Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Crocodile type clipping machines PrecisionJB/T 9956-1999
Hydraulic pressing metal balers Technical conditionsJB/T 8494-1996
Production machine for rubber bottle stopperGB/Z 41159-20222022-10-1
NC bus processing machineGB/T 39746-20212021-10-1
CNC hole puncherGB/T 39958-20212021-10-1
Straight-sided single-action mechanical power presses -- Characteristicsand dimensionsGB/T 39960-20212021-10-1
CNC punching and laser cutting composite machinesGB/T 39745-20212021-10-1
Specification for data processing software and interface of CNC turret punch pressGB/T 39790-20212021-10-1
Reliability assessment method of NC mechanical pressesGB/T 37903-20192020-3-1
CNC punching and shearing composite machinesGB/T 37912-20192020-3-1
NC high speed pressGB/T 37902-20192020-3-1
Metalforming machinery—TerminologyGB/T 36484-20182019-2-1
NC hydraulic pressGB/T 36486-20182019-2-1
Straight-sided high-speed mechanical power presses--Types and basic parametersGB/T 35091-20182018-12-1
CNC straight-side link-drive press--AccuracyGB/T 35093-20182018-12-1
Methods of static load deflection measurement for hydraulic pressesGB/T 35092-20182018-12-1
Reliability assessment method and index of active opto-electronic protective devicesGB/T 36229-20182018-12-1
CNC Straight-side link-drive press—Performance requirements and test methodsGB/T 36230-20182018-12-1
High-speed automatic press line for air conditioner finsGB/T 34384-20172018-4-1
CNC hydraulic punching and drilling composite machine for platesGB/T 33639-20172017-12-1
NC press brake -- Testing of the accuracyGB/T 33644-20172017-12-1
Automatic spring winding machine―Testing of the accuracyGB/T 14331-20172017-12-1
Fast hydraulic sheet stamping and drawing press. Part 2: SpecificationsJB/T 12994.2-20172017-7-1
Wedge die cross roller. Part 1: Type and basic parameterJB/T 9963.1-20152016-3-1
NC Plate bending machineGB/T 30463-20132015-1-1
Safety requirement of plate bending machineGB 30458-20132015-1-1
Arc Shear Blade for Hot Rolling MillsJB/T 12044-20142014-11-1
Rules for the inspection of metalforming machine for import and export - Part 2: Plate benderSN/T 0813.2-20132014-6-1
High speed precision straight side press—Testing of the accuracyGB/T 29548-20132014-1-1
Methods of static load deflection measurement for straight-side pressesGB/T 29546-20132014-1-1
Open front high speed precision press—Testing of the accuracyGB/T 29547-20132014-1-1
Metalforming machinery - Safety requirementsGB 17120-20122013-10-1
Tube bending machine - Safety requirementsGB 28760-20122013-10-1
Metalforming machinery - Method of type designationGB/T 28761-20122013-5-1
Numerically controlled tube bending machineGB/T 28763-20122013-5-1
NC shearsGB/T 28762-20122013-5-1
Hydraulic press brakes—Safety requirementsGB 28243-20122013-1-1
Automatic metalforming machinery—Safety requirementsGB 28244-20122013-1-1
Hydraulic presses—Safety requirementsGB 28241-20122013-1-1
Screw presses—Safety requirementsGB 28242-20122013-1-1
Shears—Safety requirementsGB 28240-20122013-1-1
Noise limits for automatic metalforming machineryGB 28245-20122013-1-1
Forging roll machine — Part 3:SpecificationsJB/T 2403.3-20122012-11-1
Forging roll machine — Part 2:Testing of the accuracyJB/T 2403.2-20122012-11-1
Hydraulic scrap baling presses — Part 2:technical requirementsJB/T 8494.2-20122012-11-1
Numerical control system for press brakesJB/T 11216-20122012-11-1
0JB/T 1647-19992012-11-1
Hydraulic alligator shear — Part 2:testing of the accuracyJB/T 9956.2-20122012-11-1
Numerical control system for shearsJB/T 11214-20122012-11-1
Universal profile formerJB/T 11215-20122012-11-1
Straight sided mechanical power press — part 1:Types and basic parametersJB/T 1647.1-20122012-11-1
