Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Environment protect requirements of fax machinesGB/T 22371-20082009-2-1
Technical Specification for the Non-realtime Transportation of IP Fax DataYD/T 1650-20072007-12-1
Basic Requirement of Transmission Impaiment Tolerance for Group 3 Document Facsimile on the Telephone NetworkYD/T 589-20062007-1-1
Technical requirements for group 3 facsimile apparatus used in public telephone network—Part 1:STANDARDization of group 3 facsimile terminals for document transmissionGB/T 3382.1-20032004-6-1
Technical specifications for energy conservation product certification for faxesCCEC/T 24-20032003-10-15
Security capabilities for use with group 3 facsimile terminalsGB/T 17788-19992000-1-1
Technical Requirement of 2-Wire Modem for Facsimile of A Rate Up to 14400bit/SYD/T 853-19961996-11-1
Technical conditions of image input devicesYD/T 780-19951996-5-1
Electrical Characteristics for Unbalanced Double-Current Interchange CircuitsYD/T 727-19941995-1-1
Inspection and test methods for 3 document facsimile terminalsYD/T 703-19931994-9-1
Technical requirements for group 3 facsimile apparatus used in public telephone networkGB/T 3382-19931994-8-1
Quality grading criteria of public telegraph diversity receiversYD/T 692-19941994-5-21
Quality grading criteria of Alphabetic and Chinese-character teleprintersYD/T 677-19941994-5-18
Quality grading criteria of automatic message switching equipmentYD/T 691-19941994-5-18
Quality grading criteria of electronic teleprintersYD/T 678-19941994-5-18
Inspection and Test Methods of Telegraph Terminal EquipmentYD/T 635-19931994-2-1
Terminal characteristics for group 4 document facsi-mile apparatusGB/T 14558-19931994-2-1
Technical requirement and test method of Chinese teleprintersYD/T 626-19931993-11-1
Test method of electronic teleprintersYD/T 624-19931993-11-1
Reliability index and test method of facsimile communication equipmentYD/T 612-19931993-7-1
Technical requirements for Alphabetic and Chinese-character teleprintersYD/T 538-19921993-1-1
Standard messages for normal margin of start-stop apparatusYD/T 511-19921992-12-1
Technical requirement for electronic teleprintersYD/T 513-19921992-12-1
Standard messages for testing distortion of telegraph circuitsYD/T 510-19921992-12-1
Test procedure for facsimile apparatus; Document facsimile (digital)GB/T 10199.2-19881989-8-1
Measuring methods for photographic facsimile apparatusGB/T 9037.2-19881988-10-1
The specifications for photographic facsimile apparatusGB/T 9037.1-19881988-10-1
Measuring methods for meteorological facsimile (analogue)GB 9028.2-19881988-10-1
Specification for Installation Design of Public Telegraph and Facsimile Communication EquipmentYDJ 15-19871987-10-1
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