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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for village and town lightingGB/T 40995-20212022-3-1
Characterization of the performance of illuminance meters and luminance metersGB/T 39388-20202021-6-1
Test method for LED lamps,LED luminaires and LED modulesGB/T 39394-20202021-6-1
Assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic fieldGB/T 31275-20202021-2-1
Electronic lighting control equipment performance parameters and measurement methodsGB/T 14218-20182019-4-1
Classification and interface technical requirements of the specialized modules for LED road/tunnel lightingGB/T 34846-20172018-11-1
Specification for limitation to obtrusive light of outdoor lightingGB/T 35626-20172018-7-1
Application layer communication protocols for the interface in intelligent public LED lighting systemsGB/T 35255-20172018-7-1
Accelerated test method of luminous flux depreciation for LED lighting productsGB/T 33720-20172017-12-1
General lighting—Light emitting diode (LED) products and related equipment—Terms and definitionsGB/T 24826-20162017-5-1
Maximum lamp outlines for incandescent lampsGB/T 7249-20162016-11-1
LED―Binning―Part 1:General requirements and white colour gridGB/T 32482.1-20162016-9-1
Assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic fieldsGB/T 31275-20142015-4-1
Method of Measurement of Center Beam Intensity and Beam Angle(s) of Reflector LampsGB/T 19658-20132014-12-1
Fluorescent Ultraviolet Lamps Used for Tanning - Measurement and Specification MethodGB/T 21096-20132014-12-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—R series shapesQB/T 2049.8-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—T series shapesQB/T 2049.9-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—G series shapesQB/T 2049.4-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—ED series shapesQB/T 2049.10-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—P series shapesQB/T 2049.7-20132014-3-1
General technical requirements for glass bulb for electric lighting sourceQB/T 2513-20132014-3-1
Glass tube and glass rod for electric lighting sourceQB/T 2514-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—K series shapesQB/T 2049.5-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—M series shapesQB/T 2049.6-20132014-3-1
Categories and type designation system for lampsQB/T 2274-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—A series shapesQB/T 2049.1-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps C、E、F and PAR series shapesQB/T 2049.11-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—BT series shapesQB/T 2049.3-20132014-3-1
Glass bulb dimensions for lamps—B series shapesQB/T 2049.2-20132014-3-1
Test methods of performance of self-ballasted LED reflector lampsGB/T 29295-20122013-9-1
Methods for characterising tristimulus colorimeters for measuring the colour of lightGB/T 28197-20112012-9-1
Spectroradiometry of pulsed optical radiation sourcesGB/T 28208-20112012-9-1
Specification of waste lighting products recycling and disposalGB/T 28012-20112012-2-1
Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lightingGB 26688-20112011-12-1
The spectroradiometric measurement of light sourcesGB/T 26179-20102011-6-15
Determination of the spectral responsivity of optical radiation detectorsGB/Z 26209-20102011-6-15
The measurement of luminous fluxGB/T 26178-20102011-6-15
Method of measuring and specifying colour rendering of light sourcesGB/T 26180-20102011-6-15
Testing of supplementary systems of photometryGB/Z 26208-20102011-6-15
Guide for floodlightingGB/Z 26207-20102011-6-1
Lighting of indoor work placesGB/T 26189-20102011-6-1
Calculations for interior lighting basic methodGB/Z 26213-20102011-6-1
Methods of characterizing the performance of radiometers and photometersGB/T 26177-20102011-6-1
Discomfort glare in the interior working environmentGB/Z 26211-20102011-6-1
Glare evaluation system for use within outdoor sports and area lightingGB/Z 26214-20102011-6-1
Discomfort glare in interior lightingGB/Z 26212-20102011-6-1
The measurement of absolute luminous intensity distributionsGB/T 26184-20102011-6-1
Maintenance of indoor electric lighting systemGB/Z 26210-20102011-6-1
Intelligent power saving device for lightingGB/T 25125-20102011-2-1
Generic technical specification of solar photovoltaic(PV) lighting installationGB/T 24460-20092010-12-1
Terms and definitions of LEDs and LED modules for general lightingGB/T 24826-20092010-5-1
Measurement methods of LED modules for general lightingGB/T 24824-20092010-5-1
Generic technical specification of solar photovoltaic(PV) lighting installationGB 24460-20092009-12-1
Abandoned fluorescent lamps recycling and reuse—Technical specificationGB/T 22908-20082009-9-1
Disassembly requirements for testing hazardous substances in lighing equipmentGB/Z 23153-20082009-9-1
Cathode for neon lampsGB/T 23138-20082009-9-1
Standard illuminants and geometric conditionsGB/T 3978-20082009-3-1
International lamp coding system(ILCOS)GB/T 21656-20082008-12-1
Requirements for concentration limits for certain hazardous substances in lighting equipmentsQB/T 2940-20082008-7-1
