Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Industrial trucks―Off-board conductive chargerT/CCMA 0110-2020
Lithium-ion batteries and their systems for industrial trucksT/CCMA 0111-2020
Industrial trucks―Exhaust smoke―Measurement methods for counter balance forklift truckT/CCMA 0099-2020
Industrial trucks—Safety requirements and verification—Part 2: Self-propelled variable-reach trucks GB/T 10827.2-20212022-7-1
General technical requirements for aseptic blowing-filling-capping blocGB/T 41124-20212022-7-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 12:Industrial variable-reach trucks handling freight containers of 6 m length and longer GB/T 26949.12-20212022-7-1
Rough-terrain trucks—User requirements—Part 4: Additional requirements for variable-reach trucks handling freely suspended loads GB/T 38055.4-20212022-7-1
Rough-terrain trucks—Safety requirements and verificaiton—Part 7:longitudinal load moment systems GB/T 35205.7-20212022-7-1
Rough-terrain trucks—User requirements—Part 5: Interface between variable-reach truck and intergrated personnel work platform GB/T 38055.5-20212022-7-1
General technical requirements for injection moulding system for PET preform in packaging fieldGB/T 41102-20212022-7-1
Industrial trucks—Electromagnetic compatibilityGB/T 30031-20212022-7-1
General technical specifications for disinfectant packaging line GB/T 40372-20212022-3-1
Single-use face mask manufacturing and packaging production line—General technical requirements GB/T 40373-20212022-3-1
Beer, carbonated beverage cans filling production line—General technical specifications GB/T 40361-20212022-3-1
Still beverage metal cans filling and sealing machine—General technical specificationsGB/T 40360-20212022-3-1
Rough-terrain trucks - Safety requirements and verificaiton - Part 5: Interface between variable-reach truck and integrated personnnel work platformGB/T 35205.5-20212021-12-1
Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer -- Type and basic parametersGB/T 14695-20212021-10-1
Code for seismic design of steel static storage systemsGB/T 39830-20212021-10-1
Racking design code for steel static storage systemsGB/T 39681-20202021-7-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 1:GeneralGB/T 26949.1-20202021-6-1
Blow mould for PET bottle in food fieldGB/T 38461-20202020-10-1
Empty glass bottle inspectorGB/T 38459-20202020-10-1
Hot filling-capping machine for fruit and vegetable juice (with pulps)—General technical specificationGB/T 38404-20202020-10-1
General specification for ultra-clean plastic bottle filling machineGB/T 38463-20202020-10-1
Specification of packaging quality inspector for bottled liquid productsGB/T 38457-20202020-10-1
Automatic premade bag packaging machineGB/T 38501-20202020-10-1
Automatic rinsing-filling-capping monobloc for packaged (barreled) drinking water—General technical specificationGB/T 38458-20202020-10-1
Multi-lane stick packaging lineGB/T 38460-20202020-10-1
General technical specifications for mobile shelf of frozen aquatic productDB37/T 4066-20202020-8-16
Rough-terrain trucks—User requirements—Part 1:General requirementsGB/T 38055.1-20192020-5-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 22:Lateral-and front-stacking trucks with and without elevating operator positionGB/T 26949.22-20192020-5-1
Paper cup(bowl)forming machineGB/T 38087-20192020-5-1
Battery pallet trucksGB/T 27542-20192020-1-1
General technical requirements of self-adhesive labeling machineGB/T 36519-20182019-2-1
Safety requirements of palletizerGB/T 36521-20182019-2-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 16:Pedestrian-propelled trucksGB/T 26949.16-20182019-2-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 9:Counterbalanced trucks with mast handling freight containers of 6 m length and longerGB/T 26949.9-20182019-2-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 3:Reach and straddle trucksGB/T 26949.3-20182018-12-1
