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Title Standard No. Implemented On
GNSS system for operational vehicles—General specifications for vehicle terminal communication protocol and data formatJT/T 808-2019/XG1-2021
Dynamic traffic information exchange format for satellite navigation GB/T 27605-20212022-5-1
Specification for emergency location system based on inertial navigationGB/T 39578-20202021-7-1
GNSS system for operating vehicles—General specifications for data exchange between platformsJT/T 809-20192019-7-1
GNSS system for operational vehicles. General specifications for vehicle terminal communication protocol and data formatJT/T 808-20192019-7-1
Inmarsat F77 ship earth station equipment-Operational and performance requirements, methods of testing and required test resultsJT/T 1235-20192019-3-1
Inmarsat FB500 ship earth station equipment-Operational and performance requirements,methods of testing and required test results JT/T 1205-20182018-8-1
Requirements for interface and installation of marine radarGB/T 14555-20152016-5-1
Dynamic traffic information exchange format for satellite navigationGB/T 27605-20112012-7-1
Mobile emergency location service rule GB/T 27604-20112012-7-1
GNSS compatible receiver independent exchange formatGB/T 27606-20112012-7-1
General specification for vehicular mounted mine detection deviceSJ 20970-20072007-12-1
Position data output format for GPS receiver GB/T 20512-20062007-2-1
Technical standards for ATC secondary surveillance radarMH/T 4010-20062006-7-1
Detail specification for piezoelectric gyroscope for type CS43A-5SJ 20933-20052006-6-1
General specification for radars of military engineering geological reconnaissanceSJ 20948-20052006-6-1
General specification for ultrashor-wave direction finderSJ 20932-20052006-6-1
S band primary surveillance radar technical specification for ATCMH/T 4017-20042005-4-1
Specification of repair for battlefield reconnaissance radarSJ 20835-20022003-3-1
Performance requirements and test methods for non-directional raido beaconGB/T 9027-20002001-5-1
Performance requirements and test methods for marker beaconGB/T 9026-20002001-5-1
Aeronautical radio navigation aids Part 1: Technical requirements for instrument landing systen(ILS)MH/T 4006.1-19981999-8-1
General specification for muzzle velocity radarsSJ 20543-19951996-10-1
General specification for marine GPS receiverGB/T 15527-19951995-11-1
General Specification of Ground Based Redar Receiver QJ 2703-19951995-10-26
for electrical and mechanical installation of marine navigational radarGB/T 14555-19931994-2-1
for interface of marine navigational radarGB/T 14556-19931994-2-1
specification for Loran - C systemGB/T 14379-19931993-1-2
Radar speedometer for marshalling yardGB/T 13185-19911992-5-1
Measuring methods for meteorological radar parametersGB/T 12649-19901991-10-1
Generic specification for weather radarsGB/T 12648-19901991-10-1
General specification of secondary surveillance radar for air traffic controlGB/T 12182-19901990-8-1
General specification of airborne transponders for air traffic controlGB 12183-19901990-8-1
265 Radio altimeterGB/T 11468-19891990-1-1
General specification for airborne radar hood HB 6186-19891989-12-1
Preformance requirements for airborne marker beacon receiverGB/T 9411-19881988-12-1
Performance requirements for non-directional raido beaconGB 9027-19881988-10-1
Performance requirements for shipborne radio direction finderGB/T 9030-19881988-10-1
The terms and definitions related to radarGB/T 3784-19831984-3-1
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