Straight-sided four-point mechanical power press — Testing of the accuracyJB/T 5200-20122012-11-1
Mechanical Press Electric cam ControllerJB/T 11217-20122012-11-1
Forging roll machine — Part 1:parameterJB/T 2403.1-20122012-11-1
Straight-side mechanical power press — part 2:Technical requirementsJB/T 1647.2-20122012-11-1
Ironworker—Safety requirementsGB 27608-20112012-10-1
Specification of safeguard for pressesGB 5091-20112012-10-1
Mechanical press - Safety requirements GB 27607-20112012-10-1
Press brake - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 14349-20112012-1-1
Noise limits of mechanical pressesGB/T 26483-20112012-1-1
Equipment for uncoiling, levelling and shearing Line - Safety requirementsGB 26485-20112012-1-1
Noise limits for hydraulic presses GB 26484-20112012-1-1
Plate shear - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 14404-20112012-1-1
Noise limits for hydraulic pressesGB/T 26484-20112012-1-1
Noise limits of mechanical pressesGB 26483-20112012-1-1
NC Levelling and shearing lineGB/T 26486-20112012-1-1
Sheet metal forming equipment—General specificationsGB/T 26487-20112011-10-1
Electric screw press - Part 2:SpecificationsJB/T 11194.2-20112011-8-1
Plate Straightening MachineJB/T 11192-20112011-8-1
3-roll Bending Machine with Bottom Rollers Horizontal AdjustmentJB/T 11195-20112011-8-1
Electric screw press - Part 1:Types and basic parametersJB/T 11194.1-20112011-8-1
Friction screw presses for brick-making - Part 2:Types and basic parametersJB/T 8783.2-20112011-8-1
Friction screw presses for brick-making - Part 1: Testing of the accuracyJB/T 8783.1-20112011-8-1
Bench mechanical power presses -Part 3:testing of the accuracyJB/T 5247.3-20112011-8-1
Bench mechanical power presses -Part 1:SpecificationsJB/T 5247.1-20112011-8-1
Balanceable cylider for mechanical presses-SpecificationJB/T 11193-20112011-8-1
Steel-body copper-bushing compound parts for metalforming machinery-SpecificationJB/T 11196-20112011-8-1
Bench mechanical power presses -Part 2:Types and basic parametersJB/T 5247.2-20112011-8-1
Pneumatic forging hammer—Type and parameterGB/T 25720-20102011-7-29
Electro hydraulic forging hammer - Type and basic parameterGB/T 25718-20102011-7-1
Pneumatic forging hammer—Technical requirementsGB/T 25721-20102011-7-1
Electro hydraulic forging hammer—Technical requirementsGB/T 25719-20102011-7-1
Counter blow hammer-Types and basic parameterJB/T 1880-20102010-10-1
25MN Abrasive product hydraulic pressJB/T 6998-20102010-10-1
Die forging hammer-Types and basic parametersJB/T 1843-20102010-10-1
Trimming hydraulic press-Types and basic parameterJB/T 1881-20102010-10-1
Openside stamping hydraulic - Type and basal parameterJB/T 2098-20102010-10-1
Single and Double Action Plate Punching Hydraulic PressJB/T 7343-20102010-10-1
Noise limits for press brake and flanging machineGB 24388-20092010-7-1
Tooling for CNC turret punch machineJB/T 10928-20102010-7-1
Noise limits for shearing machineryGB/T 24389-20092010-7-1
Friction screw press-Part 2:Basic parameterJB/T 2547.2-20102010-7-1
Gray iron castings for metalforming machinery-SpecificationsJB/T 5775-20102010-7-1
Plate bending machine for ship building industryJB/T 10927-20102010-7-1
Clutch-controlled screw presses-SpecificationsJB/T 10926-20102010-7-1
Horizontal cold extrusion presses - Part 1: SpecificationsJB/T 10925.1-20102010-7-1
Tube bending machines-Part 3:Testing of the accuracyJB/T 2671.3-20102010-7-1
Arch line type plate bending Machine with three rollsJB/T 10924-20102010-7-1
Noise limits for shearing machineryGB 24389-20092010-7-1
Upper roller universal plate bending machineJB/T 10929-20102010-7-1
Noise limits for press brake and flanging machineGB/T 24388-20092010-7-1
Test code of accuracy for metalforming machineGB/T 10923-20092009-11-1
