Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Intelligent manufacturing—Object identification requirementsGB/T 37695-20192020-3-1
General specifications of ground robots for search and rescue in ruinsGB/T 37703-20192020-3-1
General specification for modular storage systemGB/T 35313-20172018-7-1
Technology guidelines for operation and maintenance of robot inspection system in substationT/CEC 161-20182018-4-1
Technology specification for expansion interface of robot inspection system in substationT/CEC 159-20182018-4-1
Technology guidelines for robot inspection system centralized monitoring in substationT/CEC 160-20182018-4-1
Information technology―Open systems interconnection―Procedures for the object identifier resolution system operational agencyGB/T 35300-20172017-12-29
General specification for network attached storage devicesGB/T 33777-20172017-12-1
Information technology—Electronic book—Part 3:MetadataGB/T 18787.3-20152017-1-1
Information technology—Electronic book—Part 1:General specification of deviceGB/T 18787.1-20152017-1-1
Information technology—Electronic book—Part 4:IdentificationGB/T 18787.4-20152017-1-1
Information technology―Interfaces requirement of game software for handheld devicesGB/T 32418-20152016-7-1
Online game cheating program prevention and controlGB/T 32413-20152016-7-1
Online game securityGB/T 32414-20152016-7-1
nformation technology—Specification for the testing of coded character sets—Part 2:TibetanGB/T 29270.2-20122013-6-1
Information technology—Specification for the testing of coded character sets—Part 1:MongolianGB/T 29270.1-20122013-6-1
Information technology—Specification for the testing of coded character sets—Part 3:Uyghur, Kazak and KirghizGB/T 29270.3-20122013-6-1
Information technology - General specification of hand-held device for information processingGB/T 18220-20122013-2-1
General specification for electronic book readerGB/T 18787-20022002-12-1
Specification of assessment for musical persormance on eleclronic organGB/T 16518-19961997-5-1
General specification for electronic calculatorsGB/T 4967-19951995-12-1
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