Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Polycrystalline silicon ingot production furnaceT/ZZB 0061-2016
Method of mass measurements for industrial and mining electric locomotiveGB/T 10762-20212022-7-1
Voltage ratings of DC electric traction systemGB/T 999-20212022-7-1
Technical specification of linear induction traction motors for urban mass transitCJ/T 311-20092009-12-1
Voltage ratings of D.C.electric traction systemGB/T 999-20082009-3-1
Drawing-up method of tractionmotor modelsJB/T 10773-20072008-2-1
General technical condition of traction apparatusJB/T 10774-20072008-2-1
Drawing-up and management methods of mine electric locomotive modelsJB/T 2933-20072008-2-1
General technical condition of narrow gauge trolley industrial locomotiveJB/T 10772-20072008-2-1
Method of measurements for industrial and mining electric locomotiveGB/T 10762-20052006-6-1
Electrotechnical terminology - Electric tractionGB/T 2900.36-20032003-10-1
General specification of microprocessor-based protection equipment for electrified railway traction power supply systemGB/T 18038-20002000-1-2
Basic Technical Conditions for DC Standard Gauge Industrial and Mining Trolley LocomotiveJB/T 10100-19991999-4-5
Drawing-up Method of Traction Motor ModelsJB/T 6480.2-19991999-4-5
Specifications of involute straight and cylindrical gears for mining and industial electric locomotiveJB/T 8743-19981998-11-1
Specification of Industrial Locomotive Main Circuit ResistorJB/T 8665-19971998-2-1
Test Method of D.C. Industrial and Mining Electric LocomotiveJB/T 3114-19971998-2-1
Specification of Industrial Locomotive Driver ControlJB/T 8666-19971998-2-1
Basic test method for rotating traction electrical machinesGB/T 16318-19961997-1-1
Specifications for Electric Drive Mining DumperJB/T 7641.1-19941995-6-1
Explosion-proof Special Power Supply Unit for Accumulator Loco Motive Intended to Be Used in MinesJB/T 7568-19941995-6-1
Test Method for Electric Drive Mining DumperJB/T 7641.2-19941995-6-1
Code of Product Model and Component Number for Electric-drive Mining Dump TruckJB/T 6770-19931993-10-1
DC Wave Chopper for Battery Driven VehicleJB/T 6481-19921993-1-1
Circuit Breaker for Narrow Gauge Industrial and Mining Electric Locomotive - Technical SpecificationJB/T 6522-19921993-1-1
Main Circuit Contact, Serial Size, Specification of Narrow Gauge Industrial and Mining Electric LocomotiveJB/T 3270-19911992-10-1
Basic Specification for DC Chopper for TractionJB/T 5348-19911992-7-1
General specification for cascade speed control assembly with semiconductor converterGB 12669-19901991-10-1
Voltage ratings of D.C electric traction systemGB 999-19881990-1-1
Stranded tungsten wire coilsGB 10684-19891989-11-1
Rules for Electric Equipment of Traction VehiclesJB/T 4398-19871988-7-1
Basic Test Method for Traction Electrical MachinesJB/T 1093-19831984-3-1
Terminal ClampsMT 12-19751975-7-1
Parallel Connection ClampsMT 9-19751975-7-1
Clamping RingMT 13-19751975-7-1
The mine narrow railway traction network lapping wire clamp standardMT 10-19751975-7-1
Feeder ClampsMT 11-19751975-7-1
Ceramic Wire Suspending DevicesMT 6-19751975-7-1
Hanger EarMT 8-19751975-7-1
mine narrow railway traction network fittings acceptance rules, test methods, marking and packingMT 14-19751975-7-1
Suspension ClampsMT 7-19751975-7-1
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