Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
The element of machine tools-lubrication systems— Part 2:Electric multiline displacement pump of greaseJB/T 8651.2-20112011-8-1
The element of machine tools-lubrication systems— Part 3:Minitype electric displacement pump of greaseJB/T 8651.3-20112011-8-1
Linear rolling guide —Part 1:Terminology and symbolsJB/T 7175.1-20112011-8-1
The element of machine tools-lubrication systems— Part 1:Grease pump operated manuallyJB/T 8651.1-20112011-8-1
Ball screw assembly — Dimension of shaft-end type screwJB/T 3162-20112011-8-1
The element of machine tools - lubrication systems —Part 4:Block type progressive plunger metering deviceJB/T 8651.4-20112011-8-1
Modular units for machine tools—Workholding pallets—Part 1:Workholding pallets up to 800 mm nominal sizeGB/T 25379.1-20102011-3-1
Modular units for machine tools—Workholding pallets—Part 2:Workholding pallets of nominal size greater than 800 mmGB/T 25379.2-20102011-3-1
Check barGB/T 25377-20102011-3-1
Reliability evaluation for function units of machine tools - Part 1: General ruleGB/T 23568.1-20092010-1-1
Ball screws - Part 5: Static and dynamic load ratings and operational lifeGB/T 17587.5-20082009-1-1
Ball screws - Part 4: Static axial rigidityGB/T 17587.4-20082009-1-1
High speed precision ball screw—Part 1:Specification of performance and testJB/T 10890.1-20082008-11-1
Trapezoid thread screw and nut for machine tools-SpecificationsJB/T 2886-20082008-11-1
Specifications for oil feeding device in lubrication system of numerical control machine toolsJB/T 7452-20072008-3-1
Tool storage with automatic tool changerJB/T 10791.1-20072008-3-1
Specifications for hydraulic pump station in numerical control machine toolsJB/T 6105-20072008-3-1
Rolling Linear Guide - Part 2: ParametersJB/T 7175.2-20062007-5-1
Rolling Linear Guide-Part 4 : Acceptance SpecificationJB/T 7175.4-20062007-5-1
Tractive electro-magnetsJB/T 10610-20062007-3-1
Micro-gap switchesJB/T 3022-20042004-8-1
7/24 tapers for tool shanks for manual changingGB/T 3837-20012002-3-1
SolenoidJB/T 5244-20012001-7-1
Digital readouts for grating transducerJB/T 10080.1-20002000-6-1
Linear grating transducerJB/T 10080.2-20002000-6-1
Electromagnets Intended to be Used in AC Dry Type of ValvesJB/T 10162-19992000-3-1
Electromagnets Intended to be Used in DC Wet Type of ValvesJB/T 10160-19992000-3-1
Electromagnets Intended to be Used in AC Self-rectifying Wet ValveJB/T 10159-19992000-3-1
Electromagnets Intended to be Used in DC Dry Type of ValvesJB/T 10161-19992000-3-1
Ball Screw Ball Nut Installation and Connection DimensionsJB/T 9893-19992000-1-1
Thermal Overload Relay for Machine ToolsJB/T 3909-19992000-1-1
Horizontal Fine Boring Machine Boring Head Technical ConditionsJB/T 9900.2-19992000-1-1
Horizontal Fine Boring Machine Boring Head Accuracy InspectionJB/T 9900.1-19992000-1-1
Straight-tooth end-toothed disc Parameters and dimensions of seriesJB/T 4316.1-19992000-1-1
Vertical fine boring machine Boring head Technical conditionsJB/T 9901.2-19992000-1-1
Ball screws - Part 3: Acceptance conditions and acceptance testsGB/T 17587.3-19981999-9-1
Ball screws--Part 1:Vocabulary and designationGB/T 17587.1-19981999-9-1
Ball screws - Part 2: Nominal diameters and nominal leads - Metric seriesGB/T 17587.2-19981999-9-1
Closed Type Adjusting Iron Pads Used by MachinesJB/T 8775-19981998-12-1
Rolling Linear Guide Pair for Machines Installation and Connection DimensionsJB/T 7175.3-19961997-1-1
Digital Display Meter of Inductosyn Technical RequirementsJB/T 8375-19961996-7-1
Axis for Rack-type LocalizerHB 450-19871987-9-1
Bush Used for Rack-type LocalizerHB 452-19871987-9-1
Bevel-type PositionerHB 3936-19871987-9-1
Movable V-shaped BlockHB 384-19871987-9-1
Exterior Tetragonal Pressurized Components Used for Plastic ClampsHB 3930-19871987-9-1
Jaw for Clamps of Vice TypeHB 440-19871987-9-1
Stopper Used for Clamps of Vice TypeHB 441-19871987-9-1
Rack-type LocalizerHB 449-19871987-9-1
Gear Sleeve for Rack-type Localizer HB 454-19871987-9-1
Clamp of Vice TypeHB 438-19871987-9-1
Locating Pins for Rack-type Localizer HB 453-19871987-9-1
Taper ShankHB 365-19871987-9-1
Lever-type PositionerHB 3935-19871987-9-1
Nozzle with Steel BallHB 357-19871987-9-1
Taper Shank Changeover PanelHB 1869-19871987-9-1
Oil Hole Plug HB 360-19871987-9-1
Screws for Rack-type Localizer HB 455-19871987-9-1
Nuts for Rack-type Localizer HB 456-19871987-9-1
Interior Hexagonal Pressurized Components Used for Plastic ClampsHB 3931-19871987-9-1
Localizers with Rack and Axial Fastening Screw HB 451-19871987-9-1
Axial Clamping Device HB 442-19871987-9-1
Clamp Hoop for Axial Clamping HB 443-19871987-9-1
Vice Jaw Used for Clamps of Vice TypeHB 439-19871987-9-1
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