing of One Vertical Slot and Side HoleHB 1552-19871987-7-1
Rugged Rectangular Back-up BoardHB 1229-19871987-7-1
Flat Bent Drill PlateHB 1700-19871987-7-1
Hexagonal Socket WrenchHB 3989-19871987-7-1
Eccentric Guide SupportHB 1476-19871987-7-1
Small Transition Flat Key HB 1730-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Spacer of Two Vertical SlotsHB 3942-19871987-7-1
Step BoardHB 3954-19871987-7-1
Raised-head T-shaped Key HB 1568-19871987-7-1
Flat Top of Taper ShankHB 1583-19871987-7-1
V-shaped BaseHB 1221-19871987-7-1
Knurled Inner Hexagon ScrewHB 1604-19871987-7-1
Hinged Clamp PlateHB 1298-19871987-7-1
Cross Recessed Left Bent-head Drill PlateHB 1415-19871987-7-1
Key Locating Shaft HB 1697-19871987-7-1
Small Washer HB 1317-19871987-7-1
Vertical Adjustable CompressorHB 1429-19871987-7-1
Swivel JointHB 1347-19871987-7-1
Ball HeadHB 1766-19871987-7-1
Sliding BearingHB 1475-19871987-7-1
Big Head Forked Clamp PlateHB 1718-19871987-7-1
GussetHB 1597-19871987-7-1
Double-head Clamp Plate HB 1593-19871987-7-1
Lower Crosswise Groove Right Vertical Drill PlateHB 1558-19871987-7-1
Square Bearing of Transition and Two Vertical SlotsHB 1408-19871987-7-1
Triple Grip SupportHB 1629-19871987-7-1
Left Angle Iron in Angular ShapeHB 1536-19871987-7-1
Key Groove Reduced BoardHB 1424-19871987-7-1
Three-groove Bar Shaped BaseplateHB 1465-19871987-7-1
Joint Dangler SupportHB 3987-19871987-7-1
Position PlateHB 1267-19871987-7-1
Bent-head Bar Shaped Drill PlateHB 1413-19871987-7-1
Spherical Supporting CapHB 1627-19871987-7-1
Left Bent-head Drill TemplateHB 1286-19871987-7-1
Lower Crosswise Groove Left Vertical Drill PlateHB 1559-19871987-7-1
Flat Key HB 1565-19871987-7-1
Left Angle IronHB 1529-19871987-7-1
Joint Frog Ring SupportHB 3988-19871987-7-1
Crosswise Grooved Square SupportHB 1379-19871987-7-1
Turning SupportHB 1638-19871987-7-1
Angle Iron for PositioningHB 1232-19871987-7-1
Swinging LocalizerHB 1665-19871987-7-1
Floating Gripping JawHB 1666-19871987-7-1
Inclined CompressorHB 1668-19871987-7-1
Cross Recessed Right Bent-head Drill PlateHB 1414-19871987-7-1
V-shaped Back-up BoardHB 3945-19871987-7-1
Small Through-hole Cylindrical Positioning Pin HB 1733-19871987-7-1
Contrapuntal Shaft with Shoulder HB 1747-19871987-7-1
Thin Fillister Head Screw HB 1422-19871987-7-1
Right Angle Iron in Angular ShapeHB 1537-19871987-7-1
Top of Straight ShankHB 1581-19871987-7-1
Pillar LocalizerHB 1675-19871987-7-1
Two Vertical Groove End Hole BearingHB 1696-19871987-7-1
Spring PedestalHB 3986-19871987-7-1
Simplified Square BearingHB 1682-19871987-7-1
Angle Bearing HB 1527-19871987-7-1
Indented Flat Clamp HB 1711-19871987-7-1
Close-hole Guide HolderHB 1333-19871987-7-1
Bearing with Hole in Middle of Both Slotted Sides HB 1551-19871987-7-1
Landing LegHB 1360-19871987-7-1
Normal Drill PlateHB 1377-19871987-7-1
V-shaped Angle IronHB 3948-19871987-7-1
Three Vertical Groove Side-hole BearingHB 1695-19871987-7-1
Right Vice JawHB 1712-19871987-7-1
Cylindrical Positioning Pin HB 1736-19871987-7-1
Contrapuntal Shaft HB 1746-19871987-7-1
TailstockHB 1328-19871987-7-1
Set Screw HB 1314-19871987-7-1
One-way Gripping JawHB 1653-19871987-7-1
Countersunk Supporting RingHB 1436-19871987-7-1
Crank LevelHB 1500-19871987-7-1
Eccentric Rectangular Back-up BoardHB 1405-19871987-7-1
Set Screw HB 3976-19871987-7-1
Supporting RingHB 1361-19871987-7-1
Cross Recessed Left Vertical Drill TemplateHB 3960-19871987-7-1
Hexagonal Transition Nut HB 1763-19871987-7-1
Square Guide BearingHB 1281-19871987-7-1
Side-hole Position PlateHB 3955-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Bearing of One Vertical SlotHB 1227-19871987-7-1
Flat Eccentric Key HB 1384-19871987-7-1
Inner Hexagon Nut HB 1618-19871987-7-1
Rugged Rectangular SupportHB 1404-19871987-7-1
GussetHB 3990-19871987-7-1
Thick Key HB 1254-19871987-7-1
Flat Clamp Plate HB 1587-19871987-7-1
Swivel JointHB 1671-19871987-7-1
