Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Wall Mail BoxYD/T 555-1992
Detailed bill for domestic postal parcelsYZ/T 0104-20042005-4-1
Post office private boxYZ/T 0106-20042005-4-1
Wall letter boxYZ/T 0105-20042005-3-1
Code for design of postal branch operation system engineeringYZ/Z 0051-20042004-12-30
Label of mail recptacle Domestic letter trayYZ/Z 0001.1-19992004-10-1
Postal wheeler containerYZ/T 0075-20022002-8-14
Small-size letter tray with coverYZ/T 0074-20022002-8-14
Pillar boxYZ/T 0067-20022002-6-1
Private Letter Box for Multi-storey and High-rise Block of FlatsYZ/T 0061-20012001-12-1
Label of mail receptacle Domestic containerYZ/Z 0001.2-19992000-12-1
Medium-sized letter-boxYZ/Z 0003-20002000-12-1
Type for post date-stampYZ/T 0019-20002000-9-1
Private letter box for multi-storey and high-rise block of flatsGB 8114-19871999-6-1
Post and Telegraph date stampYD/T 574-19921997-12-1
Lead Charaters for Post and Telegraph Date-stampYD/T 575-19921997-7-1
Specifications for date-stamps of post and telecommunicationYD/T 574-19971997-7-1
Pillar boxYD/T 573-19921993-1-1
Wall mail boxGB 4908-19851985-10-1
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