Metal forming machinery - Noise measurement method of sound power levelsGB/T 23282-20092009-11-1
Open front mechanical power presses - VocabularyGB/T 23482-20092009-11-1
Open front mechanical power presses - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 23280-20092009-11-1
Straight sided single or two - Point mechanical power presses - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 10924-20092009-11-1
Open front mechanical power presses - Types and basic parametersGB/T 14347-20092009-11-1
Four-column hydraulic press - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 9166-20092009-11-1
Metal forming machinery -noise measurement method of sound pressure levelsGB/T 23281-20092009-11-1
CNC Punching marking & cutting line for anglesGB/T 23481-20092009-11-1
Technical requirements for hand-held electromagnetic disk used for the pressesGB 5093-20092009-10-1
Specification of induction protective devices for pressesGB 5092-20082009-10-1
Analog load testing system for CNC presses and hydraulic pressesGB/T 21681-20082008-10-1
Friction screw presses for brick-making-Park 3:SpecificationsJB/T 8783.3-20072008-2-1
Die - Forging screw presses - Testing of the accuracyJB/T 5198-20072008-2-1
Thread rolling machines-Part 3:ParametersJB/T 5201.3-20072008-2-1
Friction screw presses-Part 1:SpecificationsJB/T 2547.1-20072008-2-1
Straight-side double-action multi-link-Part 2:Testing of the accuracyJB/T 10782.2-20072008-2-1
General specifications for mechanical dry powder compacting pressesJB/T 10784-20072008-2-1
Thread rolling machines-Part 1:Testing of the accuracyJB/T 5201.1-20072008-2-1
Thread rolling machines-Part 2:SpecificationsJB/T 5201.2-20072008-2-1
Straight-side four point multi-link - Part 2: Testing of the accuracyJB/T 10783.2-20072008-2-1
Ring rolling machineJB/T 7446-20072008-1-1
Numerically controlled rolling machineJB/T 10757-20072008-1-1
Fine-pitch involute spline rolling machineJB/T 10756-20072008-1-1
Specification of active opto-electronic protective devices for pressesGB 4584-20072007-12-1
Double action slabs hydraulic punching pressJB/T 7678-20072007-9-1
Horizontal extrusion press for non-ferrous metalsJB/T 7677-20072007-9-1
Hose-connecting swagersJB/T 10708-20072007-9-1
complete set of equipment for uncoiling leveling and shearingJB/T 10678-20062007-7-1
Rules for the inspection of metalforming machine for import and export-Part 1:General requirementsSN/T 0813.1-20062007-3-1
Electrode extrusion pressJB/T 1808-20052006-1-1
Cold isostatic press wound with steel wireJB/T 7348-20052006-1-1
Rules for the inspection of plate shear for import and exportSN/T 1406-20042004-12-1
Hydraulic Press - Square Attached Flange - Type and Size (Pg=315×10^5Pa)JB 2007-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - U-fabric Laminated Rubber Seal - Back up Ring - Type and SizeJB 2004-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Square Attached Flange - Type and Size (Pg=200×10^5Pa)JB 2009-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Plug Gland - Type and Size (Pg=200×10^5Pa)JB 2002-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Square Attached Flange - Type and Size (Pg=40×10^5Pa)JB 2013-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Oval Attached Flange - Type and Size (Pg=315×10^5Pa)JB 2006-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Guide Bushing - Type and SizeJB 2003-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Round Attached Flange - Type and Size (Pg-315×10^5Pa)JB 2008-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Plug Gland - Type and Size(Pg =315×10^5Pa)JB 2001-19842004-6-1
Hydraulic Press - Round Attached Flange - Type and Size (Pg=100×10^5Pa)JB 2012-19842004-6-1
High speed precision straight side press - Technical requirementsJB/T 10168-20002000-6-1
