Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
The basic requirements of mail and express packagingDB31/T 1247-2020
Specification for terminal integrated service platform for express serviceDB31/T 1164-2019
Basic requirements for work safety standardization of postal enterprisesDB31/T 1085-20182018-4-1
Basic data elements of business premises for express serviceYZ/T 0156-20162017-4-1
Basic data elements for express vehiclesYZ/T 0157-20162017-4-1
Classification and coding for the postal industry service facilities equipmentYZ/T 0144-20152015-10-1
Basic data elements for express itemYZ/T 0143-20152015-10-1
Guidelines of express service information exchange for cash on deliveryYZ/T 0141-20152015-9-1
Terminology of postal industryGB/T 10757-20112011-11-1
Express ServiceYZ/T 0128-20072008-1-1
Sliding shoe sorterYZ/T 0114-20062006-11-1
Prevention and control specifications for mail and mail handling systems in the area of when epidemics breakoutGB/T 20164-20062006-10-1
Pre-ordering booklet for new stampsYZ/T 0110-20062006-8-8
The check and evaluate standard for quality of letter tray conveyance systemYZ/T 0118-20052006-1-1
Tracking messages of international EMS itemsYZ/T 0123-20052006-1-1
Response messages of international postal consignmentsYZ/T 0122-20052005-12-1
Preadvice messages of international postal consignmentsYZ/T 0121-20052005-12-1
Response messages of international postal despatchesYZ/T 0119-20052005-12-1
Graphical symbols of postal equipments and appliances designYZ/T 0109-20042004-12-30
Postal dress Part5:outworker T-shirtYZ/T 0099.5-20032004-3-1
Postal trappings Part2: the tieYZ/T 0101.2-20032004-3-1
Postal trappings Part3: the cravatYZ/T 0101.3-20032004-3-1
Principle of coding for mail transportation automobile numberYZ/T 0098-20032004-1-1
Postal national organization and enterprise information database structureYZ/T 0001-20032003-12-1
Postal personal information database structureYZ/T 0002-20032003-12-1
Classification and coding rules postal production equipment Part 2:Equipment of transportation and loading and unloadingYZ/T 0090.2-20032003-5-1
Classification and coding rules for postal production equipment Part 1:Mail equipmentYZ/T 0090.1-20032003-5-1
Stamp-cancelling inksYZ/T 0085-20022003-4-1
Domestic continuous form bar code label of mail bagsYZ/T 0086-20022003-4-1
Postal service vocabulary Part 8: postage item issue and philatelyYZ/T 0005.3-20022002-11-1
Postal service vocabulary Part 7: remittanceYZ/T 0005.4-20022002-11-1
Provisional specifications for supervision of postal equipment installation engineeringYZ/T 0081-20022002-10-1
Test procedures for postal portable data acquisitorYZ/T 0080-20022002-9-1
Test procedures for postal inserterYZ/T 0079-20022002-8-1
Test procedures for postal bar-code printerYZ/T 0073-20022002-7-1
Electromagnetic compatibility of samll-size post products-Immunity test requirements of electrostatic discharge electrical fast transient burst voltage dips and short interruptionsYZ/T 0066-20022002-6-1
Guidelines for sample testing postal equipment、utensils and articlesYZ/T 0065-20022002-6-1
Postal Image Colour and Its Testing Method YZ/T 0037-20012001-11-1
Specification of Fluorescent Bar Code for PostYZ/T 0062-20012001-11-1
The Vocabulary of International Post Electronic Data InterchangeYZ/T 0052-20012001-10-1
Detail Bill for Express Mail ServiceYZ/T 0047-20012001-9-1
Technical Vocabularies for Parcel Processing SystemYZ/T 0039-20012001-9-1
Postal service vocabulary Unit 1: basic conceptsYZ/T 0005.2-20012001-5-1
The Testing Method of Devices Entering Postal Financial Network Test Method of ATM and POSYZ/Z 0035-20012000-12-1
Barcode for Domestic Recorded Item暂行 04-19982000-12-1
Barcode for Nameplate of E-mail Vessels 暂行 03-19982000-12-1
Net IP Address and Domain Name Nomination for Postal General ComputersYZ/Z 0005-20002000-12-1
IP address alloction for postal finance computer network systemYZ/Z 0004-20002000-12-1
Business requirements of sub-post office operating systemYZ/Z 0015-20012000-12-1
Business requirement of process secret tiles system of postal areaYZ/Z 0010-20002000-12-1
Business requirment of 185 customer careYZ/Z 0006-20002000-12-1
Voice guiding coed and servicing diction of 185 customer careYZ/Z 0011-20002000-12-1
Post financial card—IC cardYZ/Z 0009-20002000-12-1
Barcode Label of Domestic Registered MailYZ/Z 0034-20012000-12-1
Data Exchanging Protocol for Sorting Equipment of Postal Area CenterYZ/Z 0037-20012000-12-1
Technical requirement of 185 customer careYZ/T 0018-20002000-11-1
Technical vocabulary for letter sorting equipmentYZ/T 0004-20002000-10-1
Postal service vocabulary EMS partYZ/T 0005.1-20002000-10-1
Switching Center Part for Provinces Which Are in Need of Computer Application System Operation for Postal SavingsYZN 004-20002000-7-4
Processing Center Part for Provinces Which Are in Need of Computer Application System Operation for Postal SavingsYZN 003-20002000-7-4
Postal epuipment vocabularyGB/T 10756-19981999-6-1
EMS operational forms Delivery bill for domestic EMSYD/T 962.2-19981998-6-1
EMS operational forms Express mall service manifestYD/T 962.3-19981998-6-1
General specifications for domestic mail documentsYD/T 961-19981998-6-1
EMS operational forms Dispatch list for domestic EMSYD/T 962.1-19981998-6-1
EMS operational forms Delivery bill airmailsYD/T 962.4-19981998-6-1
Measurement methods of noise for parcel equipment flat equipment and bag equipmentYD/T 963-19981998-6-1
Temporary technical regulation for acceptance of postal equipment installation project volume 4 apron conveyerYD 5052-19981998-1-1
Bill in five parts for international postal parcelsYD/T 556-19971997-7-1
Bar code label for record mail. International registered correspondenceYD/T 711.6-19971997-7-1
Technical Requirements for Inquiry System of General Contractor and Vouchered Postal MaterialYDN 008-19961990-11-1
Terminology of postal networkGB/T 10757-19891989-12-1
Graphical symbols for general purpose postal equipmentsGB 5090-19851985-12-1
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