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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test method for solid materials outgassing performance in vacuumT/CGMA 0602-2021
Stability and environmental performance grades of magnetic levitation molecular pumpT/CGMA 0603-2021
Vacuum technology--Pipeline fittings--Mounting dimensionsGB/T 16709-1996
Ultra-high vacuum flange--DimensionsGB/T 6071.2-1985
Vacuum technology—Standard methods for measuring vacuum-pump performance— Part 2:Positive displacement vacuum pumpsGB/T 40344.2-20212022-3-1
Vacuum technology—Standard methods for measuring vacuum-pump performance—Part 1:General descriptionGB/T 40344.1-20212022-3-1
Vacuum gauges—Definitions and specifications for quadrupole mass spectrometersGB/T 40333-20212021-12-1
Vacuum technology--Leak testing method by quadrupole mass spectrometerGB/T 35049-20182018-12-1
Vacuum technology―Turbomolecular pumps―Measurement of rapid shutdown torqueGB/T 33638-20172017-12-1
Vacuum technology―Positive-displacement vacuum pump―Measurement of water vapour toleranceGB/T 33633-20172017-12-1
Vacuum technology―Roots vacuum pump―Measurement of performance characteristics―Part 4:Measurement of noiseGB/T 25753.4-20152017-1-1
Vacuum technology―Test methods for leak rates of vacuum systemGB/T 32218-20152017-1-1
Vacuum technology—Vacuum thermal environmental simulation test equipment of spacecraft—General specificationGB/T 32221-20152017-1-1
Vacuum technology―Selection of leak test methods for vacuum equipmentGB/T 32293-20152016-7-1
Vacuum technology―Magnetic levitated turbomolecular pumpJB/T 12585-20162016-6-1
Vacuum technology - Methods of bonding strength measurement for vacuum coating film - Measuring adhesion by tape testGB/T 28786-20122013-3-1
Fluidized drying machineJB/T 11283-20122012-11-1
spray cooling granulatorJB/T 11282-20122012-11-1
Rotary flash dryerJB/T 10176-20122012-11-1
Fluidized granulatorJB/T 11281-20122012-11-1
Vacuum technology - Roots vacuum pump - Measurement of performance characteristics - Part 3: Measurement of overflow valve differential pressure GB/T 25753.3-20112012-6-1
Vacuum technology — Methods for compiling vacuum equipment modelsJB/T 7673-20112012-4-1
Vacuum technology — Multi-stage Roots dry pumpsJB/T 11237-20112012-4-1
Vacuum technology — Efficiency of liquid- ring vacuum pumpsJB/T 11238-20112012-4-1
Vacuum technology - Sputter-ion pumpsJB/T 4081-20112012-4-1
Positive-displacement vacuum pump─Measuring methods for mechanical vibrationJB/T 8107-20112012-4-1
Vacuum technology — Refrigerator cooled cryopumpsJB/T 11081-20112011-11-1
Vacuum technology - Scroll vacuum pumpJB/T 11080-20112011-11-1
Vacuum technology - Mounting dimensions of pipeline fittings - Part 1: Non knife-edge flange typeGB/T 16709.1-20102011-10-1
Differential pressure air leak testerGB/T 25752-20102011-10-1
Vacuum technology- Mounting dimensions of pipeline fittings Part 2: Knife-edge flange typeGB/T 16709.2-20102011-10-1
Vacuum technology - Bakable flanges - Dimensions of knife-edge flangesGB/Z 25756-20102011-10-1
Vacuum technology - Right-angle valve - Dimensions and interfaces for pneumatic actuatorGB/T 25754-20102011-10-1
Vacuum technology - Roots vacuum pump - Measurement of performance characteristics - Part 2:Measurement of compression ratio of the zero throughputGB/T 25753.2-20102011-10-1
Vacuum technology - Sputter-ion pumps - Measurement of performance characteristicsGB/T 25755-20102011-10-1
Vacuum ion coating plantJB/T 8946-20102010-7-1
Vacuum sputtering coating plantJB/T 8945-20102010-7-1
Single stage rotary vane vacuum pumpsJB/T 8944-20102010-7-1
Vacuum pumps - Safety requirementsGB 22360-20082009-10-1
Vacuum technology - Graphical symbolsGB/T 3164-20072008-6-1
Vacuum technology - TerminologyGB/T 3163-20072008-6-1
Vacuum technology - Flange dimensionsGB/T 6070-20072008-6-1
Vacuum technology - Noise measurement for vacuum pumpsGB/T 21271-20072008-6-1
Vacuum technology -Turbomolecular pumps - Measurement of performance characteristicsGB/T 7774-20072008-6-1
Vapour vacuum pumps - Measurement of performance characteristics Measurement of back-streaming rate of pump fluid and the heating timeGB/T 21272-20072008-6-1