Press brakes - Safety requirementsJB 10148-19992000-3-1
Friction screw press. Technical requirementsJB/T 2547.1-19992000-3-1
Open Press Distribution Types and Dimensions of Grooves and Holes for Fastening MoldsJB/T 3847-19992000-1-1
Precision Press PrecisionJB/T 3879-19992000-1-1
Bar Clipping Machine Basic ParametersJB/T 3867.1-19992000-1-1
Wedge Type Die Cross Rolling Machines Types and Basic ParametersJB/T 9963-19992000-1-1
Bar Shears, Alligator Shear, Guillotine Shear Noise LimitsJB 9969-19992000-1-1
Pipe Bender, Three-roll Plate Bending Machine Noise LimitsJB 9971-19992000-1-1
Thread Roller, Spring Winding Machine, Nail Making Machine Noise LimitsJB 9972-19992000-1-1
Plate Bending Machine Types and Basic ParametersJB/T 2257.2-19992000-1-1
Combined Punching and Shearing Machine Technical Conditions for SafetyJB 9962-19992000-1-1
Stamping Shearer, Combined Punching and Shearing Machine Noise LimitsJB 9970-19992000-1-1
Types and Basic Parameters of Closed-frame Cold Extrusion PressesJB/T 2936.1-19992000-1-1
Hydraulic System of Forging Machinery CleannessJB/T 9954-19992000-1-1
Plate Bending Machine, Crimping Machine Noise LimitsJB 9976-19992000-1-1
Automatic Spring Coiling Machine Technical ConditionsJB/T 3581-19992000-1-1
Air Hammer Noise LimitsJB 9973-19992000-1-1
Straight side press Technical conditionsJB/T 9964-19992000-1-1
Plate Shears Terms and TerminologiesJB/T 1826.1-19992000-1-1
Open Type Multiple Position Press PrecisionJB/T 9961-19992000-1-1
Four-post Hydraulic Press Types and Basic ParametersJB/T 9957.2-19992000-1-1
Radial Forging Machines Types and Basic ParametersJB/T 9955.1-19992000-1-1
Plate Bending Machine Terms and TerminologiesJB/T 2257.3-19992000-1-1
Automatic Forge Press Terms and TerminologiesJB/T 3994-19992000-1-1
Radial Forging Machines Technical ConditionsJB/T 9955.3-19992000-1-1
Nail Making Machine PrecisionJB/T 3861.2-19992000-1-1
Metal Forming Machine Visualized Symbols of Operation InstructionJB/T 3240-19992000-1-1
Double Disk Friction Press Noise LimitsJB 9977-19992000-1-1
Hydraulic Press for Abrasive Products Types and Basic ParametersJB/T 3863-19992000-1-1
Straight Side Press Noise LimitsJB 9974-19992000-1-1
Hydraulic Die Hammers with Slightly Movable Anvil Block Basic ParametersJB/T 3582-19992000-1-1
Crimping Machine Technical ConditionsJB/T 3850.1-19992000-1-1
Closed-frame Cold Extrusion Presses Technical ConditionsJB/T 2936.2-19992000-1-1
Hydraulic Press Noise LimitsJB 9967-19992000-1-1
Hydraulic Screw Press Basic ParametersJB/T 2474-19992000-1-1
Nail Making Machine Basic ParametersJB/T 3861.1-19992000-1-1
Metal Forming Machine Method for Designing TypesJB/T 9965-19992000-1-1
Metal Extruding Hydraulic Press Basic ParametersJB/T 3844.1-19992000-1-1
Open Press Noise LimitsJB 9968-19992000-1-1
Closed Multi-position Press PrecisionJB/T 3848-19992000-1-1
Radial Forging Machines PrecisionJB/T 9955.2-19992000-1-1
Hydraulic RiveterJB/T 9966-19992000-1-1
Four-post Hydraulic Press Performance Test MethodJB/T 9957.1-19992000-1-1
Pipe Bender Terms and TerminologiesJB/T 3894.1-19992000-1-1
Automatic Upsetting Forging Press, Automatic Trimming Machine, Automatic Thread Rolling Machine, Automatic Bending Machine Noise LimitsJB 9975-19992000-1-1
Bar Clipping Machine PrecisionJB/T 3867.2-19992000-1-1
Air Hammer Technical ConditionsJB/T 1827.1-19992000-1-1
Nail Making Machine Technical ConditionsJB/T 3861.3-19992000-1-1
Numerically Controlled Pipe Bending Machine Technical ConditionsJB/T 5761.1-19992000-1-1
Pipe Bender Technical ConditionsJB/T 2671.2-19981998-12-1
Crimping Machine PrecisionJB/T 3850.2-19981998-12-1
Screw Press Technical Conditions for SafetyJB 8780-19981998-12-1
Technical conditions of section-bending machineJB/T 8777-19981998-12-1
