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Title Standard No. Implemented On
The specification for user power feeding of ISDN basic access U interface on the switchYD/T 1356-20052005-11-1
Technical requirements and test method of Mini-BITS equipmentYD/T 1355-20052005-11-1
Digital Distribution Frame with Wire Sleeve Coaxial ConnectorsYD/T 1116-20012001-7-1
Access network technical specification-Integrated digital loop carrier (LDLC)YD/T 1054-20002000-9-1
ZInterface requirement of access network remote equipmentYD/T 1070-20002000-9-1
Access network technical specifications-Low-speed splitterless asymmetric digital subscriber line system(ADSL.lite)YD/T 1064-20002000-9-1
Digital circuit multiplication equipment using ADPCM and DSIYD/T 1018-19991999-10-1
The Technical Requirement of Flexible MultiplexerYD/T 989-19981999-6-1
Specifications and Measurement Methods for SDH Digital Cross Connect Equipment(SDXC)YD/T 974-19981998-10-1
Performance and test methods of the inegrated multiplex equipment using in the digital channelYD/T 922-19971998-1-1
Technical requirement and test method of 30-channel pulse code modulation subscriber loop terminal equipment at 2048kbit/sYD/T 885-19971997-7-1
Numerical Graphics of Measured Digital Transmission PerformancesYD/T 821-19961996-8-1
P×64kbit/S Conference TV Encoded ModeYD/T 822-19961996-8-1
Technical requirement and test method for 10-channel pulse code modulation multiplex equipment at 704kbit/sYD/T 793-19961996-6-1
Technical requirement and test method for digital multiplex equipment at 704/2048kbit/sYD/T 794-19961996-6-1
Test Method of Time-Division Multiplexer at 64kbit/SYD/T 787-19951996-5-1
Technical Requirement for Time-Division Multiplexer at 64kbit/S Access to Digital NetworkYD/T 786-19951996-5-1
Limit Value for Maintenance of PDH Digital Channel Error PerformancesYD/T 748-19951995-11-1
Technical Requirement and Test Method for Digital Signaling Conversion Equipment at 2048kbit/SYD/T 742-19951995-9-1
Technical conditions of symmetrical cable regenerative trunk equipment operating at 2048kbit/sYD/T 743-19951995-9-1
Frame structure and multiplexing method for synchronous transport module STM-1, STM-4YD/T 724-19941994-12-1
Test method for 60-channel PCM/ADPCM transcoder equipmentYD/T 698-19931994-9-1
Adaptive differential pulse code modulation at 32kbit/sYD/T 697-19931994-9-1
Technical requirement and test method of 2/34Mbit/s aggregate number-jump digital multiplex equipmentYD/T 631-19931993-12-1
requirements for digital line systems on coaxial pair cables used in telecommunication networkGB/T 14131-19931993-8-1
requirements for digital sections of metallic cables used in telecommunication networkGB/T 14130-19931993-8-1
requirements for digital line systems on symmetric pair cables used in telecommunication networkGB/T 14132-19931993-8-1
requirements for a 60 - Channel PCM/ADPCM transcoder equipmentGB/T 13994-19921993-8-1
requirements for TDM/FDM 60 - Channel transmultiplexing equipmentGB/T 13995-19921993-8-1
Technical requirement and test method for interface equipments for PCM group signalingYD 610-19931993-7-1
Digital Line Signalling for Intertoll ExchangeYD 335-19881988-1-13
Digital Line Signalling for Manual Toll Exchange to local ExchangeYD 336-19881988-1-13
Measuring methods of 30 channels pulse code modulation multiplex equipment at 2048 kbit/sGB 6880-19861987-10-1
Technical requirements and testing methods for local crossbar telephone switching systemsGB 6878-19861987-10-1
SZ-01 Digital Information Transmission SystemHB 6096-19861987-1-1
Specification and measuring method of frequency-modulated voice-frequency telegraph set for a modulation rate of 75 Bauds with channels spaced at 180 HzGB/T 5581-19851986-7-1
Technical requirements and testing methods for crossbar private automatic branch exchangeGB 5322-19851986-4-1
Technical requirements for magnet/telephoneGB/T 1494-19791979-8-1
Technical requirements for common battery telephones and automatic telephonesGB/T 1493-19791979-8-1
Method of test for telephonesGB/T 1492-19791979-8-1
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