Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General technical requirement and measurement method for non-broadcast camera of single sensorGB/T 16697-20172018-5-1
Methods for the test of import and export mechanical and electrical commodity - Part 1: Measurement for the power consumption of audio video and related equipmentSN/T 1667.1-20052006-5-1
Video cameras(PAL/SECAM/NTSC)-Methods of measurement-Part 1: Non-broadcast single-sensor camerasGB/T 15865-19951996-8-1
General specification for near infrared television camerasGB/T 15641-19951996-3-1
General specification for low-light level television camerasGB/T 15465-19951995-9-1
General specification of pan/tilt head for NBTV cameraGB/T 14858-19931994-9-1
Measurement method for indices of electrical performance of CCD camera system used for broadcastingGY/T 109.2-19921993-2-1
General specifications of broadcasting cameraGY/T 108-19921993-2-1
General technical conditions for CCD camera system used for broadcastingGY/T 109.1-19921993-2-1
Technical requirements of monitor for television broadcast centerGY/T 110-19921993-1-1
Testing method for television picture monitors used for broadcastingGY/T 85-19881989-1-1
Configuration and technical spefication for television video channel test instrument GY/T 27-19841985-1-1
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