Plate Shears Technical Requirements for SafetyJB 8781-19981998-12-1
Closed High Speed Precision Press PrecisionJB/T 8782-19981998-12-1
Pipe Bender ParametersJB/T 2671.1-19981998-12-1
Technical conditions of 4-roll plate bending machineJB/T 8778-19981998-12-1
Bench press type and main parameterJB/T 5247.2-19981998-12-1
Reinforcing bar straightening and cutting machinesJG/T 5086-19961997-4-1
Double-action Hydraulic Drawing Press for Sheet Metal Basic ParametersJB/T 8493-19961997-1-1
Single Acting Sheet Stamping Hydraulic Press Basic ParametersJB/T 8492-19961997-1-1
0JB/T 2403.1-19961996-10-1
0JB/T 2403.3-19961996-10-1
0JB/T 2403.2-19961996-10-1
Automatic BbenderJB/T 3884-19961996-7-1
Rules for the inspection of open front mechanical power presses for exportSN/T 0507-19951996-5-1
Single acting and double acting sheet stamping hydraulic pressJB/T 7343-19941995-7-1
CBG 610×1700/2030 rectangular pyramid tension reelsJB/T 6995-19931994-7-1
Fine Blanking Hydraulic Press PrecisionJB/T 7177-19931994-3-1
Press brake-Testing of the accuracyGB/T 14349-19931994-1-1
Mechanical Press Technical Requirements for SafetyJB 3350-19931994-1-1
Open front mechanical power presses Types and basic parametersGB/T 14347-19931994-1-1
Hydraulic Press for Magnetic Materials Technical ConditionsJB/T 6584-19931994-1-1
Steel Ball, Roller Automatic Cold Header PrecisionJB/T 3592-19931994-1-1
Automatic Cold Heaters for High Speed Steel Ball Technical ConditionsJB/T 6582-19931994-1-1
Automatic spring winding machine - Testing of the accuracyGB/T 14331-19931993-12-1
Pipe threading and cutting machineJG/T 5019-19921993-3-1
Numerically Controlled Bending Machine ParametersJB/T 5761-19911992-10-1
Straight Sided Press Reliability Assessment SpecificationJB/T 54366-19941992-7-1
Automatic Trimming Machine PrecisionJB/T 3590-19911992-7-1
Automatic Thread Rolling Machine PrecisionJB 3591-19911992-7-1
Bolt Combination Automatic Machine Basic ParametersJB/T 3053-19911992-7-1
Multi-station Cold Former Basic ParametersJB/T 5202-19911992-7-1
Automatic Nut Cold Working Machine Basic ParametersJB/T 3055-19911992-7-1
Plate Shears Types and Basic ParametersJB/T 1826-19911992-7-1
Automatic Thread Rolling Machine Basic ParametersJB/T 3056-19911992-7-1
Air Hammer ParametersJB/T 1827-19911992-7-1
Straight-side Four Point Press Precision JB/T 5200-19911992-7-1
Plate Shears - Technical ConditionsJB/T 5197-19911992-7-1
Automatic Cold Working Machine PrecisionJB/T 3589-19911992-7-1
Single, Double-stroke Solid-die Automatic Cold Header Basic ParametersJB/T 3054-19911992-7-1
Roller Moulding MachinesQB/T 1244-19911992-4-1
Sections Bending Machine Types and Basic ParametersJB/T 6103-19921992-1-1
Straight sided two-point mechanical presses-Testing of the accuracyGB/T 10933-19891990-1-1
Acceptance code of accuracy for metalforming machineGB/T 10923-19891990-1-1
Straight sided one-point mechanical presses--Testing of the accuracyGB/T 10924-19891990-1-1
Four-column hydraulic presses-Testing of the accuracyGB/T 9166-19881989-1-1
Method for testing of reinforcing bar bending machinesGB 8524-19871988-7-1
Wire straightening and cutting machinesGB 8525-19871988-7-1
Reinforcing bar bending machinesGB 8523-19871988-7-1
Technical requirements for hand-held electromagnetic disk used for the pressesGB 5093-19851985-11-1
Hydraulic press Technical conditions for safetyJB 3915-19851985-8-1
Metal Extruding Hydraulic Press PrecisionJB/T 3844-19851985-7-1
Hydraulic Ppress for Abrasive Products PrecisionJB/T 3864-19851985-7-1
Technical requirements for light type safety device used for the pressesGB 4584-19841985-5-1
Technical requirements for induction type safety device used for the pressesGB 5092-19851985-1-1
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