Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General marking specification for entertainment luminairesT/CETA 002-2022
General technical requirements for moving lightsWH/T 83-20192019-6-1
Performance requirements of LED luminaires for tunnel lightingGB/T 32481-20162016-9-1
Light Emitting Diode(LED) Luminaire for Building-indoorJG/T 467-20142015-5-1
LED lamp for road lightingDB43/T 672-20142014-12-1
Luminaires—Application of the IK codeGB/Z 30418-20132014-12-1
General Technical Requirements of Stage LunminairesWH/T 41-20112011-6-1
Techinical conditions of solar luminaire DB37/T 730-20072007-12-1
Rules for the inspection of lighting decoration outfits for exportSN/T 1588.4-20072007-10-16
Low - voltage indicator lightJB/T 8975-20062006-10-1
Medical electrical equipment - Special requirements for safety of surgical lighting and diagnostic lightingYY 0568-20052006-4-1
Aeronautical obstacle lightMH/T 6012-19992000-3-1
Raising and lowering lighting columns for airportsMH/T 6013-19992000-3-1
Bulbs for miners’ caplightsQB/T 3585-19991999-4-21
Technical Specification for Railway SJDT TB/T 2865-19971998-4-1
Infrared LampsQB/T 2057-19941995-8-1
Spotlight and Reflector Photoflood LampsQB/T 2061-19941995-8-1
Photographic LampsQB/T 2058-19941995-8-1
Marine Electric BulbQB/T 2056-19941995-8-1
Reflector Photographic LampsQB/T 2060-19941995-8-1
Straight tubular quartz UV sterilizing lamp of low pressure mercuryYY/T 0160-19941994-7-1
General technical requirments of luminaires for film tlevision studios and stage lightingGB/T 14076-19931993-8-1
Shadowless lamp for hole operationYY 0102-19931993-5-1
Cold single-hole operating lampYY 0103-19931993-5-1
Industrial radiographic illuminatorsGB 11226-19891990-1-1
Safety requirements for electronic flash apparatus for photographic purposesGB 9316-19881988-12-1
Specifications for inset runway centerline lightsGB 9471-19881988-10-1
Technical requirements for touchdown zone lightsGB 9470-19881988-10-1
Specifications for airport light fixtures--General requirementsGB 7256.1-19871987-11-1
General Technical Requirements for Single Optical-conductor Luminaires in Aircraft CabinHB 6092-19861987-3-1
Work light (drawing is not provided)HB 3474-19841985-3-1
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