Bottom Auxiliary SupportHB 1423-19871987-7-1
Bolt Used for Grooves with Square EndsHB 3974-19871987-7-1
Plane Supporting Cap HB 3992-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Baseplate of Laterally Inclined Slot HB 1213-19871987-7-1
Lateral CompressorHB 1426-19871987-7-1
Simplified Square Back-up Board HB 1466-19871987-7-1
Spring Pedestal HB 1430-19871987-7-1
Thick Nut HB 1617-19871987-7-1
Parallel GripperHB 1341-19871987-7-1
Cropping T-shaped Key HB 1569-19871987-7-1
Rhombic Positioning Pin HB 1742-19871987-7-1
Indented Bent Clamp PlateHB 1716-19871987-7-1
Left Angle IronHB 1234-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Packing GaugeHB 1359-19871987-7-1
Bar-shaped Baseplate with FrameHB 1220-19871987-7-1
Simplified Square Baseplate HB 1503-19871987-7-1
U-shaped Clamp PlateHB 3971-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Spacer of Two Vertical SlotsHB 1228-19871987-7-1
Flat Top of Straight ShankHB 1272-19871987-7-1
Small Screw Hole Cylindrical Positioning Pin HB 1734-19871987-7-1
Position Gripper HB 1674-19871987-7-1
Swinging Clamp PlateHB 1595-19871987-7-1
Flat Clamp PlateHB 1293-19871987-7-1
Rotating Clamp Plate HB 1594-19871987-7-1
Countersink Cylindrical Positioning Pin HB 1739-19871987-7-1
Spherical Support TackHB 1624-19871987-7-1
Precision Locator Square Baseplate HB 1680-19871987-7-1
Two-vertical-groove Square SupportHB 1515-19871987-7-1
Tailed Index PlateHB 1640-19871987-7-1
Fine Adjustment Altitude ScaleHB 1656-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Guide Bearing HB 1474-19871987-7-1
Square HolderHB 1549-19871987-7-1
Base Angle IronHB 1506-19871987-7-1
U-shaped Clamp PlateHB 1306-19871987-7-1
Key Groove V-shaped Bearing HB 1692-19871987-7-1
Small Blind Screw Hole Cylindrical Positioning Pin HB 1735-19871987-7-1
Screw Hole Cylinder HB 1738-19871987-7-1
Square Guide BearingHB 1545-19871987-7-1
Bearing with Side HoleHB 3952-19871987-7-1
One-vertical-groove Side-hole SupportHB 1550-19871987-7-1
Eagle-pose Type Adjustable Clamp PlateHB 1669-19871987-7-1
Right Bent-head Drill TemplateHB 1285-19871987-7-1
Small Blind Screw Hole Rhombic Positioning Pin HB 1741-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Bearing of One Vertical SlotHB 3941-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Nut HB 1619-19871987-7-1
Still Equalizing FrameHB 1395-19871987-7-1
Square Subplate of Three Vertical Slots HB 1511-19871987-7-1
Simplified V-shaped BearingHB 1534-19871987-7-1
Wide BoardHB 1540-19871987-7-1
Simplified V-shaped BearingHB 3947-19871987-7-1
Through-hole Cylindrical Positioning Pin HB 1737-19871987-7-1
Six-equal-parts Tangent Circle BaseplateHB 1508-19871987-7-1
Countersunk Supporting Ring HB 1767-19871987-7-1
V-shaped SlideHB 1538-19871987-7-1
Slewing Bearing HB 1637-19871987-7-1
Bent-head Clamp PlateHB 1304-19871987-7-1
Back Plate with Middle HoleHB 1555-19871987-7-1
Hinged Clamp PlateHB 3965-19871987-7-1
Spring PedestalHB 1728-19871987-7-1
Rectangular Spacer of Two Vertical SlotsHB 1517-19871987-7-1
Cross Recessed Right Vertical Drill TemplateHB 1287-19871987-7-1
Compression Screw HB 1605-19871987-7-1
Screw Hole and Bolt HB 1632-19871987-7-1
Morse Taper MatrixHB 1222-19871987-7-1
Stud Bolt HB 3973-19871987-7-1
Eccentric Vertically Grooved Square Back-up BoardHB 1400-19871987-7-1
Joint Dangler Support HB 1658-19871987-7-1
TailstockHB 1651-19871987-7-1
Large Middle Hole Back PlateHB 1411-19871987-7-1
Small Nut with ShoulderHB 3979-19871987-7-1
Set Screw HB 1608-19871987-7-1
Revolving PlateHB 1353-19871987-7-1
Hollow Rectangular Support HB 1544-19871987-7-1
Lateral TensionerHB 1677-19871987-7-1
Cropping T-shaped Key HB 1256-19871987-7-1
Pin Shaft HB 1745-19871987-7-1
Flat Clamp PlateHB 3963-19871987-7-1
Sliding BearingHB 1283-19871987-7-1
Position PlateHB 1554-19871987-7-1
Square HolderHB 1269-19871987-7-1
Sine HolderHB 1326-19871987-7-1
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