Industrial trucks—Terminology and classification—Part 1:Types of industrial trucksGB/T 6104.1-20182018-12-1
General specification for roll-fed square bottom paper bag machineGB/T 36238-20182018-12-1
Mechanical automatic strapping machineGB/T 36235-20182018-12-1
Industrial trucks--Verification of stability--Part 5: Single-side-loading trucksGB/T 26949.5-20182018-12-1
Hot melt glue labeling machineGB/T 36236-20182018-12-1
Cantilevered rackWB/T 1075-20182018-8-1
Gravity rackingWB/T 1074-20182018-8-1
Specification for numerical control vertical lifting cabinetWB/T 1082-20182018-8-1
Disposition specification of emergency logistics storage facilities and equipmentWB/T 1072-20182018-8-1
Configruation and management requirement for coal warehousing facilities and equipmentWB/T 1087-20182018-8-1
Rough-terrain trucks―Safety requirements and verification―Part 1:Variable-reach trucksGB/T 35205.1-20172018-7-1
Logistics warehousing distribution center conveyor,sorting and peripheral equipment―Classification and terminologyGB/T 35738-20172018-7-1
Continuous vertical conveyor for unit goods in logistics warehousing distribution centerGB/T 35739-2017/XG1-20212018-7-1
Specification of guide wheel sorting machineGB/T 35485-20172018-7-1
Continuous vertical conveyor for unit goods in logistics warehousing distribution centerGB/T 35739-20172018-7-1
Specification of spiral-conveyer for logistics warehousing distribution centerGB/T 35486-20172018-7-1
Industrial trucks-Verification of stability- Part 15:Counterbalanced trucks with articulated steeringGB/T 26949.15-20172018-2-1
General specification for rotary automatic filling-capping machine for high viscosity fluidGB/T 33753-20172017-12-1
Technological conditions of rack installation and acceptanceWB/T 1066-20172017-12-1
Industrial trucks -- Verification of stability -- Part 13: Rough-terrain trucks with mastGB/T 26949.13-20172017-12-1
General specification for carbonated beverages filling-capping machineGB/T 33472-20162017-7-1
General specification for automatic blowing-filling-capping blocGB/T 33467-20162017-7-1
Automatic cardboard sleeve type wrapping machineGB/T 33471-20162017-7-1
Automatic one stage injection stretch and blow molding machineGB/T 33468-20162017-7-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 8:Additional stability test for trucks operating in the special condition of stacking with mast tilted forward and load elevatedGB/T 26949.8-20162017-5-1
Industrial trucks―Verification of stability―Part 11:Industrial variable-reach trucksGB/T 26949.11-20162017-5-1
Industrial trucks―Verification of stability―Part 4:Pallet stackers,double stackers and order-picking trucks with operator position elevating up to and including 1200mm lift heightGB/T 26949.4-20162017-5-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 20:Additional stability test for trucks operating in the special condition of offset load,offset by utilizationGB/T 26949.20-20162017-5-1
Industrial trucks一Verification of stability一 Part 14:Rough-terrain variable-reach trucksGB/T 26949.14-20162017-5-1
Industrial trucks―Verification of stability―Part 7:Bidirectional and multidirectional trucksGB/T 26949.7-20162017-5-1
Industrial trucks一Verification of stability一Part 21:Order-picking trucks with operator position elevating above 1200 mmGB/T 26949.21-20162017-5-1
Fork-lift trucks―Hook-on type fork arms and fork arm carriages―Mounting dimensionsGB/T 5184-20162017-5-1
Liquid mlik production packaging line for pastic bottleT/ZZB 0145-20162016-12-31
Explosive-proof industrial trucks―Part 2: Internal combustion industrial trucksGB/T 26950.2-20152016-7-1
