Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Interface technical requirements and measurement methods of the digital optical line terminal used in program distribution networkGB/T 36982-20182019-7-1
Interface for 4∶2∶2 digital component video signals in standard definition televisionGB/T 17953-20122012-10-1
Specification for transport stream multiplexing and interfaces in digital terrestrial televisionGB/T 28431-20122012-10-1
Specification for transport stream multiplexing and interfaces in terrestrial digital televisionGY/T 229.3-20082008-3-1
Dedicated IP address planning for Radio Film and TV networkGY/T 211-20052007-1-1
Specification of network management interface for SDH network-management informatin model for NMS-EMS Q3 interfaceGY/T 218-20062006-10-1
Specifications and methods of measurement on Radio - Frequency coaxial connector used in CATV systemsGY/T 217-20062006-6-1
General specification of DVD/CD read-only optical pick-upSJ/T 11321-20062006-2-1
Serial multichannel audio digital interfanceGY/T 187-20022003-2-1
System and interface on surface terminal equipment for digital TV between heaven and earthSJ 20815-20022002-5-1
Digital video interfaces for HDTV studio signalsGY/T 157-20002000-12-1
Format of ancillary data signals carried in digital component studio interfacesGY/T 160-20002000-12-1
Transmission of digital audio and auxiliary data in the ancillary data space of a digital television streamGY/T 161-20002000-12-1
Digital audio signal interface for broadcasting studiosGY/T 158-20002000-12-1
24-bit digital audio format as ancillary data signals in HDTV serial interfacesGY/T 162-20002000-12-1
Interfaces for 4: 4: 4 digital component video signalsGY/T 159-20002000-12-1
Interfaces for 4: 2: 2 digital component video signalsGB/T 17953-20002000-8-1
Specification for management protocol interface of broadcast and TV SDH backbone networkGY/T 144-20002000-4-1
Equipments and components used in cabled distribution systems primarily intended for television and sound signals Generic specification for TV demodulatorsSJ/T 11178-19981998-5-1
Equipments and components used in cabled distribution systems primarily intended for television and sound signals. Part 12: Generic specifications for system outletsGB/T 11318.12-19961997-5-1
Application of connectors for the interconnection of equipment in audio-visual systemsGB/T 15644-19951996-3-1
Application characteristics for 21-pin connector in video systemsGB/T 13949-19921993-8-1
Play system for rural cable casting Interface parameters for equipment interconnection and technical requirements for connectorsGY/T 68-19891989-10-1
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