Lamps for household and similar electrical appliances lighting purposesQB/T 2939-20082008-7-1
Pre-heat requirements for starterless tubular fluorescent lampsGB/T 21094-20072008-5-1
Instrument lamps-Tungsten halogen lampsQB/T 1116.2-20072008-3-1
Instrument lamps-Incandescent lampsQB/T 1116.1-20072008-3-1
Lighting technical code for designing fossil fuel power plants and substationsDL/T 5390-20072007-12-1
Designation of the types of filamentQB/T 2760-20062006-12-1
Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systemsGB/T 20145-20062006-11-1
Classification and interpretation of new lighting productsGB/T 20153-20062006-11-1
CIE standard colorimetric observersGB/T 20147-20062006-11-1
CIE standard illuminants for colorimetryGB/T 20146-20062006-11-1
Road traffic lights - Photometric properties of 200mm roundel signalsGB/T 20149-20062006-11-1
Procedure for use in the preparation of maximum lamp outlinesGB/T 20143-20062006-11-1
Standard method of measuring the pinch temperature of quartz-tungsten-halogen lampsGB/T 20152-20062006-11-1
Erythema reference action spectrum and standard erythema doseGB/T 20150-20062006-11-1
Spatial distribution of daylight-CIE standard general skyGB/T 20148-20062006-11-1
Decorative filament lampQB/T 2055-20052006-5-1
Installation rule for neon tubesGB 19653-20052005-8-1
Electrotechnical terminology - Lighting GB/T 2900.65-20042004-12-1
Maximum lamp outlines for incandescent lampsGB/T 7249-20022003-4-1
Rules for the inspection of festival decorative lamp for exportSN/T 0995-20012002-6-1
Methods of measurement for lamp cap temperature riseQB/T 2512-20012001-11-1
Methods of Measurement for the Electrical and Photometric Performance of Metal Halide LampsQB/T 2515-20012001-11-1
Glass Envelope of Electric Light Source - Dimension of ED Model Glass EnvelopeQB/T 2049.10-19992000-1-1
Main Technical Data for DGW 233 and DGW 240 Electric Light Source GlassQB/T 2451-19992000-1-1
Safety requirements for lighting chainsGB 7000.9-19981999-7-1
Main Technical Data for DGB433 Type Electric Light Source GlassQB/T 3579.7-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB422 Type Electric Light Source GlassQB/T 3579.3-19991999-4-21
Designation Naming Method For Electric Light Source Glass QB/T 3579.1-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB423 Type Electric Light Source Glass QB/T 3579.4-19991999-4-21
The method of designation for the type of civil and building luminairesQB/T 3738.2-19991999-4-21
Carriage Plywood with Sliced VeneerQB/T 3693-19991999-4-21
Rules For Modifying the Drawings and Technical Documents of Electric LampsQB/T 3576-19991999-4-21
Methods for Preparation of the Design Documents of Electric LampsQB/T 3574-19991999-4-21
Stranded tungsten wire coilsQB/T 3735-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB435 Type Electric Light Source GlassQB/T 3579.9-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB437 Type Electric Light Source GlassQB/T 3579.11-19991999-4-21
Carriage Plywood with Sliced Veneer - Terms and DefinitionsQB/T 3573-19991999-4-21
Methods for Preparation of the Technological Documents of Electric LampsQB/T 3575-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB434 Type Electric Light Source Glass QB/T 3579.8-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB431 Type Electric Light Source GlassQB/T 3579.5-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB436 Type Electric Light Source GlassQB/T 3579.10-19991999-4-21
Designation of the types of filamentQB/T 3734-19991999-4-21
Main Technical Data for DGB421 Type Electric Light Source Glass QB/T 3579.2-19991999-4-21
Method of designation for type of factory and mine luminairesQB/T 3738.3-19991999-4-21
Method of designation for type of luminaires--GeneralsQB/T 3738.1-19991999-4-21
Standard method of measuring the pinch temperature of quartz-tungsten-halogen lampsQB/T 3736-19991999-4-21
Technical requirement of wooden box packing for luminairesQB/T 3742-19991999-4-21
Rules for the inspection for emergency lighting luminaires for exportSN/T 0727-19971998-5-1
Safety requirements for floodlightsGB 7000.7-19971998-5-1
General Terms Used for Lighting Control EquipmentWH/T 0203-19961997-7-1
Decorative Filament LampQB/T 2055-19941995-8-1
Generic specification for electronic lighting control equipmentsGB/T 13582-19921993-5-1
Electronic lighting control equipment- Performance,parameters and measurement methodsGB/T 14218-19931993-1-1
Designation of the types of filamentGB 10683-19891989-11-1
Types and dimensions of Edison screw capsGB 1406-19891989-9-1
Electric light source vocabularyGB/T 7451-19871988-1-1
Maximum lamp outlines for general lighting lampsGB/T 7249-19871987-10-1
Technical requirement of wooden box packing for luminairesGB 7004-19861987-10-1
Safety requirements of electrical light sourceGB 7248-19871987-10-1
The electroplated and chemical coatings for luminairesGB 7003-19861987-10-1
Method of designation for type of luminaires--GeneralsGB 6859.1-19861987-8-1
Designation of the types of electric light sourcesGB 2796-19811982-4-1
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