Installation and maintenance specification of automatic storage and retrieval systemGB/T 30673-20142015-7-1
General technical specification of automatic metal canned sauce (syrup) filling and sealing machineGB/T 30639-20142015-4-30
General specification of automatic counting and packaging lineGB/T 30640-20142015-4-30
Jelly cup filling and sealing machineGB/T 30638-20142015-4-30
ndustrial trucks—Safety requirements and verification—Part 1:Self-propelled industrial trucks, other than driverless trucks,variable-reach trucks and burden-carrier trucksGB 10827.1-20142014-12-1
Industrial trucks―Safety requirements and verification―Part 5:Pedestrian-propelled trucksGB/T 10827.5-20132014-7-1
Industrial Trucks - Safety Requirements and Verification - Part 5: Pedestrian-propelled TrucksGB 10827.5-20132014-7-1
Automatic rotary PET bottle blow molding machineGB/T 29648-20132014-4-1
Industrial trucks―Verification of stability―Part 3:Reach and straddle trucksGB/T 26949.3-20132014-3-1
Automated guided vehicle(AGV)—General rule of designGB/T 30029-20132014-3-1
Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 2:Counterbalanced trucks with mastGB/T 26949.2-20132014-3-1
Automated guided vehicle (AGV)—VocabularyGB/T 30030-20132014-3-1
Industrial Trucks - Electromagnetic CompatibilityGB/T 30031-20132014-2-28
General specification of cartoning machineGB/T 29015-20122013-7-1
Linear filling machine with high viscosity fluidGB/T 29016-20122013-7-1
Continuous ink jet printerGB/T 29017-20122013-7-1
Transparent film fold wrapping machineGB/T 29019-20122013-7-1
Electronic granulation counterGB/T 29020-20122013-7-1
Soft tube filling and sealing machineGB/T 29018-20122013-7-1
Industrial trucks - Verification of stability - Part 1: GeneralGB/T 26949.1-20122013-2-1
Spiral crimping steel silos for bulk cementSB/T 10744-20122012-11-1
Hand hydraulic straddle trucksJB/T 3299-20122012-11-1
Welded steel silos for bulk cementSB/T 10743-20122012-11-1
Calculation of industrial rack designGB/T 28576-20122012-10-1
Powered industrial trucks—Brake performance and component strengthGB/T 18849-20112012-6-1
Safety of industrial trucks - Test methods for measuring vibration GB/T 27694-20112012-6-1
Industrial castors and wheelsGB/T 14687-20112012-6-1
Safety of industrial trucks - Test methods for measuring noise emissions GB/T 27693-20112012-6-1
Battery pallet trucksGB/T 27542-20112012-5-1
Sizes and load ratings for industrial rackGB/T 27924-20112012-5-1
Industrial trucks - Electrical requirements GB/T 27544-20112012-5-1
Pedestrian controlled platform trucks GB/T 27543-20112012-5-1
Assembled steel rack structure for high-bay warehouse— Technical requirementsJB/T 11270-20112012-4-1
Automated storage and retrieval system. Design rulesJB/T 9018-20112012-4-1
Storage/Retrieval machine. Safety code JB/T 11269-20112012-4-1
Single side loading fork-lift trucks - Part 2: Additional stability tests for trucks handling freight containers of 6 m length and above GB/T 26946.2-20112012-2-1
Hand pallet trucks GB/T 26947-20112012-2-1
Industrial trucks - Verification of stability - Part 10: Additional stability tests for trucks operating in the special conditions of stacking with load laterally displaced by powerGB/T 26949.10-20112012-2-1
Industrial trucks - Specifications and test methods for operator restraint systems - Part 1: Lap-type seat beltsGB/T 26948.1-20112012-2-1
Empty container handler GB/T 26945-20112012-2-1
Single side loading fork-lift trucks - Part 1: Stability tests GB/T 26946.1-20112012-2-1
Explosive-proof industrial trucks - Part 1: Battery-operated industrial trucks GB/T 26950.1-20112012-2-1
Counterbalanced trucks handling freight containers of 6 m length and above - Additional stability testsGB/T 26561-20112011-12-1
