Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General requirements for gas fuel generating setsGB/T 41148-20212022-7-1
Governing system specifications of screw expander(unit)NB/T 10299-20192020-5-1
Scope of spare parts supplied by manufacturer with screw expanderNB/T 10300-20192020-5-1
Safety design code for reciprocating internal combustion engine gas power plantGB/T 37296-20192019-10-1
Technical specification for safety monitoring devices of screw expander(unit)GB/T 35034-20182018-12-1
Technical specification of screw expander(unit)GB/T 32354-20152017-1-1
Terminology of Screw ExpanderGB/T 30554-20142014-10-28
Rules for Screw Expander (Unit) Thermal Acceptance TestGB/T 30555-20142014-10-28
Design Code for Exhaust and Cooling Water Heat Recovery System of Gas Electric Power Plant with Reciprocating Internal Combustion EnginesGB/T 30138-20132014-5-10
Medium/high-power mine gas generating setGB/T 29487-20132013-7-1
Medium/high-power biogas generating setGB/T 29488-20132013-7-1
Technical supervision guide for trubine in power plantsDL/T 1055-20072007-12-1
Code of electro-hydraulic regulating system and unit for hydraulic turbinesDL/T 563-20042005-4-1
Rules for the inspection of micor hydro generator equipments (12 kW and below the 12 kW) for exportSN/T 0298-19931994-5-1
General technical requirements for A. C. 50Hz mobile electric power supply unitGB 2819-19811982-10-1
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