Vacuum technology-Acceptance specifications for liquid ring vacuum pumpsJB/T 10770-20072008-2-1
Vacuum technology-Rotary plunger vacuum pumpJB/T 1246-20072008-2-1
Vacuum technology-Hybrid molecular pumpsJB/T 10771-20072008-2-1
Vacuum technology Vacuum-pressure impregnate plantJB/T 6923-20072008-2-1
Vacuum technology-Turbomolecular pumpsJB/T 9125-20072008-2-1
Batch type food freeze-drying plantSB/T 10430-20072007-12-1
Vacuum technology-Claw dry vacuum pumpJB/T 10552-20062006-10-1
Vacuum technology-Piezoresistive silicon chip vacuum gaugeJB/T 10553-20062006-10-1
Vacuum technology-Vacuum induction melting furnaceJB/T 10551-20062006-10-1
Vacuum technology-Vacuum sintering furnaceJB/T 10550-20062006-10-1
GB/T 1993 4.1-2005 Hydraulic fluid power - Fatigue pressure testing of metal pressure - containing envelopes - Part 1: Test methodGB/T 1993 4.1-20052006-4-1
Positive-displacement vacuum pumps—Measurement of performance characteristics—Part 1:Measurement of volume rate of flow(pumping speed)GB/T 19956.1-20052006-4-1
Vapour vacuum pump—Measurement of performance characteristics—Part 1:Measurement of volume rate of flow(pumping speed)GB/T 19955.1-20052006-4-1
Positive-displacement vacuum pumps - Measurement of performance characteristics - Part 2: Measurement of ultimate pressure GB/T 19956.2-20052006-4-1
Vapour vacuum pump—Measurement of performance characteristics—Part 2:Measurement of critical backing pressureGB/T 19955.2-20052006-4-1
Hydraulic fluid power - Fatigue pressure testing of metal pressure-containing envelopes - Part 1: Test method GB/T 19934.1-20052006-4-1
Roots vacuum pumpJB/T 7674-20052005-11-1
Sliding vane rotary vacuum pumpJB/T 6533-20052005-11-1
Piston vacuum pumpJB/T 7675-20052005-11-1
Water ejector vacuum pumpJB/T 10462-20042005-4-1
Vapour vacuum pumpsJB/T 7265-20042005-4-1
Vacuum evaporation coating plantJB/T 6922-20042005-4-1
Vacuum valvesJB/T 6446-20042005-4-1
Ferrofluid vacuum rotary feedthroughsJB/T 10463-20042005-4-1
Roots vacuum pump systemJB/T 6921-20042005-4-1
Vacuum technology—Quick release couplings—Dimensions—Part 2:Screwed typeGB/T 4983-20032004-6-1
Ultra-high vacuum flangeGB/T 6071-20032004-5-1
Spray granulation fluidized - Bed dryersJB/T 10280-20012001-10-1
Flash dryerJB/T 10278-20012001-10-1
Vacuum technology - Mass-spectrometer-type leak detector calibration GB/T 18193-20002001-2-1
Horizontal fluidized - Bed dryerJB/T 10178-20002000-10-1
Rotary flash dryerJB/T 10176-20002000-10-1
Box air-hot of eatable fungus dryerJB/T 10177-20002000-10-1
Rubber seal connections of vacuum gaugesJB/T 8105.1-19992000-1-1
Metal seal connections of vacuum gaugesJB/T 8105.2-19992000-1-1
Vacuum coating plant generic specificationGB/T 11164-19991999-9-1
drawing method of product model for drying equipmentJB/T 6924-19981998-7-1
Vacuum flangesGB/T 6070-19951996-1-1
Drying Technology - TerminologyJB/T 7250-19941995-7-1
Determination Method of Saturated Vapor Pressure of Vacuum GreeseQJ 2667-19941994-10-1
Terminology for vacuum technologyGB/T 3163-19931994-8-1
Vacuum technology―Graphical symbolsGB/T 3164-19931994-8-1
Requirements of Readiness and Methods of Inspection and Assessment for Type W Vacuum PumpsSJ/T 31412-19941994-6-1
Vacuum Wiped Film Drum-evaporatorJB/T 5972-19921993-1-1
Determination of Sound Power Level for Noise Emitted by Drying Machine - Simple MethodJB/T 5973-19921993-1-1
Copper Wire Seal Can Be Baked Vacuum Flange Copper Wire Sealing Ring Structure Size?JB/T 5278.3-19911992-7-1
Copper Wire Seal Can Be Baked Vacuum Flange Connection Type?JB/T 5278.1-19911992-7-1
Type and Basic Parameters of Low-vacuum Electromagnetic Differential Pressure Gas Charging ValveJB/T 5410-19911992-7-1
Copper Wire Seal Can Be Baked Vacuum Flange Flange Structure Size?JB/T 5278.2-19911992-7-1
Performance Testing Method of Sputtering Ion PumpJB/T 2965-19921992-1-1
Type and Size of Vacuum Rubber O-sealing RingJB/T 1092-19911991-7-1
Type and Size of Vacuum Rubber JO/Skeleton-sealing RingJB/T 1091-19911991-7-1
0JB/T 1090-19911991-7-1
General specification of vertical turbomolecular pumpsGB 11491-19891990-3-1
Measurement of pumping speed (volume rate of flow) of positive--Displacement vacuum pumpsGB 6306.1-19861987-1-1
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