Powered industrial trucks - Safety signs and hazard pictorials - General principles GB/T 26560-20112011-12-1
Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer - Type and basic parametersGB/T 14695-20112011-12-1
Automatic pulp molding egg tray production lineJB/T 11198-20112011-8-1
Stand-up pouch filling and capping machineJB/T 11199-20112011-8-1
Automatic bag makerJB/T 11197-20112011-8-1
Cement tankSB/T 10561-20102010-12-1
Rotary car dumperJB/T 7015-20102010-7-1
Multification casing machine for bagJB/T 10950-20102010-7-1
Counterbalanced fork-lift trucks-Testing method for whole machinesJB/T 3300-20102010-7-1
Canned packaging line for powder and granuleJB/T 10952-20102010-7-1
~JB/T 11037-20102010-7-1
Motorized flat truck - Technical specificationJB/T 6127-20102010-7-1
Specifications for boom stacker reclaimerJB/T 4149-20102010-7-1
Transparent film fold wrapping machineJB/T 10953-20102010-7-1
Big bag filling and sealing machineJB/T 10951-20102010-7-1
Storage equipment for loose bulk materials - Safety codeGB/T 23581-20092010-1-1
Fork-lift trucks - Fork-arm extensions and telescopic fork arms - Technical characteristics and strength requirementsGB/T 22417-20082009-5-1
Industrial trucks - Additional requirements for automated functions on trucksGB/T 22418-20082009-5-1
Bi-directional and multi-directional fork-lift trucks - Stability testsGB/T 22420-20082009-5-1
Industrial trucks - Specification for indicator lights for container handling and grappler arm operationsGB/T 22419-20082009-5-1
Fork-lift trucks - Hook-on type fork arms and fork arm carriages - Mounting dimensionsGB/T 5184-20082009-2-1
Powered industrial trucks - Symbols for operator controls and other displaysGB/T 7593-20082009-2-1
Fork-lift trucks - Fork arms - Technical characteristics and testingGB/T 5182-20082008-11-1
Electro-magnetic vibratory feeder -- Types and basic parametersJB/T 8114-20082008-9-1
Bin activator—Types,basic parameters and sizesJB/T 3002-20082008-9-1
Industrial trucks operating in special condition of stacking with mast titled forward - Additional stability testGB/T 21467-20082008-8-1
Pallet stackers and high-lift platform trucks - Stability testsGB/T 21468-20082008-8-1
Storage/retrieval machine-VocabularyJB/T 5319.1-20082008-7-1
Automated storage and retrieval system-VocabularyJB/T 10823-20082008-7-1
Industrial trucks - Overhead guards - Specification and testing(ISO 6055: 2004 IDT)GB/T 5143-20082008-7-1
Automated storage and retrieval system-General rulesJB/T 10822-20082008-7-1
Electronic granulation counterJB/T 10796-20072008-3-1
Rheid filling machineJB/T 10795-20072008-3-1
Skin packaging machineJB/T 10798-20072008-3-1
Plastic cup forming-filling-sealing machineJB/T 10800-20072008-3-1
Plastic bag heating sealerJB/T 9086-20072008-3-1
Automatic bag filling and sealing machineJB/T 10797-20072008-3-1
Soft tube filling and sealing machineJB/T 10799-20072008-3-1
Internel combustion towing tractorJB/T 10750-20072008-1-1
Battery towing tractorJB/T 10751-20072008-1-1
500kg~10000kg Counterbalanced Fork Lift Trucks-Technical SpecificationsJB/T 2391-20072008-1-1
Multifunctional boxing machineJB/T 10640-20062007-4-1
Double-aluminum packaging machineJB/T 10641-20062007-4-1
A complete set of twist drillsJB/T 10642-20062007-4-1
Labeling machineJB/T 10639-20062007-4-1
Type Test Rule for Mechanical Parking SystemTSG Q7013-20062007-1-1
Plane moving mechanical parking systemJB/T 10545-20062006-10-1
Powered industrial trucks - Terminology GB/T 6104-20052006-5-1
Fork lift trucks - Fork arms - Dimensions GB/T 5183-20052006-1-1
Battery reach trucksJB/T 3244-20052005-11-1
Straddle trucksJB/T 3340-20052005-11-1
Counter balanced fork lift trucks - Basic parameterJB/T 2390-20052005-9-1
