Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Metal oxide surge arresters without gaps for a.c. systemsGB 11032-1989
Mechanical Dimensions of Receiving TubesGB/T 787-20132014-5-15
Vocabulary of electronic tubesGB/T 4597-20122013-2-15
Molybdenum-tungsten alloy wireGB/T 4183-20022003-5-1
Preferred series for heater voltage of electronic tubesSJ/Z 1586-19802002-5-23
The ceramic housing used in vacuum interrupterSJ/T 11246-20012002-5-1
The type designation for electron tubesSJ/T 10732-20002001-3-1
Measuring methods of the heater or filament current and voltage for electronic tubesSJ/T 11082-20002001-3-1
Letter symbols of parameter for electronic tubesGB/T 2987-19961997-10-1
Application and care for small power transmitting tubesGB/T 12855-19911991-1-2
The type designation for electron tubesGB 1956-19891990-7-1
Vibration(sinusoidal) tests on relays and protection equipmentGB 11287-19891990-1-1
Test method for the evaluation of bond strength of impregnating varnishes by the wire bundle testGB 11028-19891990-1-1
Methods for the measurement of direct interelectrode capacitances of electronic tubes and valvesGB 7274-19871987-12-1
Outline dimensions of electronic tubesGB 3188-19821983-10-1
Letter symbols of parameter for electronic tubesGB 2987-19821982-12-1
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