Aisle-stacking mechanical parking systemJB/T 10474-20042005-4-1
Vertical lifting mechanical parking systemJB/T 10475-20042005-4-1
Adhesive tape sealing machineJB/T 10456-20042004-11-1
Mechanical automatic strapping machineJB/T 3790.1-20042004-6-17
Testing method of loader for underground mining GB/T 4652-20032004-6-1
Editorial nominating method for the model designation of packaging machineryGB/T 7311-20032004-5-1
Acceptance specification of packaging equipment for liquid foodGB/T 19063-20032003-9-1
Powered industrial trucks--Brake performance and components strengthGB/T 18849-20022003-5-1
Spiral wrapping machine for pallet GB/T 18928-20022003-4-1
Hiht-lift rider trucks--Overhead guards--Specification and testingGB/T 5143-20012002-4-1
Vertical circulating mechanical parking systemJB/T 10215-20002001-1-1
Scissors elevating platforms — Safety rulesJB/T 5320-20002000-10-1
Industrial trucks - Lead-acid traction batteries for electric trucks - Preferred voltages GB/T 17938-19992000-8-1
Mechanical parking systems--General safety requirementGB 17907-19992000-6-1
Industrial trucks - Inspection and repair of fork arms in service on fork-lift trucks GB/T 17910-19992000-6-1
Powder solids bulk machineWB/T 1011-20002000-2-1
Vertical moving can of bulk cementWB/T 1010-20002000-2-1
Honeycomb fibreboard production lineJB/T 8936-19992000-1-1
Labeling machineJB/T 9084-19992000-1-1
Electro-magnetic vibratory feeder - Types and basic paramentersJB/T 8114.1-19992000-1-1
Aisle stacking crane - Types and basic parmetersJB/T 2960-19992000-1-1
DumpersJG/T 49-20001999-6-4
Adaptability test method for open-cast mines mining dump trucksMT/T 769-19981999-4-1
Bag forming, filling and sealing machineGB/T 17313-19981999-1-1
mechanical parking systems-classification,models and basic parametersJB/T 8713-19981998-7-1
Fork-lift trucks-Fork arms-Technical characteristics and testingGB/T 5182-19961997-7-1
Fork-lift trucks-Hook-on type fork arms and fork arm carriages-Mounting dimensionsGB/T 5184-19961997-7-1
Horizontal Pillow Juncture Wrapping Machine - Technical ConditionsJB/T 7544.2-19941995-10-1
Fibre Drum Processing UnitJB/T 7546-19941995-10-1
General Specifications for Paper Slitting MachineJB/T 7541-19941995-10-1
Vertical Bag Forming - Filling and Sealing MachineJB/T 7549.4-19941995-10-1
Inspection and Repair of Fork Arm of ForkliftTB/T 2620-19951995-9-1
0.5~10t Counterbalanced Fork Lift Trucks-Technical SpecificationsJB/T 2391-19941995-7-1
Technical specification for acceptance of bucket wheel stacker reclaimersJB/T 7328-19941995-7-1
Horizontal Bottle ConveyersJB/T 7213-19941995-7-1
Technical Requirements for Boom-type Bucket Wheel Stacker ReclaimerJB/T 4149-19941995-6-1
Code for Safety of Bucket Wheel Stacker ReclaimerJB 7326-19941995-6-1
Rules for the inspection of fork lift trucks with internal combustion engine for exportSN/T 0317-19941995-5-1
Storage/retrieval machine - Technical specificationsJB/T 7016-19931994-7-1
Rotary car tippersJB/T 7015-19931994-7-1
Counterbalanced Fork-Lift Trucks - Testing Method for Whole MachinesJB/T 3300-19921993-7-1
Bag Loader - Type and Basic ParameterJB/T 6133-19921993-1-1
Crown Cap Press MachinesQB/T 1486-19921992-12-1
Welded Type Steel Structure Rack for Tiered Warehouse Facility Technical ConditionsJB/T 5323-19911992-7-1
Wheel Loaders - Reliability Test Method, Failure Mode and AssessmentJB/T 51148-19941992-1-1
Loaders-Methods of measuring tool forces and tipping loadsGB/T 10400-19891990-1-1
Types and basic parameters of GZ electro-magnetic vibratory feederGB 10862-19891990-1-1
Small dumpers--SpecificationGB 9464.2-19881988-11-1
Small dumpers--Test methods for performanceGB 9464.3-19881988-11-1
Method for testing the gathering arm loadersGB/T 4652-19841985-7-1
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